Personal Statement regarding the development in the case of Sifu E.B., (Amsterdam, 24-07-2001)
Oh boy, just when I thought I might have some easy days in front of me, something happens...
In the last couple of days I got a lot of mails regarding the actual situation about my Sihing Sifu Emin B..
Hmm. I really don’t feel the need for politics anymore. But I have (as a national chief instructor of the Leung Ting-system) of course the duty to give a statement regarding this particular case.
I have known Sifu Emin B. for 20 years. We were not always friends, but we settled our personal twist already 15 years ago, and we have a relatively good relationship now. So, I don’t want to inflict new pain on old healed wounds and prefer to let the past be the past. Somehow, the recent developments force me to react, to prevent too many disturbances within my own WT-organisation (NWTO).
The main problem of the whole, now escalated, situation has to do with two things:
1. Dai-Sifu Kernspecht asked all of his instructors in a letter not to give WT-seminars around the date of the 25-year-EWTO-Anniversary. Otherwise the students would need to decide where to go and what to miss; and the Anniversary should be supported by all available forces.
My opinion is that it is correct to assume that the Anniversary should be number one. It is about our celebration and all the things we accomplished TOGETHER. So, I followed gladly the wish of my Si-Fu and gave no WT-seminars during the given dates. There is enough time for teaching the rest of the year, so I can’t see the urgent need of ‘disobeying’ the given ‘order’. This is what I can’t understand - even now, especially when it comes to seminars given outside the own WT-country.
2. This point is even more serious. Sifu Emin B. brought out new videos regarding WT. First of all: there are regulations within the IWTA/EWTO when it comes to international publishing of WT related stuff. The national WT-instructors are free to do what they might think will work for their country, but when it comes to projects outside their license area they need permissions to do so.
There are a lot of reasons why this kind of control makes sense. The people might for instance get the impression, that their local instructor may simply be not good enough to produce own English Videos. Also, with mass production the presented quality is mostly not really what you might call “state-of-the-art”. The videos are normally not good enough to instruct WT-people, but for other people maybe still be enriching enough…
So, what could be the purpose? Making ‘some quick bucks’ or making other fighters smarter (before they enter our schools for trouble…). I could have produced a couple of professional WT-video-series already many years ago - as my Si-Fu knows. I refused to do so, mainly because the video production is also strongly involved in international business, and I didn’t wanted to fish in someone else’s water.
I think it is necessary to protect the national rights of the WT-instructors. It shouldn’t reach a stage where I can get a surprising offer by phone to buy a license to sell WT-videos in my country ‘before someone else will do it’. Because of this reason I can understand quite well, that my Si-Fu (who gets the same ‘offer’ by phone) is very disappointed by this chosen ‘business approach’.
Also the content of Sifu Emin B.'s first video is a point of discussion; the three main points of criticism are:
1. He didn’t mentioned GGM Leung Ting (his shirt is covered by his jacket) in the WT-related video in any form or matter.
2. He explains his OWN new Streetdefence-system, which looks actually a lot like Dai-Sifu Kernspecht’s new BlitzDefence-strategy.
3. He criticised his Si-Fu Keith R. Kernspecht (indirectly, but openly) through his ‘This… is wrong’ examples.
This is a hard subject for me. On one hand I can understand the ambitious motivations of my Sihing, but on the other hand there are strict rules within any big organisation. Why should it be different within the IWTA/EWTO? Rules must be followed by everyone, student or master, otherwise we can’t uphold our own high-set standards.
I think that it is still possible to find a solution for this, for every WT-follower, unpleasant situation. I don’t believe that Sihing Emin can count on the support of GGM Leung Ting, even though he claims this, if he will not stick to any of the given rules.XAlso I can’t appreciate what (and the way) he wrote about Dai-Sifu Kernspecht. Even in ‘the heat of the battle’ you should show respect to your Si-Fu; but I guess that the subject is still too emotional to negotiate.
That his 'EBMAS' should allow him to surf around freely in any WT-licence area he wants will definitely bring no good things with it, I’m sure. My own company next to the NWTO, the 'SCD b.v.', has a completely different function and purpose and is not acting at all in the field of martial arts. That’s why I can’t see a reason in founding the 'EBMAS', unless it is to be used as a ‘backdoor’.
I can’t understand why such a great martial art practitioner needs this kind of separation. Sifu Emin B. is definitely a very capable WT-fighter and he will find his way for sure, but has it really to be like that? I think both sides deserve a better solution.
What does it mean for the NWTO?
Every loss of a great martial art source is painful. In the past I have invited Sifu Emin B. a couple of times to Amsterdam and we always have had great workouts. Before the whole situation I was thinking of the next opportunity for an invitation, but this plan of course is frozen by now. I really hope that he will change his mind and will be open again for communication with his Si-Fu. I know that Si-Fu is always willing to listen. Don’t forget: Sometimes the ‘ego’ can be the worst enemy!
For the rest not much will change in Holland. We have not lost or gained any student or income because Sifu E.B. is representing WT. Even when he did some Demos in Rotterdam (unexpected…) and Amsterdam (invited). Also his appearance with the free fighters was not too helpful (about “saving my ass” with “my” problems HE inflicted). I need no one to solve MY problems, but I like to help others if they want, like with the Bas Rutten incident, which has cost me a lot of time and energy.
The NWTO had to fight with more serious problems in the past 15 years, and even if the worst case scenario will happen (his exclusion) we will survive this as well.
Yep, communication gabs are everywhere, even among the best. Let’s learn from it! If you have any problems that need to be communicated, please use any opportunity to share your thoughts, before they grow “unspeakable…”.
Best wishes,
Sifu Frank Schäfer
5th master degree WT (Leung Ting-system)
Dutch representative IWTA & EWTO
Chief instructor NWTO, Managing director SCD b.v.
Update (16-08-2001)
I deeply regret Emin B.'s latest version of his open letter. If he doesn't want to use the appropriate titles anymore, (which is not exactly setting the best example for his own followers) he should at least use a decent form. That means it should be 'Mr. Leung' not 'Ting' and ‘Mr. Kernspecht’ not ‘Kerni’.
Also I can’t see a fitting comparison with the case of Bruce Lee, but it sounds good of course. I leave out the insulting comments he made regarding the money - because I can't imagine that the "charity-thought" of Mr. E.B. is his main concern.
Regarding the received detailed EWTO-statement, I want to mention the following four points:
1. Yes, Emin B. also told us that he must share his seminar-fee with the EWTO & the IWTA (he always 'had to take with him all of our seminar-related financial papers and couldn’t share any more money with us').
2. Yes, Emin B. has spoken mostly with little or no respect of his fellow WT-instructors, his Sihings including (a detail that has prevented me the last years from inviting him again after 3 previous WT-seminars).
3. No, we have never heard anything about ‘Emin B.'s Street Defence Program’ in Holland before the introduction of Professor Kernspechts BlitzDefence in 2000 (I’m still stunned that E.B. did that too).
4. No, I’m strongly against any TG-programs on tape (not only would it reveal too much of the WT-core to outsiders, but it would also spoil for insiders all the pleasure of "self-discovering" the advanced WT-levels).
For the rest I don't know anything about a 'conspiracy' within the EWTO/IWTA against any person, including Emin B.; also I can't come up with a logical reason why there could be one existing. His last (indirectly threatening) sentence is purely emotional and more than unnecessary. I feel really extremely sorry about this whole thing; but nobody can turn back the clock and now we have to deal with it.
Update (22-09-2001)
Regarding the ‘independence statement’ of gm René Latosa I wish to say the following:
At first, this shocked me a lot, because of my long friendship with gm René. After a couple of interactions with gm Latosa and Steve Tappin I found out, that my world hadn’t collapsed, but changed (like always). This doesn’t have to be automatically something bad.
I felt honored through the fact, that I’m still allowed to use gm René’s name and (new) logo’s in the future for Holland as well (the old logo is the property of the EWTO). Of course, I will discuss this subject first with my Si-Fu in private, because I certainly don’t want to play any part in the temporary confusion within the EWTO during these hard times. But that we continue using at least our known Escrima-Triangle is sure.
To prevent every misunderstanding direct from the start: I was, I am, and I will be loyal towards my Si-Fu, Keith R. Kernspecht and therefore the NWTO stays within the EWTO. But right now, I can’t see the necessity in breaking down all the contacts with gm René. So, I was hoping, that I will be allowed to invite him again in the near future. But because of his recent statement that he won’t teach AWTA-students I can’t (and won’t) do that anymore.
Regarding the decree of ggm Leung Ting: Right now I can't do anything else but to follow the given regulations - even when I don't believe in the value of that kind of 'strict orders' anymore - because the Pai's well-being should be above the own 'ego-feelings' (and ggm Leung Ting hasn't chosen to break down the 25 years existing ties with gm Rene Latosa). [UPDATE about 10 years later: I was contacted several times during the last years by gm René to join the Latosa-Escrima again, but I decided not to. There were/are to much differences to spot between certain words and deeds, like so-called exclusive teachings to certain groups only (what's about his given 'independent statement'?) and complementing wrong people in public for monetary reasons (DVD business). For me that relationship is over and I don't need any refreshment of it. Again the choice was made for me. And also here I can still see no real growth anymore, like it was at the old times with the EWTO...]
I don’t want to comment the financial stuff and the 'Dachau-Email-Story' here - I did that right to gm René. Even when I still might think that it was not the most fruitful decision to declare his independence status at that particular moment, I must respect the given wishes, 'facts' and 'realities'.
Actually there will be no big changes within the NWTO (especially through the ‘hobby-status’ of Escrima in Holland). For the EWTO it’s more difficult, but of course there is luckily still, the for Europe most important, Escrimador gm Bill Newman, who stays with the EWTO and keeps the WT-Escrima-connection together.
If I should ever (no matter through which circumstances) decide to leave the EWTO, this will never happen in order to start an own martial art organization or to join any other one.
If this will ever happen, it is to withdraw myself from the world of the martial arts completely - but don’t worry, up till now this situation is not in sight.
Regarding the WT-weapon topic: I’m clearly against providing our highest WT-treasure as ‘fast food-weaponry’ to students, Lady-Sifu Petra too.
First of all: It will do no good to Escrima. It nearly nullifies the need for a second discipline (with exception of course of the few hardliners, they will always do both).
Second: I simply don’t like the idea of using a ‘light-version’ for my students, mainly because it could have a negative influence on my own ‘full-version-alignments’.
Third: Again, we would lose some of the motivation aspects to advance to the highest WT-levels. Most people simply need ‘limited edition items’ to keep up their motivation.
There is a point in the training aspect mentioned by my Si-Fu, but the price could be higher than expected.
Of course we could win extra students with this ‘sensational approach’, but is this really necessary? Is the weaponless WT ‘alone’ not interesting anymore? I don’t think so. Also the BlitzDefence programs of my Si-Fu provides the beginner with enough advanced knowledge to deal with most circumstances, so that the ‘killer’-applications of the WT-weapon programs are not needed there. Another important question is, how many programs can a student handle in the given (limited) time? All in all my opinion is, without a doubt, that there shouldn’t be a ‘WT-weapon-light program’ in the Leung Ting-system; not in America and not in Europe.
The unbelievable disaster regarding the horrible terrorism attacks in the USA should be at least a wake-up-call for us all, to acknowledge the really important things in our existence. Let us together (or alone if you prefer it that way) focus on the essential things in life, for something - not against something!
Kind Reg(u)ards,
Sifu Frank Schäfer & Lady-Sifu Petra Schäfer
Official statement from Sifu Frank Schäfer (NWTO) regarding the Combat Interview with Sifu E.B. (Aug. 2002)

He is still, even when also he gets older, one of the tougher guys around, that’s why his ‘ego-tripping’ is not based on nothing. But if you can only bind the people through spreading more fear than sympathy you will get sooner or later become isolated. Without having learnt WingTsun from his Si-Fu so far, he would still be tough - but in no way that kind of fighter. If a tiger would fight a cheetah he will win without too much problems, but never forget the old Asian saying:
'If two tigers fight, the loser will die and the winner will be seriously injured.' That's why the tigers would just fight each other if their posturing is without success and nothing else will help surviving. Their ego seems to be wise enough not to stay on the destructive road 'for fun'. Because of the same reason most predators even avoids to fight the smaller hyenas; for them it’s not worth the risk to get seriously injured without a life threatening situation. Sounds pretty smart to me and no human alive is invulnerable! So, with his ‘I could beat-up everybody within the EWTO’ talk in public, he lost the last sympathy with me. He knows exactly where to find which EWTO person ever to challenge personally - but he should be aware of the possibility, that the other PG fellow could have some ‘sharp claws’ too. Even if he would win (what everybody will expect regarding his rep., size and skill) it could easily turn out to be an highly expansive ‘victory’.
Now a short personal comment on a couple of the strange and insulting points; more or less in order of their appearance in the above mentioned article:
- William Cheung was gm Kernspecht's and ggm Leung Ting's 'enemy', not his one?
But E.B. has freely chosen himself to challenge and fight against that WC grandmaster and most of the side effects of this story were more than welcome, I guess.
- The Gracies challenged old people while William Cheung was at least his age and fit?
Hmm. I thought W.C. was about twice as old, and if I compare the pictures of that time the fitness level of E.B. was not just slightly higher. But that was never an issue in the past - so, what is precisely the point in attacking the Gracies for that old story again?
- Honour tournaments for money?
Again he speaks low about the fighters which 'will do it for money', but just before he mentioned his plans for own 10.000-Dollar-Tournaments... I thought he claimed to stand highly above the ‘just earning some quick bucks’ approach or the ‘I was young and needed the money’ thing.
- BlitzDefence doesn't work, that's why the exclusion of E.B. happened?
I have to state again, that his 'Street Self-Defence' is nothing more than a copy of BlitzDefence, just that he teaches already in programme one what gm Kernspecht start to teach (not without some good reasons) from programme four.
His conclusion was based mainly on the bottom line fact that E.B. demanded/took extra rights within the EWTO, which were simply not available for ANYbody - and on nothing else.
- Monetary reasons brings the programme changes within the EWTO every two years?
I'm an EWTO-instructor since 1982 (1982-1983 as WT-assistant and Escrima-instructor in the school of E.B., 1983-1986 as instructor of my own school in Kassel and since 1986 as WT-representative in The Netherlands) and there were indeed a lot of changes in that period of time.
But every change was explained into detail - a try for progression; not to keep the students down, but to lift them up into 'higher regions' of understanding the WT related matters. Because of the growing knowledge in 1982 the SG-programmes were completely reconstructed that year (extremely to the benefit of the students).
In 1988 the 'new' Lat-Sao Programmes were introduced (again not for making more money or to make the people insecure but for providing better results in the field of self-defence). 2000 was the birth year of BlitzDefence. And in 2002 ggm Leung Ting did the same with the TG and PG programmes what gm Kernspecht did in 1982 with the SG-programmes.
All improvements were done to enhance the teaching ways of our beloved WT-system, so I really can’t see any evidence of the points mentioned in E.B.'s assault.
- gm Kernspecht is not really known - E.B. is everywhere most popular?
Most of his fame came because of WT and the countless articles my Si-Fu (gm Kernspecht) and my Si-Gung (ggm Leung Ting) have published in magazines and books. The whole William Cheung event was also due WT.
That's why I simply can't understand his need for looking 'more important' than everybody else in this m.a. world, including all his former instructors.
- ggm Leung Ting has no good character said who? ‘E.B. the Nice’?
I know E.B. for more than 20 years and charity thoughts and -deeds were always hard to spot, of course there is the chance that he has changed; but then again that ‘blackmail’ accusation…
BTW: E.B. has never ‘saved my ass’ in which situation or location ever. What he did in Holland he only did for his own reputation. I know that even right after he gave seminars at my place, he was talking bad about me toward other people, 'I actually don't like him, I was just there for the money' was one of the friendlier things he has dropped. But if I read how he talks about his former Si-Fu and Si-Gung in public the last couple of months, I can easily live with his comments about me, because that’s just the way he was and, so it looks, still is.
E.B. is in my opinion not a person with bad intentions but somehow completely ‘ego-steered’, just acknowledging what’s fitting in the ‘pre-built reality’ - like the most of us. I will not claim not to have the same problem, but I really try to step less constantly on other people’s toes and not to violate their existing rights; even if my ego sometimes may command to do the opposite. It has always been easier to drift-in for destruction than to flow-out for progression!
- ggm Leung Ting is less popular than E.B.?
Among my own students in Holland I'm also more popular than ggm Leung Ting (and believe it or not even more than E.B.). That's of course a normal thing, but to think that this will make me automatically everywhere most known (and most welcome) is not a very realistic point of view.
- 20 years for a 'master title' is too long?
It’s much shorter than that - but anyway, in other martial art styles it takes much longer time to achieve higher levels than in WT. Why is this 'master title' thing so important, if it isn't again the own ego, which demands the highest standing in the shortest possible time frame?
As long you are open to receive, as long you will learn.
- ggm Leung Leung Ting no ‘closed door student’ of late gm Yim Man?
First, there are simply still too much (independent and alive) witnesses around, not to mention the countless pictures and articles through the last decades. Second, even in case ggm Leung Ting would not be that ‘closed door student’, his m.a. achievements would be in no way less admirable. Third, no one of the EWTO-people has ever seen any of E.B. 360+ street fights, but does that matter?
Not, if the given result is clear, and that’s the case with me on ggm Leung Ting.
- gm Kernspecht just shows techniques but does not explain concepts?
Funny, with me (and other colleges) he clearly did. Maybe we were more often there, willing to put our ego fully aside and giving our Si-Fu and Si-Gung (and fellow training partners) the attention and the respect they may deserve (and that is needed for any ‘core lecturing’).
- E.B. will not demand trust and loyalty?
If I read the official E.B.M.A.S. letters I can find a very different bottom line there… But of course it is wiser not to demand things what you are not willing to give by yourself.
- The people can't move like Leung Ting?
That’s true, but why should they be able to move like E.B.?
At least ggm Leung Ting’s size is a ‘smaller one’, because of that, smaller people would benefit most. Not really a bad point of reference regarding the self-defence aspects for the average man and woman ‘out there’ I have to guess.
- LT WT is personalised/tailor suited and EB MA not?
It's indeed just a name, already in 1985 my Si-Fu told us not to make the mistake to just copy the motions of ggm Leung Ting. He said: ‘Never forget, what your doing and teaching is the Schäfer-style of the Leung Ting system’. So, again for me there are not much 'shocking reveals' to find in Sifu E.B.'s recent writings.
- The EWTO-instructors will have nothing to leave behind, they all will eat themselves?
I can't deny, that there were/are also none progressive individuals in the EWTO which could steer in such direction. This is just the reason, why a certain cleaning procedure was necessary. In larger organisations this is totally normal; the only way to avoid that kind of people would be to stop teaching; and the only way to get rid of them is to exclude these disturbing elements… To measure all EWTO-instructors by these exceptions is like saying ‘all Dutch people are living in a windmill and wearing wooden shoes’. Only the future will show exactly how much more his E.B.M.A.S. will have accomplished to leave behind for later generations.
The last thing I want to mention here is, that I have decided to react on this on my own, no one has ever said that my comment would be appreciated or not. But because of what I personally know regarding these subjects I had to react on that; not to play ‘Mr. Smart A.’ or ‘the devils advocate’ - but to communicate the main things that triggered me while reading the accusations of my former Sihing E.B. regarding my Si-Fu gm Keith R. Kernspecht and my Si-Gung ggm Leung Ting. Again this is done not to attack his ‘wrongs’ but to protect our ‘rights’.
Another justifying reason for this writing is because of the wrong impression my own Dutch To-Dai may get out of this offending article, if I would let that without a written comment. So, in the end it was simply too hard for me to ignore that topic any longer - even if it would surly have been the smartest way dealing with that; but hey, I never claimed to be perfect. I simply had to follow the urgent need to state here what has to be stated about the ‘trigger points’ above.
I hope that we can now continue with our ‘normal’ WT life. I wish sifu E.B. that he may accomplish what he desires, but it would be a lot more fruitful for all of us, if he would stop these pointless accusations and the unnecessary aggressions to concentrate on the things and qualities, which made him in the past an outstanding martial artist. It can even be done without putting down other (none conformal thinking) martial artists; isn’t it better to fight for something ‘new’ than against everything ‘old’?
We should not just stick to our great fighting principles, but we should try also more to live the not less important force principles! That would help a lot to increase the state of real inner peace and to set the priorities for a more progressive way of living and interacting - even within this complex world of miscommunication!
Amsterdam, October 2002

Frank Schäfer Sifu, 5th PG WT
EWTO chief instructor NL, Email: Dit e-mailadres is beschermd tegen spambots. U heeft Javascript nodig om het te kunnen zien.
Official statement from Sifu Frank Schäfer (NWTO) regarding the Inside KF Interview with Sifu E.B. (Sept. 2003)
This time I can be relatively short on my comment, because ggm Leung Ting has already replied on the most important points during his seminar on 06 & 07-09-2003. But I still have some little remarks on his 'back from dead' article.
- There was an 'ambush' on the 25-year-anniversary?
This is totally illogical to me. I was there (having a V.I.P. pass with access also to the back-stage area) and there was no ambush at all waiting. The regular security team was of course there, also the mentioned cameras. But to see this as preparing a trap would be the same like I would claim that there was an even bigger ambush for me waiting on the last rock concert in Rotterdam, because there were even more cameras around and at least 30 security guys waiting to take care of me in case that I would show up for causing trouble. Do you still would call that an 'ambush'?
- Was his 'broad shoulder support for Europe' so unique?
Well, the people in the US can't know the situation in Europe, so it is an easy argumentation. What Sifu E.B. did in those years was just the same kind of work like other leading WT instructors did to the benefit of the whole WT family as to one-self, not more, not less. And that he has sacrificed his 20 years of youth to two people is also none logical or did he really lived with them for 24 hours (a day not a year), giving-up by this his personal and professional life?
- Some being 'too powerful to stay in the EWTO/IWTA'?
Sorry, but I must have missed that somehow. Where and when was that? And which other powerful people were removed due those hidden power struggles because of their status quo? Maybe some of those people thought to be in such an important position before they were quitting, but at the end they must be a little lonely owning that opinion.
- Is money everything within the Leung Ting system?
I have already mentioned before, that also Sifu E.B. does not teach for free. And that the money factor was indeed an important reason for the irritations between Sifu E.B. and ggm Leung Ting is not denied by anyone. It only looks different if you compare the facts and the fictions, which is what is up to you to choose to believe; for the rest it's not my concern.
- Logic & source knowledge versus 'astrology & science knowledge'?
My former Sihing should have left that out, involving now even the stars doesn't bring more WT-clearance. It's also very strange to read that kind of 'going back to the real roots' (to Ng Mui) thing from him. Even if it may give that chosen head-line (back from dead) another meaning... To mix different sciences to enhance the WT understanding is not a new idea; it can be helpful indeed - but it can never form a substitute for any real source of WingTsun core knowledge.
- No 'real WingTsun-teaching' in Europe?
So, if we are doing the WT-teaching so wrongly in Europe, how successful must we must become, if we start to learn on a bright sunny day to do it right? But at least we still have many chances for learning also in future to do it even better from the best - alive - of the WingTsun Leung Ting-system, ggm Leung Ting himself. ;^)
Well, I surly like his newer approach much more than his former way of 'bullying around' but Sifu E.B. still lives in his own world of accusations. If he would stop that too, we would have a fair base - maybe not for living together anymore but to live next to each other in respect, for the betterment of the large martial-arts family. The rest is already explained by ggm Leung Ting in detail and thus does not need any repetition here.
Amsterdam, October 2003
Frank Schäfer Sifu, 6th PG WT
EWTO chief instructor NL, Email: Dit e-mailadres is beschermd tegen spambots. U heeft Javascript nodig om het te kunnen zien.
About 10 years later
Official statement from Sifu Frank Schäfer (NWTO) regarding the WC Illustrated Interview with Sifu E.B. (ISSUE 02)
It was quite quiet around my former Sihing Sifu E.B. the last couple of years. Now he came up again with an offensive interview, so the pain still must be there. He wrote: “The real truth about the split-up is that I didn't leave my teachers – they got rid of me! Kernspecht was scared of me because I put him to the floor and he couldn't catch me in Chi-Sao...” GM Kernspecht responds: “I have never sparred with him in any way, not, like I do it nowadays. He has never put up anything against me, tried never anything, was alway extremely respectful.” Well, I have already commented the split-up reasons in the past in details, so I spare myself to repeat it all over here.
Then some old accusations were repeated again, like wrong teaching etc. and also a clear statement was made against S.I. & Co.: “There are so many bullshitters out there, Self-created Sifus and Grandmasters like Sergio Iadarola. He was a Second Technician in the EWTO when he was kicked out. He then went to Allan Fong in New York and bought the long pole and the Bart Jam Do form. Then there's another guy called Martin Dragos. He learned from Sergio and paid $20,000 or something and put on a yellow shirt – both Sergio and Dragos are only Second Technicians. They call themselves Grandmasters. I call them Grandmothers! Sergio, Dragos and even my ex-Sifu Kernspecht are the biggest traitors of Wing Chun ever. They have emotionally, physically and psychologically abused all their members. It's people like them that are tarnishing the image of Wing Chun. Martial arts is about dignity and honesty... Sergio and all those other idiots charge thousands and thousands of Euro. I am against that...”
Being a direct To-Dai of gm Kernspecht too (for over three decades) I can't find myself in this accusation of abusive teaching ways (some may call it a kind of projection). The rest of the article is about his own vision regarding cardio effects and muscle memory – which is not a new approach anyway and about his own goals. One more time I have to state that Sifu E.B. is a very profound martial-artist but the way he writes is still somehow harming for himself: “Therefore, I don't listen to people's complaints because I am the most famous and powerful Wing Chun man in the world. I don't care what people say. They can come and prove me wrong. I am a kind person...”
For me this article is an unneeded confrontation which probably didn't came-up out of the realm of feeling completely happy with the reached accomplishments of the last decade.
Amsterdam, August 2011.
Frank Schäfer Sifu, 7th PG WT
EWTO chief instructor NL, Email: Dit e-mailadres is beschermd tegen spambots. U heeft Javascript nodig om het te kunnen zien.