The_Warden NWTO
The new center
The academy of the Dutch WingTsun Organisation (Nederlandse WingTsun Organisatie, NWTO, founded 1986) in Amsterdam has been relocated to the housing area of Osdorp. It's our meaning to have in NL again (like a while ago) the access to a full time WingTsun academy, that will also enable group lessons during daytime.
The academyteam
From 2012 on there will be again given 'full time' lectures with a qualified team in the new NWTO academy in Amsterdam. Then there will also come special classes for children and the youth (from 7 till 13 years). And beside that there will take place specific WT groups for fitness, self-defence, women and flexible trainings.
WingTsun® (the Leung Ting system or short WT) is worldwide represented in more than 65 countries . WingTsun offers realistic self defence in the probably most 'target sufficient' form - for young and old, with or without weapons. We are in possession of references from international independent institutes.