'External expertises' on the case of my former To-Dai Sergio I.

Per Email from 11-03-2002
Dear Frank,
According to your application the European WingTsun Organisation has written to the Int. WingTsun Association Hong Kong, and Great Grandmaster Leung Ting has personally seconded your motion so that your former student
Sergio I., 2nd Level WT,
is now expelled from EWTO
as well as from the international association Hong Kong.
Sorry that it has taken a bit longer but Prof. Leung Ting was travelling in China an USA and could not be contacted quicker.
Sincerely yours
Dr. Keith R. Kernspecht
Chief Instructor Europe by Great Grandmaster Prof. Leung Ting

A (part of a) n interview with Great Grand Master Leung Ting (SUMMER 2002)

Speaking about the late Great Grand Master's teaching and the loyalty of students reminds me that I recently heard rumours about your own private lessons from GM Yip Man and about an "association" that claims you as its teacher.

GGM (surprised):
What kind of an association? And they say I am their teacher?

Yes, there is an ex-member of the EWTO, your European representatives, who claims to have learned the complete system from you in Hong Kong in over 70 hours of private instruction. He also claims that you told him that in the late 60s you yourself learned all the advanced weaponless techniques from the late GGM Yip Man in only 72 hours.
According to him you then sent him to one of your own deserters in the USA to learn the double-knife techniques as well. He says he has now founded a new association with this fellow, the intention being to suggest that all this is happening with your agreement.

Amazing! Where did you get this crazy story?

The reporter shows him a number of documents. Prof. Leung Ting looks them over briefly but attentively, then returns them to the reporter with a chuckle.

This is really outrageous, and also pretty stupid. Who would believe something like this?

I would not have believed it either, but the fellow even printed out all the receipts for the private lessons with you in Hong Kong. This could make some people believe that this is not complete nonsense.

That's exactly what I meant by "outrageous, and also pretty stupid". Let me point out the weaknesses for you:

1. This fellow claims that he received "more than 70 hours of instruction" from me. Let's look at these so-called "receipts" more carefully. Ok - you are not in a position to check whether the signatures are genuine or to know since when we have no longer been using a certain form of letterheaded paper, but you can certainly add the "receipts" together and establish how many hours of lessons the fellow received. This is the first obvious lie. (GGM Leung Ting is right. On adding the receipts together the reporter finds the total is only 45 hours).

2. And if he really could have learned everything from me, why would I have afterwards sent him to one of my worst rebels? Doesn't the fact that he had to go to a rebel from my style immediately prove that I did not want to show him the most advanced techniques?

3. And if I had really wanted to teach him everything, why would I not have earned the money myself, rather than secretly sending him to the one rebel whom I despise most? That just doesn't make sense at all.

4. If I really wanted to give somebody support, do you think I would be stupid enough to get together with a disloyal rebel? If there were anything to this story, either I would have to be crazy or the fellow himself is not quite right in the head. What do the psychiatrists call it? Delusions of grandeur! Ha, ha, ha.

5. The funny thing is that I myself don't even know the exact number of hours I spent learning from GGM Yip Man. How can a young foreigner who was not there when I received instruction from GGM Yip Man know that I learned from him for exactly 72 hours? Let me tell you something: yes, in "Roots of WingTsun" I wrote that GGM Yip Man gave me instruction for a good hour twice every week at the house of my sihing Kwok Keung. What the young man cannot know, however, is that I continued to practice what I had learned afterwards, while GGM Yip Man watched me for hours as he chatted and drank tea with Kwok Keung.

Did you tell him any of this?

None of it! We were not together in the tea-house often enough for that. How could he find out so many things about me? Fortunately Kwok Keung is still alive and is our best eye-witness. But apart from that, in the same article and the same book I stated that it was more through my conversations with the late GGM Yip Man in the tea-house that I learned the highest and most advanced theories and techniques than through the nine months of hard, personal partner training with the Great Grand Master.

That's how I understood it too. But there is something else I don't understand: how did he gain his so-called "7th level"?

HE PROMOTED HIMSELF! He didn't need me for that. Just like his partner, the other (Chinese) rebel, who now claims to have the "9th level" or even the "10th level". In fact when he left me his performance just about merited the 6th level. Listen, you can call yourself a "12th level" if you want. Haven't you noticed that all rebels are at least great masters, if not even Grand Masters?

All that sounds pretty ironic. Could you explain what you mean in more detail?

To be honest, I would have been very happy if I had been able to learn all the techniques from the late GGM Yip Man in only 72 hours. But unfortunately nobody can learn everything in so short a time. If WT is so easy, why do I continue to train and practice myself, and constantly reexamine the essence of the whole system?

Thank-you for that detailed explanation. Of course you are right. WT is such a highly intelligent martial art. It is easy and quick to learn, but it takes years and then more years to really understand and absorb its concepts and techniques. And without a good teacher who gives you honest, conscientious instruction with constant correction it is very easy to stray from the right path. Do you have anything more to say about your rebel student?

Strictly speaking he was not really my direct student and only received a few hours of instruction from me. He has harmed himself more than me. If he had been more patient he could really have learned the whole WingTsun system at some time, sooner or later. And in detail, not just superficially.
When he came to me in Hong Kong he gained my confidence by wanting to learn from me in order to spread WT for me somewhere in Asia. That is why I promised him the 3rd Technician Grade if he trained hard enough to open a school for me in Singapore, Malaysia or even China. To familiarise him with the local conditions and way of life I even took him to China with me as a member of my large team!
Later he wanted to open a school in New York, and I even helped him by speaking to an investor in Miami on his behalf. Now he will no longer be able to fulfil his dreams with me, for I know exactly how much my rebel student has learned. Let him get others to show him incorrect techniques from now on, and regret being cut off from the true path for the rest of his life. I pity him for his stupidity, as the loss is his.

Yes, he has lost the way to the true techniques forever. But can't he still use your name, create a certain confusion among your students and thereby attract students away from you?

I am not very concerned about that. Just think: somebody who even goes behind the back of his si-gung and tells untruths in public - can you really rely on him to teach you honestly and conscientiously? I don't think he will be successful this way. The Chinese have a saying: you must reap what you have sown. So let's wait and see. Does that answer your question?

Yes, to my full satisfaction. Many thanks for taking the trouble to answer our questions.

My pleasure.

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Subject: something in common

Hello Sifu Schäfer,

My name is Sifu Christopher Collins 3rd Level (IWTA headquarters' Hong Kong). My SiBauk GGM Leung Ting and I had some interesting conversations this week about Sergio. I could not believe my ears. Especially after meeting and doing chi-sau with Sergio.
How could he say such a thing? I set the record straight with GM Keith Kernspecht and GGM Leung Ting by telling a true account as to what really happened at the Headquarter's here, as well as writing a letter of response to it.
He is not even close to being as special as he thinks he is. He received only 41 lessons of what we all receive daily from Great GrandMaster Leung Ting and Grandmaster Cheng Chuen Fun, my SiFu, at the Headquarters'. No one can make statements about the past when they were not even there. Am I right? It's crazy.
I am also sorry to hear him saying things about you and dishonouring you, as he has dishonoured all of us. I think he has forgotten the meaning of SiFu and to "Honour his teacher and respect his teaching" he has truly lost his morality.
We must all stand together against the rebels and continue to teach the true face of WingTsun as well as the importance of loyalty amongst our family.

Take Care.

Sifu Christopher Collins

PS. Here is the letter I gave to GGM Leung Ting, you are more than welcome to use it.

This letter is in response to the article recently published on the internet by Sergio I. & Alan F.. It was brought to my attention by my students.
My name is SiFu Christopher Collins, 3rd Level Instructor, under Grandmaster Cheng Chuen Fun, 9th Level, Man of Arrival, President of the International WingTsun Association Headquarters', Hong Kong.
Sergio has been recently expelled from the Association (IWTA), becoming a rebel, he decided to attack the Honour of his former supporters (IWTA) in order to falsely establish a reputation for himself. Producing rumours about his martial arts background. He went on to state that he is the successor of Great GrandMaster Leung Ting, by making himself GGM Leungs student. Actually, he is not.
I cannot believe that a person with such limited ability could call himself the successor. I can give first hand account of Sergio's true face. As follows:
Sergio had arrived at our headquarters' during my SiFu's class, quickly becoming irritated he began to pout because Grandmaster Cheng Chuen Fun asked to see his form, finding many flaws he was surprised to hear he was a 3rd level.
While I was only of a student grade and Sergio (rebel) was already, '3rd level technician', I approached him to chi-sau, immediately feeling his technique was not up to grade my SiFu ordered me to go easy, stating in Cantonese, "MO DAH HOI" (translated: 'Don't hit him').
After giving him a simple paksau punch three times in a row he was unable to defend, this was a guy who said he already learned BilTse and the Wooden Dummy techniques.
I had only learned the 7 sections at that time.
Amongst the Instructors at the headquarters' whom I have great respect for and who have spent the past twenty years of their lives training and teaching there. They would never even think about claiming to be Great Grand Master Leung's successor. Or even to have special treatment.
What is my point? My point is this:
I am a United States Marine, a Force reconnaissance Marine, out of, 3rd Force Reconnaissance Co. I did free fights throughout all of Asia, I was a boxer in the United States, I bounced in bars from California to Thailand to Hong Kong, I bodyguarded movie stars and political figures.
That does not make me special. That does not make me great. That does not give me any special treatment. Nobody receives any special treatment.
For the past six years of my life I have spent everyday from morning to night inside the headquarters' under the guidance of my SiFu Cheng Chuen Fun -9th Level, SiHing Lau Ka Sun -6th level and SiHing Wong Ah Chung -6th Level and Great Grandmaster Leung Ting. Learning from the source of WingTsun from the International Headquarters' is as close as you can get to being inside the circle.
Which brings me to Sergio, spending only 41 lessons in the headquarters' does not classify him as a "successor". Even my colleagues, Norbert Maday, in Hungary, or my American counterparts, would not say such a thing, and their skill, like many of us, far exceeds that of Sergio I. or Alan F.
GreatGrandmaster Leung Ting may have taught him Wooden Dummy ChiSau, but this means nothing. We all learn the wooden dummy, we all learn the BilTse. Does that mean we are all successors? No it does not. We can only learn and digest the knowledge we are given.
He even went to learn the Long Pole techniques from my dear friend , SiFu Tam Yiu Ming in London. Sergio was ordered by Sifu Tam to ask GGM Leungs permission to learn the Long Pole Techniques. He lied and said he did have the permission. Another lie.
In my years at the Headquarters' there has been many people to come from around the world to learn with GGM Leung Ting. Same like him. They learn for years outside, then decide to come and learn from the source. Maybe for 1 week, maybe for one month, or maybe for 41 lessons.
All making it out to be more than it really was.
It is a great experience to learn from the Headquarters', many would agree. But to lie and take advantage of those who open their arms to you is not very honourable at all.
I am saddened to hear of so many people trying to dishonour the name of our Great GrandMaster Leung Ting, and the Legacy of GGM Yip Man or the traditions of the generations before us and among us trying to keep alive the ways of our mentors. Have you forgotten what it means to obtain the title SiFu ? "To honour your teacher and respect his teaching"...
It is obvious to see Sergio's motive from the beginning, travelling the world to only steal the techniques from others. To gain the trust of them and betray them. Comparing himself to GGM Leung Ting is a joke and completely ridiculous.
Sergio and Allan both insulted GGM Leung Ting and all of us in the IWTA. Myself , my Sifu and my SiHing at the Headquarters' are all very insulted of his short stay at the headquarters'. Spending lifetimes training and teaching gives us the knowledge of what we bare to ourselves and to our student.
What we use in the real world is our own individual standard. A rank means nothing, if you did not earn it. About the Bart Cham Dao, Sergio did NOT learn the true application, because GGM Leung Ting only taught Allan F. the form with two other students, not the application.
These are the words of GGM Leung Ting and others.
The Long Pole technique is from Sifu Tam Yiu Ming, in London. Shame on him for not mentioning that. This proves my point, he only uses people everywhere he goes.
Sergio, I am far less than many other instructors in the IWTA, but I guarantee, I would have no problem dealing with you. I suggest you re-think the direction you are taking!
I will return from Afghanistan in one month time and will arrive in London, to continue my teaching and training with the EWTO. I will not be difficult to find.
This is only directed to Sergio, as I only have information on him. I know nothing of Alan F., only that of what is told to me by my SiBauk, GGM Leung Ting, stating that "a rebel will only follow a rebel."
Thank You for your attention.
Christopher Collins
3rd Level Instructor (IWTA)
Headquarters', 438 Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong


I don't want to wash any of his dirty laundry in public, so I leave out the strange private-related points and limit myself here to the purely WT-related matters. When Sergio was 14 or 15 years old, he became my To-Dai. At that time he was quite a normal group student. Later he spoke about the plans of doing WT for his living and around his 9th SG, he started to take some private lessons from me. Due to his financial circumstances he helped me with my classes, while getting lessons and some 'pocket money' for it in exchange. He even was allowed to teach his own students every Friday in the academy, without paying a cent for rent (or those done damages in the gym); not even to mention all the private students he got from me for his financial surviving.
His first TG was done well prepared; then somehow Sergio lost interest in his own regular WT-workout. He didn't took any lessons from me anymore and missed most of my TG-preparation classes that period of time. Also he was refusing to join/assist a couple of important Dutch WT-events. His own m.a. interest was more to find around the 'Gracie-grappling' than around WT. Also the fresh started WT-class in Almere, that I have specially given to him, was not developing in any direction at all, because of his attitude. Anyway, due to a couple of very strange excuse-stories (extreme family matters) I allowed him stupidly in 1997 to go for his 2nd TG. While he was actually poorly prepared (in 1997 he took and - for the first time - paid for exactly two private lessons) I hoped that would motivate him.

First, he was more than one and a half hour to late for his examination (so, I had to excuse him). Second, he came without any money in his pocket (so, I had to borrow him that too). Third, the way he presented his forms and his techniques was full of serious mistakes (because I told my Si-Fu 'that it must simply be his nerves' and I promised to take care about that poor 'day form' of Sergio in future my Si-Fu decided to gave him unless the shortcomings the second TG). It was clearly not one of the 'being proud to be an instructor days', seeing one of my better students performing like that - but that day in the summer of '97 was the last time I did some training with Sergio.
Instead of working now more at the academy doing some fundamental re-training, he has chosen to travel around to search some (none existent) secret short-cuts. A couple of weeks after his 2nd TG he wrote me a letter, that he is still grateful but that he want to leave Holland to return to his family in Italy. Shortly after that letter he contacted my Si-Fu (Kernspecht) with the desire to become an independent WT-chief instructor for Holland. My Si-Fu told him, that this option was just not available because he would have to negotiate with me and no one else. As long I'm the Dutch WT-headman as long the people would have to deal with me if it is regarding Holland.

So, S.I. decided to start a slander campaign against me with the only goal to get me expelled, so that he could be my 'replacement'. But lies can normally not been proven toward smart people, that's why he was acting without the wished result (believe it or not, he even tried to create a situation where a guy should make me agree to an obvious criminal activity while recording my voice - unfortunately for him I was just talking naively all the time about WT...). So far, he became expelled the first time.
After a couple of months, I talked with my Si-Fu and he advised me to accept him back in the WT-family. I (hardly) agreed with that, saying: 'I will follow your advice; but I'm also very sure, that we all will regret that decision one day'. My Si-Fu responded directly: 'That could be true, so don't blame me if it was the wrong advice - I just tell you what I think is the best'. Fair enough! However, Holland was of course out of the question but he could still do some productive things in Israel - actually he failed; then Scotland - again without any result; then he finally tried to establish in Asia (and illegally in Italy and Holland) again.

S.I. has learnt the first layer of the seven basic Chi-Sao sections from me; also I showed him the Biu-Tze form with two or three elbow fighting applications. The last thing I've showed him was the first and second section of BT-Chi-Sao. Because of his none progressive direction, I refused of showing him the Muk-Yan-Chong-Fat until he finished his homework first. He also tried to learn the 'Ancient SNT' from me, but it was somehow to difficult for him to grasp the concept of it or to work hard enough on it, so, he dropped that subject rather quickly.
After all, it seems that S.I. likes his own 'mosaic martial art' (stealing all the times from many pools and directions) much more than the 'authentic WingTsun way' (learning your life time from one pool and direction). So, I guess it will not take too long until also S.I. will decide to wear some yellow dressing - or to use the Chinese name of his wife...

Regarding that new formed 'rebel alliance': The meaning was probably to make their point of view more believable in public. For me it only shows, that they don't really believe in their own 'I'M THE GIFTED ONE AND THE ONLY INDEPENDENT SUCCESSOR' stories. But let's wait and see for how long the 'united rebels' will enjoy that cooperation! One of my former Sidai (younger kung fu brother) has sent me a Mail where he stated, that he acknowledges the self-given title and grade of S.I. This statement would be much more interesting, if it wasn't done by just another rebel of our branch; also his opinion doesn't change any of the mentioned points.
BTW: To use the silly ex-cuse, that 'it must be the fault of the EWTO-teaching, that S.I. was unable to defend against Pak-Dar' is again typical; but any 'master level' should somehow know that there are about ten different ways of giving a Paak-Dar with at least twice as much approaches to solve the attack... However, this kind of 'YES, BUT IT WAS NOT MY FAULT' habit is a very human thing. This defence mechanism can be found everywhere, not just within the world of martial art; so it doesn't need any further psycho-logical comment here.
The Chinese call these kind of humans 'bamboo people' (caught in a section, can't see the whole thing). There is one good thing attached toward the whole outcome: The people can now clearly verify what a kind of guy Sergio really is - and how ridiculous his slander campaign of the last five years actually was (and probably always will be). And the 'bottom line fact' is, that I'm still a part of the worldwide WT-family, while S.I. - with or without A.F. & H.J.R. - is not!

Probably like many others of the WT-family I got their kind invitation for a 'friendly cooperation meeting' - but I prefer to spend my limited time with my own To-Dai and fellow instructors rather than with my former students and ex-colleges. The funny thing is, that I received and refused already that kind of letters in 1982 as a German SG-level instructor, when the first 'rebel alliance' was formed under the label of a Chinese VT gm. History repeats itself over and over again - and if I remember well, the whole incident has triggered a lot of progressivism within the EWTO that time.
These people made their own decision to split apart from the EWTO and IWTA, everybody is free to do so. But my choice is clear and no story, fabricated or true, could make me a traitor on my WT-family. There is always a choice available; so, it does not mean that I'm just a blind follower but a guy with his own free will - and I really can not identify myself with the needs and goals of this 'rebelution'.

What I am in the world of martial art, I am mainly due all the things my Si-Fu and my Si-Gung has taught me with all their trust. Why should I kick them in their butt for helping me improve? Just because of some 'waiting time' between the instructor levels? I'm more than happy with the way and with what they teach. So, I can't find any logical reason to throw away my self-respect and my WT-life. The only thing that really annoys me, is the way how some of them choose to talk about their former m.a. relationships. In some cases it looks like a 'War of Roses' - just less funny.
They should now stop that and start teaching their own m.a. - or what is it all about? And to claim that their own 'alliance-style' is more authentic WT than the system of ggm Leung Ting himself, is simply too ridiculous to deserve any further comment here.


Frank Schäfer Sifu

PS: I have hesitated for about five years, before I did my personal statements on the public section of my site regarding the case S.I.. I ignored it as long as I could, but all these offensive ego publishing's forced me to react, that's why I was expecting a lot of attack-mails after my official responses. The surprise was a positive one, between all the mails of the last months there was just one single hate-mail (and that was done of course anonymously); that's somehow far less than I would have guessed.
To me that indicates, that I was on the right track by expressing my opinion here frankly. Maybe, it was a mistake to reveal that too - but I'm willing to take the risk of being wrong with my own point of view. Don't forget that my time schedule does not allow me to join all these forum groups. If you have something directed to me, don't leave a message in a forum; but send me a mail. But once again: I will NOT reply on any anonymous sender or on insulting and pointless attacks; my time is too precious for waisting it on reacting toward such sensless 'write-things'.

To the EWTO
With regard to the claim by a person called Sergio I. that he has learned the whole set of the “6.5-point Long Pole Form” and “Chi-Kwun” technique from me I, Christ Tam Yiu Ming, a 4th Level Technician of the International WingTsun Association, hereby state as follows:
1/ Sergio specially went to England and said to me that “he was recommended by the Great Grandmaster Leung Ting to learn the 6.5-Point Long pole techniques with me”. As I have high respect for my Si-Pak Leung Ting, I promised to teach him pole techniques without doubting that he was lying at that time.
2/ However, as soon as I started teaching him the pole at the first lesson, I felt something wrong from his talks and the way he behaved. There are all together four main points which made me sense that something was not right:
A: If he was really recommended by my Si-Pak Leung Ting to learn the 6.5 Long Pole techniques from me, why didn’t he carry a letter of recommendation? Why had I not even heard about him from my Si-Pak or even my Si-Fu Cheng Chuen Fun on the phone? This does not seem to the proper attitude of my Si-Pak as he is a very prudent person in his teaching attitudes.
B: He told me that “Great Grandmaster Leung Ting had even taught him the ‘Drooping-pole’ movement; one of the basic movements in long pole strength exercises.” If so, why didn’t Si-Pak teach him the whole 6.5 Long Pole Form directly but sent him to me?
C: When he begged me to teach him the long pole techniques, I had tried to reject his request by telling him that: “I learned the 6.5 Long Pole from my Si-Fu Cheng Chuen Fun long time ago. However, neither had I had any chance to let my Si-Pak Leung Ting to correct the mistakes nor had I been so many years really practicing them. Therefore, Sergio should better ask my Si-Pak to teach him the pole techniques directly instead”. However, he lied to me because he was a student of Professor Keith Kernspecht, it was not so “suitable” for him to learn the pole techniques “directly” from Great Grandmaster Leung Ting. I was trapped by his lie at the beginning, but I later thought it over deeply and found out my negligence. My Si-Pak is such a person who would either refuse to teach one anything or to try his best to teach everything full heartily. If Si-Pak did not want to teach Sergio, he would NEVER send Sergio to me!
D: Sergio asked a “friend” to try to take lots of photos during the first lesson. I immediately stopped him from doing so. Soon I found out he looked so tired that could not even last for three basic movements. I was then convinced that Sergio only wanted to learn a set of the so-called “whole long pole form” cursorily so that he might have one more set of techniques for “selling”.
In addition to these, he was all the time appeared to be a very weak trainee and only wanted to learn up everything in haste. For these reasons I could only “hastily” show him the pole form and six basic movements in Chi-Kwun drills, with some translations from a Chinese book written by Si-Pak Leung Ting about the theory and descriptions of the 6.5 pole techniques. HE HAD ONLY LEARNED SIX ONE-HOUR LESSONS WITH ME. THERE WAS NOT EVEN TIME FOR ME TO CORRECT ALL HIS MISTAKES.
All the lesson he learned with me at that time were recorded down in details. If required, I can show all the records as a proof.
International WingTsun Association
Tam Yiu Ming

Open Statement
1 NOV 2002
I hereby state that Sergio I. has never learnt the whole WT fist-fighting system
with me in private tutorials (NOTE 1). NEITHER has been sent by me to learn weapon
techniques with Tam Yiu Ming (NOTE 2) and my old rebel Allan F. (NOTE 3) NOR have I made
Sergio any higher level (NOTE 4) before he became a rebel of the EWTO.
Allan F. had only superficially learnt the Doubleknives Form from me ONCE before he
hastened to move to the USA. He was in a great hurry to move to America at that period,
and had NEITHER learnt any applications NOR advanced fighting concepts of both
fist-fighting (NOTE 5) and weapon-techniques (NOTE 6), which are completely different from the
fist-fighting concepts!
Many of my senior students who learned at the same period with him can attest to the above
A year before he became a rebel he asked me to re-teach him the weapon-techniques. I
checked his technique and found that he actually had not practiced for years which caused
him to have forgotten almost 90% of the Doubleknives Form. Furthermore, his fist-fighting
techniques had deteriorated badly due his laziness.
I had also received numerous complaints from my American students that Allan was a liar
and an extremely dishonest instructor who SOLD some self-created techniques to his
students at unbelievable low fees (NOTE 7) and claimed that these were taught be me specially.
He had also become an impostor by calling himself the "8th level" (NOTE 8). All these would
ruin my name and the reputation of the real WingTsun system.
I therefore affirmatively refused his request to re-teach him the WT Doubleknives as
well as the more advanced fist-fighting techniques after he got beaten up by an ex-student
of Prof Keith Kernspecht in Chi-Sau before I went to New York. (NOTE 9)
It was for all the above (and more) reasons that a year later, after he was paid revenge by one
of his students in New Jersey (NOTE 10), he "thought" that it was me who was the "wire-puller"
behind this event. He therefore tried his best to "ruin my reputation" in revenge by writing
the most venomously scandalous letters to many places NOTE 11 by saying that "I had been
indecorous to his wife one year ago" He thus became my first Chinese rebel in the early
I hate to co-operate with people who are totally unreliable and disloyal to their own
master. Especially such a wicked person like Allan F. who would even set up his
own Si-Fu who loved him and promoted him for years.

International WingTsun Association

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
(Prof Leung Ting, Founder)

(*Please read my other interview on the above statement for details for Notes #1 - #11.)

(Because of the readability I've decided to type over the original text, like I did with the letter before. It is in both cases the original text, without any editing, including the underscores - with the exception of one little typo, by switching an 'e' into an 'o' on line 22. I could easily add plenty of other letters, supporting the same facts above, but those should be enough to get a picture of S.I.'s story.
The involved reader can also find some more details about this case in English in our 'WT-INFO SECTION 2K2' - SFS)


INSTRUCTORS’SEMINAR WITH GREAT GRANDMASTER LEUNG TING, WIESENBACH, GERMANY, 6th September 2003; Recorded by video, explanations and comments in brackets ( )

GGM Leung Ting: 'Ok, now I tell you one thing I have just (last night) … I just received (information from) some people talking about one of my Chinese rebels (Allan Fong) and also some of his (GM Kernspecht’s) rebels. They were talking about that they (the rebels) have learned up the whole system in a few lessons, and also my Chinese rebel claims he has learned EVERYTHING of mine (everything I know).
Now I tell you (some) history, I moved my school from Kunghan to Nathan Road, that is (where) my school (is) now. (It was) In may 1970. And that guy, the Chinese rebel, he learned with me in 1972 or 1973 and in 1976 I came here (to Germany) for the first time and right after 1976 I had no (more) time to teach because I got involved into TV and movie business. Ok, you can even read this from my old book. Ok, so that was why my students, even including all my former Chinese students, the most is, they could learn (from) 1970 to 1976, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, and in 76 I (already) quit from teaching and that’s it.
Ok, So that is no more than 6 years (that I taught). And now I am talking about someone who comes (as late as) 1973 or 1974. How long, how many years (could he study with me)? Yes, 2 or 3 years. Your Si-Fu (GM Kernspecht) says that he still remembers at the time that I gave the demonstration (in Kiel, Germany), I taught (Allan Fong) the long pole form. I forgot, and he (GM Kernspecht) still remembers.'

GM Kernspecht: 'He (Allan Fong) has just learned it (the long pole) for the (Kiel) demonstration.'

GGM Leung Ting: 'Yes.'

GM Kernspecht: 'Only for that demonstration?'

GGM Leung Ting: 'Just that he could be a part.
You know, the reason why I threw him out: Because this guy moved to America, I gave him one more level up and I also taught him the Bart-Cham-Dao in a rush and also I have an eyewitness because I have a younger kung-fu brother, Po Kin Wa, who was also there. And then I taught them both, you know, well I paid him a little trick; I wanted them to be eyewitness to each other. So later, if anybody becomes a rebel, they cannot say that they learned this from GGM Yip Man or who ever.'

GM Kernspecht: 'So, for how long did he learn?'

GGM Leung Ting: 'Only ONCE, so HOW could they (have) remembered?'

GM Kernspecht: 'They have just done the form ONCE with you?'

GGM Leung Ting: 'Yes, and that was history (= and that was it).'

GM Kernspecht: 'The form is quite long.'

GGM Leung Ting: 'Yes, the form is QUITE long! Ok, So this is why they both eye witnessed who learned. And that guy (Allan Fong) was too lazy and one year before he became a rebel he was in New York and then he asked me to teach him the double knives again. I asked him to show (me) the double knives (form), he only remembered some parts of it, some of the pieces, and then I got mad, I said, ‘Look, I didn’t really teach too many people the double knives, and you just forgot it!’. And also at that time my American student, my headman of the American Headquarters at that time, Robert Jacquet, complained that this guy (Allan Fong) always owed me money, (owed) the association money. And (there was) also another thing I didn’t like: he called himself 8th level. Once I was in a Chinese martial (arts) supply shop, (where) I saw his flyer, so I hate this kind of crooks, I even took away the flyer and tore it because he was not even 6th (level) and he was so lazy. A year later he became a rebel.
Now, we talk about HIS (GM Kernspecht’s) rebel. That guy, that guy.'

GM Kernspecht: 'Frank Schäfer’s (the Dutch national instructor’s) rebel.'

GGM Leung Ting: 'Yaah, never minds, who cares… That guy went to Hong Kong and of course at that time he was still not a rebel.'

GM Kernspecht: 'Yes, from Frank Schäfer.'

GGM Leung Ting: 'No, no, because I remember the first time, every time people come to Hong Kong to my headquarters they have to show their (EWTO) passport and we normally send a fax. Until you said he was okay and then we let him learn in our school. Ok, because we take this serious. Ok, if we find out, he is a rebel, we would not even take him. Ok, actually the truth was, the first year, when he came to Hong Kong and we had already sent his information to you (to GM Kernspecht) and then you say, he is ok and that’s why, but that’s true…'

(GM Kernspecht shakes his head and denies ever to have received notice about Sergio I. and said that he had also never given his approval)

GGM Leung Ting: 'Hey, that is true. Ok, you said that why, the next year he came, nobody have informed us that he was a rebel. Of course he would learn with us. Ok, all together, he has learned up to 41 lessons.'

GM Kernspecht: 'How long is a lesson?'

GGM Leung Ting: 'One hour per lesson. And he was so impatient and of course I forced him to learn from the beginning, from the Siu Nim Tau. And in 41 lessons, so he learned up to wooden dummy and right after I taught him the last wooden dummy (form), but then I told him: ‘Look, you have to practice now and then you come back.’ I was going to correct him. Of course he (could) only make notes. And then the second time he came, he paid me a little trick, he followed me to Beijing and he wanted me to correct him, free of charge! But I was very busy, not because of money, I was very busy, and I don’t like that kind of attitude. Ok, said, ‘Ok, you git to wait until I have time.’ Of course I did not correct him and better say now (I will not correct him) forever!'

GM Kernspecht: 'Hmmhmm.'

GGM Leung Ting: 'And now I wish to ask some of the head students: How many lessons you have (had) with me? How many? Huh?'

Master Giuseppe Schembri: 'Many, many.'

GGM Leung Ting: 'And how many instructor lessons (Private Tutorials)? Just tell me, how many times? And he (Master Roland Liebscher-Bracht, 5th Level) and he (Master Oliver König, 6th level).
Right, ok, so have you already learnt everything? No? Why?
Ok, now we don’t talk about this anymore, we go back to Chi-Sao.'

BY PARTICIPANTS OF THE BIG INSTRUCTORS SEMINAR IN WIESENBACH, GERMANY, 7 September 2003; The whole interview was videotaped, explanations and comments in brackets ( )

?: 'I have read (something) in the Internet pages – something to do with WingTsun. With you and Si-Fu (GM Kernspecht) Something to do with our WT-system.'

GGM Leung Ting: 'Of course it has ALWAYS something to do with me and your Si-Fu.'

?: 'Somebody claims that ... I have written the things down which they say. I would like to ask you some questions.'

GGM Leung Ting: 'What questions? Normally I don’t like to answer those kinds of lies, because when they become rebels, of course they would talk a lot of nonsense, o.k., so, you ask me briefly.!'

?: 'There is an American Kung Fu magazine where Emin Boztepe claims … Boztepe says that at the 25 Years’ Anniversary (2001, Hockenheim Ring, Germany) Si-Fu had planned an ambush, planned to set me up, jump on him, 15 people had the job from Si-Gung (=GGM Leung Ting) and Si-Fu (GM Kernspecht) to attack him, to destroy him, also you warned him, that this was planned.'

GGM Leung Ting (addressed to GM Kernspecht): 'I don’t get it, do you understand what he said?'

GM Kernspecht: 'Is there something on it?'

GGM Leung Ting (ironically): 'And then I saved him?'

GM Kernspecht: '(The question is) did we plan an ambush; did we plan to beat him up with 15 people?'

GGM Leung Ting (ironically): '... And then I saved him, so I’m a nice guy! Ha ha.'

GM Kernspecht: 'First you planned it and then you saved him ...'

GGM Leung Ting (making fun): 'So, that means that I stopped your Si-Fu in setting him up. So, did he thank me? Hey you are talking about (OK) how your Si-Fu wants to set up something, right, and try to beat him up?'

GM Kernspecht: 'We both, and then you saved him.'

GGM Leung Ting (not taking it seriously at all): '... And then I saved him. I’m a SAINT! So has he said “Thank you very much, Si-Gung”, or something? Oh that guy! has (really?). Now that means he don’t even thank me, ha. How bad he is! He, ha. (Laughing).'

?: 'He claims in this article that you wanted to support him.'

GGM Leung Ting (amused): 'This is VERY interesting.'

?: 'Emin Boztepe claims that you promised him to support him in order to get rid of GM Kernspecht.'

GGM Leung Ting (unbelieving what he heard): 'I always wanted to support Emin? To get rid of (your) Si-Fu (Keith Kernspecht)?'

GM Kernspecht: 'To get rid of ME...'

GGM Leung Ting (amused and making fun): 'Oh, this guy. Unfortunately Emin was totally unreliable, so I cannot get rid of HIM (GM Kernspecht). I could only get rid of EMIN. Haha.'

?: 'He (Emin) says that you have broken your word, because GM Kernspecht offered you so much money.'

GGM Leung Ting (amused): 'Oh really, ok ok.'

?: 'Are you only loyal when you get money?'

GGM Leung Ting (ironically): 'Of course. Ha ha. Anybody (here who) don’t want to earn (at least) 10 cent for teaching. Nobody?'

The crowd: 'Yes!'

GGM Leung Ting: 'Me too. If I don’t have money, I cannot come by plane, I cannot even come by business class, unfortunately (ha ha) your Si-Fu (GM Kernspecht) promised me to pay for business class. Ok, or I would hate it very much; I would not even come here. Tell me, who (does not) teach for money, who can survive without money? And (this time) he (Emin) speaks the truth. Another thing is .. O.k. I really supported him all the time, WHEN he was still the Headman of America – so he confessed, Good. So I spoke the truth. (Yeah, sure). I really supported him. But I support his Si-Fu,too, I support ALL my students, BECAUSE they are my students, right. Only, if some people totally become disloyal to the family, and then some people want to cause problems to his Father (GM Kernspecht) too! Ok! Of course then I would NOT support him any more and this is true, this is logic.
A moment ago, the first question you said, he wanted to trap him, and wanted to attack him and I saved him. And if anybody has brains, they know that this is completely illogical, completely idiotic, right? I mean, if I wanted to kill him, if I wanted to kill this guy, would I save him? No, I mean, how can he know, that I also set him up, if I wanted to save him, I saved him. Right, right and this is completely idiotic, completely idiotically. Ok, very funny. Ha ha. Come on.'

?: 'Emin claims that you told him.'

GGM Leung Ting: 'Yes?'

?: '(He claims that) Si-Fu Kernspecht does not teach correct WingTsun. Grandmaster Kernspecht is your highest graduated student in the world. Are we learning not the correct WingTsun?'

GGM Leung Ting: 'Did he say like that? You mean, I said that Keith Kernspecht did not teach correct WingTsun, and he and he cheats the people, was it like that?'

?: 'He claims that we don’t learn correct WingTsun.'

GGM Leung Ting: 'Who don’t learn correct WingTsun? In EUROPE?'

?: 'Yes.'

GGM Leung Ting: 'So why should I appoint him (an instructor from EUROPE) to my Headman to teach my American students. Am I mad?'

?: 'Is it true that Emin because of his hard work and because of his personality has built up the whole international WingTsun Association, has he done all that? Was he instrumental for all that?'

GGM Leung Ting: 'Ok, I tell you what. I know nothing of how great he built up this European organisation. No comment, ok, because I have never known anything. Ok. But don’t forget, even before your Si-Fu learnt with me, I have already the international WingTsun Association. Ok, so now, Emin has gone and who still owns the European Organisation? And have the European Organisation totally become bankrupt? NO, now this is the answer! Right?
I don’t have to give any comments; I don’t have to give any criticism, right. Everybody claims that they are the best, EVERYBODY claims, I also have heard a lot of Grand Master Yip Man’s students, they really said that, they always said, “Without me Grand Master Yip Man would not have been that big”. On the contrary (I never told anybody this), ask your Si-Fu (I never told anybody) like this, “Without me GM Yip Man would not have been that big”. Ok. So why? If you REALLY have done something great, you don’t have to tell people, People will tell you, people are all judges. Right, so how about all these instructors here, are they all instructors? Ok, now do you feel sad, now that Emin is gone, so you want to give up WingTsun? NO? And this is the answer. Haha. Ok.'

?: 'An American magazine said that you kicked Emin out, because it was a matter of a millions of Dollars.'

GGM Leung Ting (laughing): 'Oh, very good, Emin should sign me a contract who gave me these millions of Dollars, I really would like that, has he said who gave me this million Dollars. No! So I have to contact him.'

?: 'Why is Emin no more national Instructor of America? Why is Emin no more chief instructor for WT in America?'

GGM Leung Ting: 'Because my American boys, the highest was only 3rd level at that time, 3rd level, so when Emin went to America he was 5 th level. And now we have a 6th level. A Chinese student, and in these two years, I have also trained a lot of my American boys to behigher. I mean, I tell you the truth. I have never any prejudice against race, against rank. He who is higher, (who) can teach the lower level. There is nothing wonder. Until I kick him out, and if I kick this guy out or if this guy becomes a rebel, ok. So, I don’t want this guy anymore. Ok, so, what, what, what is so wonder, there is nothing wonder. OK.'

?: 'Emin is wearing a yellow or gold T-shirt. The t-shirt of the Grand Master.'

GGM Leung Ting (smiling): 'Oh, so good?'

?: 'He claims that he have learned the whole Leung Ting WingTsun system.'

GGM Leung Ting: 'I think last night you also told me of a lot of people who claimed that they have learned the whole WT system.'

?: 'Is it possible that a 6th Practician has learned the WHOLE system?'

GGM Leung Ting: 'I tell you what, if he is not that unreliable. You know the problem, the problem now this is the top secret: You know why? For so many years, every year when I went to America, he tried to convince me to teach him the more advanced techniques. But he NEVER wanted to pay me one dime. You know what in America they call one dime, 10 cent, why should I teach him for nothing. And he used my name to cheat the students. I can say CHEAT because later I found out that he always used my name to squeeze my American students, and he always asked them to pay big money and then he says “Sigung need this money”, and in fact, I knew nothing about this until he was out.
And I took back American Headquarters and then we had a 5 days meeting, then ALL my American students complained and all these tricks were exposed, and then of course, now they hate him very much and some people are even thinking of suing him, ok, and that was the fact and also I still remember a very live example, one of my head students in Chicago, his name is Mike Adams, I forgot the details of course, because normally I don’t care of these kind of things, ok. And Mike Adams complained in the meeting, you know, Emin had asked him to pay, I think 3000 US$ as a lump sum totally and then kept him waiting for 2 or 3 years, for a 3rd level and he took the money and when he left Mike Adams still was 2nd level and then of course and when we were doing the meeting, Mike Adams mentioned about that. I said, I tell you the truth, I have never heard of this story, you see. And then Emin told this guy, told this to Mike Adams. You can even check the Internet and you can even talk to Mike Adams yourself and see whether it is true or not, ok, and this is the truth, ok. Emin said “Sigung”, Emin used my name, he said “Sigung is very greedy and he wants the money first and then let you wait for 2 years and then you become 3rd level”, Think of all that kind of evil things. If some people can tell one lie, he can tell all lies.
And also another truth is, ok, in the first 4 years when he occupied my American headquarters although we have signed a contract, he never paid me 10 cents, that was why I always blamed him (GM Kernspecht), because he was Emin’s Si-Fu, I always jelled to him (GM Kernspecht) and of course he yelled back and we always had problems.'

(Now GGM Leung Ting addressed GM Kernspecht:) 'And since our dear Emin is out, so have you (GM Kernspecht) ever found out for so many years. Why, why don’t have any trouble. I also don’t understand. Ha ha. Ok...'

?: 'Emin is very strong fighter.'

GGM Leung Ting: 'Oh, yeah.'

?: 'Precisely which programs did he really learn?'

GGM Leung Ting: 'I really have no idea, because actually I have never taught him any NEW techniques when I was over (in USA), the only thing I have taught him was at the time when he (already) wanted to become a rebel.'

?: 'When he WANTED to become a rebel?'

GGM Leung Ting: 'When he wanted to become a rebel, when he was thinking of becoming one, and then he paid me the fees for long pole techniques, unfortunately, ok, he became a rebel too (much in a) rush and the he THOUGHT that I would follow. And then, I really confess –confess I really ate my word, because before he became rebel I had promised him to teach him the most important lessons (chi kwan-lessons) in Scandinavia and then when it was in May, right? was it in May or June? I think it was in June. In the 25 years Anniversary, ok, and all of a sudden he became a rebel and then your Si-Fu told me, now he is a rebel. Why should you still go to Norway and teach him the last lesson, that was the only time, that I ate my word. And I even sent him back all this money for the long pole techniques and your Si-Fu he can be the witness, because I paid him a little trick, because I really had smelled that because this guy lies all the time, right, then he would tell everybody that I cheated him for not teaching something. So I asked my wife to send him (the money back) through bank transmit (transfer), so he cannot have excuses that he never received any money (back). Because it was with bank transmission. And that was for my whole life, that was the only time when I ate my words not to teach him. So you people can be a judge, have I done it right or wrong?'

Audience: 'Right!'

GGM Leung Ting: 'I mean this is a pity, I mean for HIM, ha ha. He should (better) have become a rebel right AFTER he had learned the most important long pole lessons. Sorry for Emin, sorry my dear Emin, ex-grandson. Ha ha. So this idiot has wasted me a lot of time and (also the) time of all others.'

?: 'On the Internet, Emin said that you don’t teach advanced techniques to the American 4th level technicians! Because you are too old and don’t want to teach anymore.'

GGM Leung Ting (now speaking and walking around like an old man): 'I’m very old. If I have one million from this guy (GM Kernspecht). Hey, most important, hey look, Emin says that I got rid of him because of money, right that was 100% true, you know, look, this guy is totally unreliable, ok. How could I follow him? Then I would (have) become a beggar. Right, and your Si-Fu (GM Kernspecht) has never cheated me, right, and HE IS reliable, I’m a professional kung-fu instructor, I have to survive and this is true, that is why, no matter for morality or for money, I still have to stick to your Si-Fu, the only problem is, he never gave me one million $ and this is why I hate him very much. Ha ha.'

?: 'When you give them private tutorials, what do they learn?'

GGM Leung Ting: 'Private WHAT?'

?: 'Private tutorials.'

GGM Leung Ting: 'To what, to whom?'

?: 'To the American students, what do they learn?'

GGM Leung Ting: 'Exactly the same as they learn here.'

?: 'Okay.'

GGM Leung Ting (making fun): 'Do you think that I’m going to teach them some, some “WingTsun shooting techniques” or “WT arrow-techniques” or “WT psychic power”? Ha ha. I mean, one day if I teach (this to) my American boys, I will also teach (it to) you people. Ok. So (then) you are going to learn “WT psychic power” in the future. I must think of something (for you) …Ha ha.'

?: 'I have also heard rumours that you teach different programs in Hong Kong than in Europe and America.'

GGM Leung Ting (joking): 'Ahh, I really would like to do that, unfortunately this guy (Master Oliver Koenig), this guy (Master Roland Liebscher-Bracht) how about, Sepp (Master Giuseppe Schembri) they have been in Hong Kong and they have watched my teaching. they have also gone through my personal tutorials. Have you seen something different or completely?'

Master Oliver Koenig: 'No, it looked like WingTsun.'

GGM Leung Ting: 'It looks like WingTsun.'

?: 'So you ALWAYS teach the SAME programs at your special tutorials around the world?'

GGM Leung Ting: 'Ahh, only under one condition, I teach different people a little bit different in details, because I don’t know what you know and what you don’t know, so sometimes, I specially emphasize on that part just like even I answer my question. Why I ask you people to ask me question, because if you people don’t ask me question, I don’t know, I cannot answer you, right. Just like this tall gentleman, is it that guy, he asked me about. Right. So unless he asked me why we do it in this way or when are we going to use this one, then I can answer him in details, right, if not I will just teach you according to what we (normally) teach, so can you see, so can you see?'

?: 'Hmmhmm.'

GGM Leung Ting: 'All you people have attended my instructor tutorials, remember sometimes I found out that you have so difficulties, I especially explain to you, right and I especially tell you, ok, why you cannot do this because you can hit in this way or why you have to do it in this way or if you are doing it according to this angle it would be more powerful, according to this angle it would not be so powerful. Right.'

?: 'Yes.'

GGM Leung Ting: 'Yes, sometimes I teach a little bit differently according to different people. Because everybody is different, right, maybe you are very good in Biu Tze movement, and he is very good in steps and that guy is very good in punch. Or on the contrary maybe you are very weak in steps, so I have to emphasize more on the steps, give you more explanation on this, maybe sometimes I even have to teach you a variation, right, you see, I like to give people more choice and this is my teaching attitude. Don’t forget WingTsun is flexible, so this is no wonder. And this is the same thing GGM Yip Man other students’ complained about GGM Yip Man’s teaching, they said GGM Yip Man taught everybody differently, so I remember one thing, once we were in the restaurant, so I used to pull GM Yip Man’s legs, make fun with him. So that was the time I made fun with him. I asked GGM Yip Man, I said, “Hey”, I always called him “Man-gung” , “Why so many of his student s say that you teach them differently, and you pay them a trick to cheat them?” You know what he answered? He did not even get a little bit mad, just like me a moment ago, I did not get mad. And he only answered in an ironical way, he said “I don’t have to cheat you, the only thing is: When I don’t tell you your problem, when I don’t tell you your error and mistake, then you can never know it for your whole life”. Is it true? … Especially the people, especially the students that have attended my instructor classes, they know that it is true. Right. The only thing is, if I don’t tell you something in details, just a little, you will never know it for your whole life, right, just like him. If I don’t tell you why, when will you use this, then you will never know, ok, you get it, ok.'

?: 'Yes. Recently there have been many high-levels kicked out and they make many troubles in the EWTO.'

GGM Leung Ting: 'Really? This is not my business, ok. It has been a very long time (that) I kicked out any high-levels in my Association, ok, even Emin became a rebel himself. I did not kick him out, ok, I only don’t need him, ok. How many high-levels has he mentioned? How many?'

?: 'Yes, but in the next question...'

GGM Leung Ting: 'Ok, next question.'

?: 'But I would like to know. How will you and Si-Fu Kernspecht work this problem out in order to solve it?'

GM Kernspecht (explaining the question to GGM Leung Ting): 'He wants to find out, how we treat people who are no more in the Association.'

GGM Leung Ting: 'I mean, what is the problem, actually for me, I don’t have any, you better ask your Si-Fu. I don’t have a problem, I am always happy.'

?: 'And the last question: I have heard you say that you hate rebels and Si-Fu Kernspecht has been loyal student for over 28 years. But I read many rumours on the Internet that you would support rebels or competitors like Emin B, Sergio I., Benno W., Allan F. as well as the Danish rebels?'

GGM Leung Ting: 'You mean this was a question for Emin, from his article?'

?: 'From the Internet.'

GGM Leung Ting: 'From Internet, ok, this is not from Emin, right?'

?: 'Not exactly, but from the other rebels.'

GGM Leung Ting (amused): 'That I support them?'

?: 'That you WOULD support them. The question is...'

GGM Leung Ting (making fun): 'Oh yeah, if EVERYBODY would pay me one million $ (each), and once I support them I can retire. I’m too old, how many millions are you talking about, from Emin B. and Allan F. and also? Howmany?'

?: 'Sergio I., Benno W. and Allan F..'

GGM Leung Ting (pretending to calculate): 'Five people...'

?: '... And the Danish rebels.'

GGM Leung Ting (pretending to be really greedy): 'More, more, give me more, I gonna be really rich!!!'

GM Kernspecht (also amused): 'One million each.'

GGM Leung Ting (laughing): 'Yaah, then I would really support them, immediately, I would retire, I support you and then good-bye! Ha ha.'

?: 'So you will not support anyone who is not member in the IWTA or EWTO?'

GGM Leung Ting: 'WHY should I support them? Ok, if we talk about money, have they paid me any money?'

?: 'I don’t know.'

GGM Leung Ting: 'So, this is why, if they don’t pay me enough money, so why should I support them? But even if they gave me money, can they fulfil my request, hey, this is what I said, Emin said million Dollars, right, can they ever afford to pay me ONE million?'

?: 'I don’t know.'

GGM Leung Ting (laughing): 'Hey, you ask the rebels first, but they must pay, ok, and also they must pay everybody at the SAME time, so I can get retirement.'

GM Kernspecht (joking): '(That means) 10 million $.'

GGM Leung Ting (jokingly to GM Kernspecht): 'So I don’t need you anymore. Ha ha. I know a lot of rumours, also your Si-Fu (GM Kernspecht) has informed me of this, ok, a lot of rumour rise up, you know why? That actually means: Leung Ting WingTsun system is the best. Once they become a rebel, why don’t they found their own, so called “Bla-bla-bla bla Martial Art System”???'

?: 'It is true.'

GGM Leung Ting: 'Like you said and like he said. He has just told me (the title of Emin’s article was) something like “Back from the Dead”, is it so? Back from the Dead, what does back from the dead mean? So, that means Emin was already dead or the headline would not say “Back from the Dead”! Of course they have to use MY name to make him come) “back from the dead”, right. And this is the best explanation, why they always mention my name. If this is their dream, ok, this is their dream, ok. I have never taught anyone of the rebels. If one day they become rebels they are totally finished. Ok, even, even in the future, even if they kneel down and kow tow to me, they will regret very much. I would not even accept them, this is my character.
Ok, for the first time I am serious now. Now, you see in the whole seminar I was speaking fun, right, actually I never take this serious. People become rebels because they must have a lot of problems. And I found out most of the problem is because of money. O.k. Not because I’m greedy for money, THEY are greedy for money, that’s why. Your Si-Fu had shown me a lot of things. It happens all the time. Before some people become rebels, they had owned your Si-Fu a lot of money. And then this forms them a lot of pressure because they cannot pay back this money. Then they HAVE to come to become rebel.s And that is why. People are so unreliable. Why should I support them?
So this is why, this time, I tell you once again, I’m SERIOUS: Anybody who becomes a rebel once will be my rebel forever. No matter how much he regrets (later). O.k. HE CAN NEVER COME BACK. Understand everybody? And unless his student become rebels then I can accept his students to come back to our organisation. But he, he is forever out. Then he will regret for his whole life.
And this also answers why Emin now wants to rise trouble, he wants to use my name to MAKE PROPAGANDA again and again. I tell you the truth. The thruth is that when he left my organisation then at first maybe he could convince some of the people to follow him in America and elsewhere. But they soon found out he has nothing to teach and that he squeezes money everywhere. Now more and more people come back to my organisation. O.k. THIS IS MY REVENGE. That’s it. Haha.'

?: 'One last question. We thank you very much for answering all our questions. What will be the future of WingTsun in the world, in Europe, in America if you go back to film business in Hong Kong? How can your national instructors still learn from you?'

GGM Leung Ting: 'Oh, o.k., I tell you what, the future in WingTsun: (................)
If I go back to the movie circle, I still will spare some time to teach the high rank instructors. And also I will spare some time to teach the instructor tutorials. So as long as you are not a rebel, you still have good chance. In fact your Si-Fu (GM Kernspecht) has learned everything from me. O.k. And all you need is my correction, is the concept, is the much much higher parts. This is my promise!'