There was (on 22nd of November '02) a very strange piece of writing in my Email account; normally I don't publish anonymous sent mails but after verifying that it was not a fake one, I decided to put it here for a while:



To Rene, Emin, Keith and Bill,

One or more of you is lying - you work it out and stop it.
To stop this crap I am forced to write to you all to state my side of this nonsense to ensure that you all now know the truth - the only way to do this without causing more rumours is to contact you all together.
Plus I want to bring up your cowardly threats as well.

I was informed over the last two days that Rene states that Keith contacts Rene to advise that I contact Keith all the time - implying I wish to work with him.
The only contact I have had with Keith has been in response to his emails to me where I explained I moved on and the rest of my comments have been very negative.
I have not contacted Keith first - I only responded to his emails and I state again I do not wish to work with Keith or Bill again and they know why. I never even talked to Keith when we were both in Denmark.

I am very happy with my present circumstances and I do not need to be distracted about the political rubbish that keeps going on - I would rather give up martial arts and drive a bus than work with some of you again.
As I have said before the world is a huge place and a free market and so there is enough for everyone. None of you should be concerned with who works with who, or who is successful or not - just get on with your own business.

Why can't adults be grown up without bullying, lies, politics and threats of violence?
You are all supposed to be martial artists of the highest calibre? People know of you all around the world. Martial arts was supposed to be taught with humility, with human qualities and with a view to help people.
Why don't you show the human qualities and stop this political nonsense, stop the threats of violence and act like civilised people? Stop throwing the muck around and then it stops being chucked back.

I am so disappointed with what has been going on with the stupid rumours, politics and threats and how can anyone of you endorse such behaviour?
You should be all setting an example for others not threatening my life or health or threaten others.
I have never threatened anyone since resigning from the EWTO or EBMAS and I have gone out of my way to stop this violent rubbish, as it is bad for martial arts and its a life I left behind years ago. I have been threatened by both EBMAS and the EWTO - so let us analyse how brave you are:

You all know I have had operations and I still have treatment. I am a man who has a busted back even after operations, I am in ill-health and have been in and out of hospital the last two years for cancer treatment, I'm on life-long medication and I still attend hospital....
...........and some of you big brave fit men want to fight me or send people on your behalf - or even more cowardly try to get others outside of your organisations to do your dirty work?

Well I cannot run so you can catch me and the pain I have been in for years is no different than a good beating - so I will not hide and I will do my best, win or lose, but how disgusting that both organisations threaten me and you all agree with it.

Hardly a fair fight - it would not be the same if I were healthy it would be much harder - but I'll try nevertheless to make you look good so you can take your brave victory away with you.
I thought I knew you all better than this you were all once my friends then you all attack me in letters and web-sites - but if I respond you will kill or hurt me - what kind of human beings are you?

What sort of victory do you get from beating a cripple? You guys are supposed to be the best fighters and martial artists in the world or at least train the best - you should be all ashamed of yourselves for even thinking it yet alone agreeing to carry it out.

I don't state I'm the best martial artist nor the best fighter - but I will fight if I have too to protect myself even if I know I will get beat but what sort of world is this when the top people in the world want to take a cripples income away just because he has success and responds to your negative politics.

If you don't like me responding then don't dish the dirt - I may not be able to beat some of you guys in a fight but I can write a good letter and I will use all things necessary to protect myself and my family including going to the police and to court, to the press and showing the world what the guilty ones are really like.

Most of you know how good I am with a pen and my brain is my best weapon and I will now start using it if you attack me. I earn a living (in spite of all your attacks on me) for one reason - I teach, I make them better, I hold nothing back and I treat them fair and I don't charge vast amounts and that is why I'm busy - no other reason at all - I don't impress them with titles or by saying I'm great or we are the best fuck the rest. I just help them that's all.

This is all I'm good at, teaching - no threat to any of you - you can all do it too - so why don't you - what is it with this power, money, ego and control trip that some of you are on?
I will not run, I will not hide and if you knock me down I will get up and continue - but ask yourselves what sort of people have you become?

Obviously none of you will like this letter and obviously none of you will ever wish to be connected to me again - but that is your choice - but I will not sit quietly why you all threaten my life and my income that hurts my family.
I am happy to have no bad press with any of you from now on but I will not sit quiet anymore if you attack me. Leave me alone and I'll stay out of the public forum and everything will be fine.

I have had my say now and I am happy to stay quiet and bury the hatchet - I hope you can all do the same?

Good luck with all your futures and goodbye.
Pitiful Regards,

This is not worth an answer because you have done the
same thing here that you say people are doing to you
(threats, rumors, lies and accusations) in this email.

There is no further comment necessary,
because the whole writing speaks for itself!

Poor pitiful Steve! I thought he was much cooler than that. But there was also his silly (Escrima) opinion about the (Wing Tsun) abitlity of S.I. - That showed already, that he was walking on a very strange path for gaining new students. I can't say why Steve broke away from E.B./R.L. already so soon and how E.B./R.L. reacted on it; but from the EWTO-side there was of course never any threatening. To me, it’s just another ridiculous writing! - SFS.

And then there was Steve's next 'write-thing' - it was even not sent to me directly! While he tried to win my cooperation in the past more than once, and after I have confronted him with his own statements, it looks like he doesn't like me anymore. But I'm sure to find a way to live with that...
It's also typical, that these people state: 'It's ALL crap' WITHOUT pointing it out. If I spot an untrue detail, I name it, explaining my point of view. They never come up with any proof or at least with any LOGICAL story. Let's stay logical, if there was a threat - who was it? If it was anonymously, how could he know it was from the EWTO/E.B./R.L.? It's the same with that so-called 'conspiracy'. It's simply not the habit of the EWTO to threat people in any way, again just rumours.
However, here is his big commentary on my little comment abouve. I would'nt have published both letters here - but 'somebody else' was already quicker. Also, it is not my way to hide 'none conform going' opinions - at least if triggered by my own words or deeds.

Due to recent publication of emails I am replying to let my students and people that I work with know the reason of my statement and to ensure them that I have their interests at heart and will protect myself and them. I will not respond after this email as I receive many every week and my name over the last year has been on more forums than I have had hot dinners. I will try to avoid responding from now on as it is too time consuming arguing with idiots. In response to Frank Schäfer, or mini Kernspecht as most people know him, let me make the following points:

>> Thanks for the compliment; I heard that nickname for the first time. :^D
(Also I'm wondering if 'most people' could be an alias for 'E.B.' - I recognise that kind of humour...)

My email to GGM Rene, Sifu Emin, GM Keith and GM Bill highlighted points that reflect on many emails and conversations. Therefore there was information touched on in my email to some of them that would not be obvious to the general public. Also, I did not know who the good or bad guys were as they were all once my friends and so my email was more respectful than usual. My email solved some problems with EBMAS as I had a great conversation with Sifu Emin and we have agreed to meet in the New Year for dinner as friends and he knows I would still help and work with him if the opportunity arose. As for GGM Rene's response he was not one of the liars so how else would he respond? He does not see how this letter is addressed to him - but look how some members of the EWTO responded.

>> If GGM Rene was not 'one of the liars', why bothering him with the same kind of accusations?
But I can see why Steve prefers to distract quickly from that given response.

It seems that a few EWTO members, mainly Frankie boy, under orders, wishes to continue this crap.

>> 'Stevie boy' is walking fast - but again on the wrong path, I don't need orders to guess what's wrong or right. For me, the crap could have stopped already 5 years ago, that's why I kept myself outside this story for so long. But if some people continuously use the public, it must be allowed to present also the other side of the given story. Wanna stop that crap? GREAT! I'm in, let's do it NOW.

Frank says the EWTO do not make threats - well that's bullshit they made them to S. I., me and others and they have often done this and use people to do this. They even used E.B.'s name to fight for their honour - but they never fought their own battles and then they told lies about him as they do about everyone who leaves them.

>> What does he know about us and our way of interacting with others? Not much so to see.

My email - to them - stated that they wanted to attack me in spite of my recent health problems - this shows no honour on those who made the threats - I pointed out that some of them were egotistic, liars, cowardly, greedy and controlling which is the truth. Some of the threats I received stated that I would be shot this is not a challenge this is cowardly and without honour. I also stated that no matter if I was ill or not I will defend myself, whether I lost or won. I am not concerned or worried by threats I have had them all my life but I was disappointed to find out it came from friends and so I was more polite - it was not that many years ago that I would have acted in anger but that is a trait of youth and I'm an adult now and as an adult I try to see good in people and settle disputes with talking first and as a last resort I will fight. I don't want sympathy for my recent health issues I was highlighting to those that knew this, and threatened me, in a cowardly way, that they were reminded of previous conversations. Just in case some of you misunderstand my email and read things into it that were not there, and make sure you understand this: I will fight those of you who still threaten me - you know who you are - and I will fight to my rules.

>> Against who? The mysterious ghost fighter? Is the whole story just based on that? If I would panic with every anonymous threat I got the last 20 years by letter and phone it would have killed me already long ago. Don't try to play fire fighter if you can't stand the heat.

Many people are very brave to fight if they think they will only win - they are called bullies. I will fight win or lose therefore I'm not a bully I only protect myself which is the martial art way. I have been in the real world of fighting and I'm against fighting as I have been involved in so much of it in my youth - which is why I teach now so other people do not live my old life. I hate violence as I have seen what it does to people and I have avoided it for over ten years now as I have finally grown up. As for Frank Schäfer's mini Kernspecht's comments - its funny how he makes statements now - liars and bullies always end up with no real friends and get their comeuppance - your time will come too Frank.

>> What a threat! - I've had that kind of time already with my former To-Dai S.I.; that prepared me a lot.

Frank your head is so far up Kernspecht's arse that you only see, hear and smell shit and so therefore I'm not surprised that you talk shit as well. But I do not blame you as you are a puppet, a person who is used, and you are losing students and so you are desperate and you do what you need to do to try to survive a bit longer and your tactics and web-site is full of crap and letters about people on things you don't understand - get a life, go out and have a beer. Are you so sad you live only to please Kernspecht and the rest of the time stay on your computer? Get out and enjoy your life before life passes you by.

>> Better to have the head far above than just under someone’s arse! That's easy scored - but let’s leave that low-level talk, once again Steve is just shining with the absence of knowledge. I just met him a couple of times and he knows nothing about my life style nor my students; maybe he should go out less often having a beer. And don't worry Steve, I'm not desperate at all and my surviving was never easier. So, I'm quite sure to stay longer than just a bit - even with that kind of pointless (= painless) responses. Beside that, Steve helped a lot by showing with his insulting (= none professional) comment on me, what to think about the rest of his letters around.

Frank you state on your web-site that I made a silly Escrima statement - does this mean that Master Bill is silly too and as for my comments on GGM Leung Ting's WT - I congratulated him on his system - if this is a silly comment do you mean GGM Leung Ting is silly as well? This is what happens when you don't read something properly and when you are used as a pawn. Don't you see that your bosses are using you to deflect attention from them? One day when you think for yourself you will see how you are being used and why you lose students and why your own people don't respect you.

>> No, I'm only referring to Steve's silly 'miraculous m.a. fairy tale' approach; GM Bill Newman or GGM Leung Ting would never state any serious comment in such none scientific way. His 'word switch' doesn't fit, maybe HE should read his 'write-things' properly.
BTW: What would be so bad in being a loyal 'pawn' under a good 'king', serving higher goals? Doesn't Steve know the importance of a well placed 'pawn' in chess and that the 'pawn' can transform into other pieces as well? Even the best chess player would have no chance with only the 'king' left on the board. Also 'Judge Steve' knows 'my own people' just as good as he knows me: NOT AT ALL.

I believe that most martial artists get on with most arts and people - its only some people that feed and thrive on hate and greed and this is not martial arts and its the wrong path to take. I state again violence is the last thing on my mind and teaching and having fun is always on my mind first but this does not mean I have forgotten what real violence is about - it never leaves you but you can try and out grow it. I choose to stay on the martial art path of teaching and avoid fighting, I want what is best for the people and students I work for and with. It would be nice if martial artists acted like martial artists and not thugs. I know the people I work with try to be martial artists and this is the way forward, as it was always meant to be.

>> Steve is just labouring the obvious.

I feel sorry for the people who have nothing better to do than try to stir things up between practitioners of the arts. It is quite sad that a few of you only show the negative side of politics and not the positive side. Hopefully this has cleared some things up. Frank Schäfer should be ignored as he is a puppet and those who have threatened me know where to find me and those who only want what's good for martial arts will find I will try to help them.

>> I can easily understand, why Steve is wishing (too), that my person should be ignored...

The rest of you try to ignore the bad sides of politics and the twisted emails and make sure that your teachers treat you right and that they deserve your respect and loyalty, get behind their masks.

>> At least a nice and sense making last sentence; I would sign that too!

M. Steve T.
>> Frank Schäfer Sifu