MIF 2012/2013-2


NWTO Motivation Inquiry Form 2012

Dear WingTsun practitioner,
It would be very helpful if you could kindly take some of your precious time for filling-in this little enquête for me,
Your participation will be part of an official academic project in direct relationship with my 'Bachelor of Arts' study.
To become part of the recent research you will have time to respond till 03-01-2013, 23:59.
All later sent valid responses will be collected confidentially to be used for later evaluations.
THANK YOU very much in advance! :-)
Sifu Frank Schäfer


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  1. For what reasons do you practice WingTsun?

    Please choose a cipher between '0' (none-important) and '10' (very important) for each of the available options.

    Attention: Every number may only be used once during the whole questionary!
I want to empower my self-defence abilities
I like the history and tradition which is related
I want to enhance my health- and fitness condition
I like the demonstrated movements and techniques
I want to share some of my time with connected people
I like the meditative and 'aware-making' elements
I want to expand my 'body-mastery' skills
I like the topic of Martial Arts in general
I want to improve my self-development
I like to become a professional WingTsun instructor

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