The Chineze self make a very clear differentiation between the so-called 'hard' Qi-Gong ('magical appearing' show-effects for diverse demonstrations) and 'soft' Qi-Gong (exercises for physical health and mental contemplation). To make the difference with the EWTO module ChiKung still more obvious we will use from now on for our old Qi-Gong trainings de name NoiKung.This is then also 'coincidentally' exactly the name that would be preferred by some of the most renowned Chi-Kung or Qi-Gong master.
NoiKung (or traditional Qi-Gong) stands for traditions and schoolings which are much older than WingTsun itself. The origin of NoiKung can not be found about 300 years back but much more 3.000 years! The two main directions that can be described are thus the more outward directed trainings (through special breathing techniques) and then the advanced primary inward focused training (through specific meditation methods). Part of our NoiKung source are forming grandmaster Siu Yuk Man and the famous Professor Chu.
Our NoiKung trainings have without a doubt a quite strong affinity with Zen (Ch'an) Buddhism, but at the same time with a very clear taoist background, wrapped in a cover of Confucianism and Tsung-Yung. Differently than with the ChiKung training of WT it is here actually about literally less 'graspable matter'. Right on this moment there will be NoiKung exercise sessions only on extra weekend stages in the NWTO academy; mostly this will happen in combination with a SCD/CoreMunication intensive training.