'Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing', or short EMDR, is a therapy for people who keep suffering regarding the effects of a shocking experience, as for instance with a traffic accident or with a violent incident. EMDR is a relatievely new therapy. A first version of EMDR was described in 1989 from the developer of it, the acknowledged American psychologist Francine Shapiro. In the years after this procedure was further enhanced and developed toward a fully adequate and effective therapeutic method.
There are now existing more than twenty-two scientific controlled researches regarding the real effectiveness of the EMDR approach. This easy provable fact makes the EMDR concept the nowadays most evaluated topic on the area of special trauma treatment. The Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam (VU) has also started a recent big scaled research (inclusive modern brain scans) reagrding this revolutionary therapy form. The astonishing powerful and extremely fast effects of this special treatment led to the very fitting nickname "powertherapy".
EMDR is one of the most advanced interventions if it comes to the process of responsible trauma treatment (PTSD/PTSS). With the support of an exact protocol and the 'distracting stimulus' of the therapist will be triggerd an accelatrated information processing in the brain. Sometimes there are only a couple of sessions needed, without the need to talk first long to uncover 'what so ever'. All our recent EMDR related treatments and abilities were trained and acknowledged by the Bijscholingsinstituut voor Therapeuten (BivT).