Counselling is the 'You'-module within SCD support service.
It is here about 'official psycho-social care support', or short: essential help.
Core question: 'What Do You Want?'
Core tool: Empathy ability.
Way: Non-directive.
Goal: Holistic care support.
Eastern directions: Taoism; Qi-Gong; WT.
Western directions: Egan; Maslow; Rogers.
There are no regular groups for Counselling held in the NWTO academy.
Group activities regarding Counselling takes place through CoreMunication;
It is here about an individual care service, mostly thus on a one-for-one base.
For a Counselling appointment you can call (06-22564448) or also e-mail.
The fee for these sessions are conform the guiding lines of the 'Algemene Beroepsverenigingvoor Counselling'. For all Counselling becomes now more often
also recognized through a raising number of health insurance companies, who can
spot the high value of this psycho-social care support, by at least a partly refund.
Of course we are in possession of our own AGB-code.