CoreMunication® seems to be a kind of a synthesis of Western (dualistic) science and Eastern (holistic) core wisdoms but this simplistic label does not really describe it well. Closer to the truth is the valid viewpoint of considering CoreMunication even much more as the communicative form of WingTsun. The core formular of Sifu Frank Schäfers CoreMunication is his flexible ORA-model. In 2001 was the release of the German CM book (ISBN 908-0661-91-0).
CoreMunication is actually (just like WingTsun) made out of a certain amount of adaptive-dynamic core principles, which can easily find on nearly all areas of the daily life – but also under extreme circumstances – their outmost effective applications. WingTsun starts then on the Outside and finishes with the Inside and CoreMunication begins with the Inside and comes out on the Outside... Both are touching each other thus 'somewhere between´.
Right now, CoreMunication sessions will only be given on weekeind-stages at the NWTO academy. The topics are various e.g. from the macro- and micro-signals during the communication till quite specific company-orientated task handling, from ORA-matrix to Wu-Wei. There is a certain possibility to spot that in nearer future also a CM group might be called to life for further regular intra- and interactions. A Wu-Wei core group is already emerged.