SCD Introduction
The SCD, the 'Systematic Communication & Defence B.V.' (foundet in 2001) is the international operating branch of our national 'Nederlandse WingTsun Organisatie', short the NWTO. De leading of the SCD has Sifu Frank Schäfer. Relatively strong connected to the SCD is actually CoreMunication®, the 'Self-exploring concept' of WT master Frank Schäfer. 

The SCD cooperates sometimes with experienced specialists on various overlapping areas if needed. From a 'simple day part' till complete three-days intensive-trainings, we take care regarding specific seminars for companies and official instances. As guest docent on location of the client or at our own luxury accommodation; if wished even inclusive our own high standard catering. Individual stages - literally speaking 'tailor suited' - are belonging as well to the negotiable possibilities available with the SCD programs.

The SCD as stated with the sign-in at the KvK: 'Professional advice and teaching on the area of 'assertivity' and conflict-controling for companies and official instances in the context of SCD in verbal as well as non-verbal interaction.'  

Since 2005 vormen overigens ook Counselling en EMDR vaste (Rijkserkende) onderdelen van het recente SCD B.V. aanbod voor de cliënt.