Kids-WingTsun is the latest adjustment of the classical WingTsun training. The lessons for children are therefore divided into units of 45 minutes and follow a bit different approach than the 90 minutes lessons for the 'large people'. There are with the WT children class also 12 student levels to get, just like with the grown-up; but the content is aligned with the needs and Posibilities of children between the age of 6 and 13 years.
Pleasure and cooperation stand with all WT-trainings far above, but here they stand at the top! Vital parts of the Kids-WingTsun are forming next to the WT techniques itself also for instance quite specific hand-brain and left-right-coordination trainings. And of course not to forget to mention the opportunity to learn to cope with all the 'locked-up energy' in a sense-full way and to get rid of them under an experienced guidance.
But there is not only a lot offered for the body through Kids-WingTsun but also for the brain. Another certainly important point is playing enjoyable and meaningful role playings, which treat on a playful way essential aspects, like for instance the giving of each others appreciations en terms like respect, manners, courage, helping, 'saying-No' and there is much more waiting to become discovered with us in the academy...