Since GM Kernspecht invited in 1977 the two Escrima pioneers Bill Newman and René Latosa to Kiel in Germany and also published together with them the very first book regarding Philippine martial arts is the topic weapon training a consistent part of the teaching offer of the EWTO.
This add-on is for all for the beginning WT student enriching, who is interested also in weapon fighting, because in the WingTsun system the 'long pole' and the 'double broadsword' will be only taught in the highest teaching programs. The WT weapons are meant to be for the far advanced.
It is to thank to all the indefatigable activities of grandmaster Bill Newman that Escrima was able to develop till today toward a complex armed style that can show even to the WingTsun student numerous fascinating aspects regarding the usage possibilities of the most variety of weapons.
Right at this moment there are no regular Escrima group lesson in the NWTO academy; but there are some basic topics regarding Escrima present within the higher WT SG grades. And once in a while there take also Escrima stages place during the weekend in de academy.