inside-ewto-frequenchiNew energy through the movements coming out of the WingTsun system, supple muscles and 'cardio-sweating' in combination with fat-burning - that is FrequenChi. Along comes the optimizing of the metabolism and last but not least a quite big portion of fun.
In the beginning it is about relatively simple movement pattern, footwork, punch- and selfdefence techniques, through which the optimal temperature for the wanted fat burning will be reached. Fat acid streams into the blood and will be burn by the muscles to gain more energy.
The special selected and up-polished movements will bring following the ChiKung principles joints and muscles in balance. Pain has no chance for settling and the joints are knowing no sign of wear anymore.
At the end of a FrequenChi session the body temperature will return back toward the standard level, light stretch movements and breathing exercises help to relax and support the body longer lasting with oxygen.
Through FrequenChi we combine WingTsun as ideal functional self defence with the outstanding effective health aspects of the WT ChiKung training. Right now is FrequenChi - just like ChiKung – a certain part of our special WT Fit4fight klas. Maybe that there will be later also a separate FrequenChi class.