In ChiKung exists a quite large amount of specific exercises to stretch and to strengthen the muscles. Already the regular WingTsun consists a variety of fuctions which goes by far further than any aspect of a normal self defence. Body feeling, movement agility, concentration ability, external and also internal balance are only a couple of quite fitting keywords.
Health offers without a doubt from the start an additional value for every WT student. The special forms in ChiKung, which are actually applied stretch-powerbuilding exercises in motion, have a very positive influence on the wellbeing and the overall life quality.
All physical and mental functions develope through ChiKung toward a level of more vitality en health. In the 'motion body' of the human kind there can be found many dependencies and everything functions with each other, whereby the muscles a key position posses. Through the muscles we can even reach all internal organs and by that our brain.
All these are conditions that we can be successful during profession, everyday activities and sports. The one who is supporting these essential basics, is setting with that at the same time the basement for the personal success. Right now is ChiKung - just like FrequenChi - a certain part of our special WT Fit4fight klas. Maybe that there will be later also a separate ChiKung class.