The base of BlitzDefence® form relatively simple but still extremely effective WT techniques. It's here about all those aspects which seems to be missing with the traditional WingTsun goal and approach. As for instance the juridical obligations and the recent setting of 'norms and values'which not seldom comes into play field when living the life within a modern social-orientated society.
With BlitzDefence it is often easier possible to have even a deescalating effect on the opponent then through the classical WingTsun fighting directive of'As soon the way is free thrust immediately forward!'.Regarding the high effectiveness of this direction is no doubt to spot with us but today also other factors are playing a role, a different one then for instance 300 years ago in faraway China.
And the BlitzDefence Strategie of gm Prof. Keith R. Kernspecht targets also to this context of modern life. By the way: what is the point for me if I can be the winner on the street if that made me the looser at the court... From a selection of the most effective WT techniques he had chosen those which could be learned and combined within the shortest ammount of time for the 'average' man or woman.
The BlitzDefence programs are already implemented within the NWTO trainings and the SG topics. So, it is here not about a choice for one or for the other, because BlitzDefence is WingTsun. But there are still also specific BD group lesson in the SelfDefence class of the NWTO academy. Nevertheless forms BlitzDefence a certain part of the overall WingTsun classes (just like the expansion ReakTsun®).