ewto-wingtsun-side1 WingTsun is personal growth. WingTsun will be trained within a group, but individually. The abilities of the individual will be directly supported and also expanded systematically. WT is violent less and the WingTsun-instructors are against every form of senseless violence; WingTsun is pure self defence. WT brings fun and the teacher share their knowledge in a cooperative and relaxed atmosphere.
WingTsun is intensive and versatile and the defence ability is through the way of concentrated and regular training graspable. In the center stands an unique and wide-ranged concept, which can only be learned through focused practice and a conscious readiness of getting-involved. Flowing movements and sudden fastness come together in a systematic and coordinated motion complex. They melting literally with each other and form by that a new and powerful unit. The systematic learning way of WingTsun raises the physical and mental flexibility and enhances also the overall observing ability.
The way to that will be enriched with very goal-directed relaxation- en concentration-techniques as well as breathing exercises, to 'refill' the body WingTsun makes use of the already present possibilities of the student. Not muscle force, acrobatics and stamina are the requirements for WingTsun, but the open readiness, to let yourself in with your body, to learn how to knowand to use the own forces.