NWTO Introduction

The NWTO ('Nederlandse WingTsun Organisatie', founded: 01-06-1986) is also the Netherlands branch of the 'International WingTsun Association', or short IWTA. The NWTO represents actually mainly the direction of the EWTO, the 'Europäische WingTsun Organisation'. The leading of the NWTO shares Sifu with Lady-Sifu Schäfer.
The NWTO is the Dutch branch of the above named organisations and is in posession as only one  in the Netherlands and the Dutch Antillen of the rights to teach WingTsun and to educate people toward WT teachers.  The with the NWTO accomplished graduations and educations are worldwide acknowledged. Within the NWTO  are thus only professional trained people allowed to teach. If there is any doubt regarding the qualification of the local WingTsun instructor you can send an E-mail about that issue to the NWTO (or EWTO if for outside NL).
The one who might be interested in the option to follow self a worldwide acknowledged WT-profession education in the Netherlands, can get in touch regarding the exisiting posibilities and details about it for a talk without obligation with Sifu Frank Schäfer. Contact can be made direct through our site; but a telephone call is also working fine.