Biography GM Keith Kernspecht
His enthousiasme for martial-arts and body developing discovered Keith R. Kernspecht already in his early years. After many researches e.g. in diverse European 'China Towns' he came finally in contact with his   recent Si-Fu ggm Leung Ting. Already soon gm Kernspecht was able advance greatly and brought to out of nothing life the nowadaysLargest martial-art organisation of the world, with now more than 2.000 represents spread over the whole Planet. Next to ggm Leung Ting is gm Kernspecht the highste ranked WingTsun person in the world. 
1945: Born in Germany.
1959: Start with diverse martial-arts e.g. wrestling, Judo, Aikido, Jiu Jitsu, Karate, Kempo etc.
1967: Foundation of 'Budo Zirkel e.V.' (Kiel).
1970: Begin with Wing Chun in London (e.g. under Sifu Cheng Chung).
1975: Begin with Wing Tsun (under his Si-Fu ggm Leung Ting).
1976: Wing Tsun introduction Germany (Kiel); Foundation 'Deutsche WingTsun Organisation'.
1977: Escrima cooperation with gm Latosa and gm Newman.
1978: Name: 'Europäische Wing Tsun Organisation' (EWTO); Muai-Thai contact.
1979: Martial-art studies with original Bruce Lee students in the USA.
1980: New EWTO headquarter in Heidelberg (Lenaustraße.).
1981: Accepts his To-Dai Frank Schäfer as (youngest) private-student.
1982: Reconstruction of the WT SG (Chi-Sao) programs; moving: Langenzell Castle.
1984: Reconstruction of the WT SG (controlling methods) programs.
1986: Reconstruction (team-work) of the EWTO SG (anti-ground fighting) programs.
1987: The masterpiece 'Vom Zweikampf' (On Single Combat); new (triangle) logos.
1988: Reconstruction of the WT SG (Lat-Sao) programs.
1996: Guest-Professor for sport pedagogic at the State-University Plovdiv.
1997: Guest-Professor for martial-arts at the 'National Sport Academy' Sofia.
1999: Academic honour title as 'Doctor of the martial-arts'.
2000: Expanding of the WT SG programs (BlitzDefence); 10e level MOC.
2003: Gm Kernspecht introduces WT as official academic study (even till a regular Dr. title).
2005: Reconstruction of the WT SG (trainer) programs.
2007: Expanding of the WT BlitzDefence programs (ReakTsun); new (name) logos and clothes.
2009: Prof. Dr. Sc. Keith R. Kernspecht gets habilitation on his special field WingTsun.
2011: Expanding of the WT ReakTsun programs for TG's (the 4 Routines). 
(This is of course only a small selection of the great curriculum vitae of gm Kernspecht)