Biography GGM Leung Ting

Great Grandmaster Leung Ting is the founder and leader of the Leung Ting-WingTsun-system. As the last student of the outmost famous Yip Man, the last Grandmaster of the whole Wing Tsun/Ving Tsun/Wing Chun family, he leant from his teacher the complexe theory of WingTsun. Because of his tremendous talent as martial-artist and his impossible to copy engagement for the spreading of WingTsun it is to thank that the Yip Man-style can be count today easily to the worldwide most popular martial-arts. The ammount of followers is more or less unknown...
1947: Born in Hong Kong.
1959: Start with martial-arts and Ving Tsun/Wing Chun (under Sifu Leung Sheung).
1967: Begin with Wing Tsun under ggm Yip Man (as 'closed-door student').
1968: Own Wing Tsun class at the Babtist College Hong Kong.
1969: Organisation of the 'Wing Tsun Kung Fu Show & Tournament'.
1970: Name: 'Wing Tsun Leung Ting Martial-Art Gymnasium'; WT is registered.
1971: Various public WT demos and TV shows.
1972: Yip Man deceases, ggm Leung Ting becomes successor, resistance of fellow students.
1973: Foundation of the 'Wing Tsun Leung Ting Martial-Art Association'; WT is now trade mark.
1974: Oversea activities and the 'HK Fighting Tournaments'.
1975: Name: 'International Wing Tsun Leung Ting Martial-Art Association'; 'Real Kung Fu'.
1976: Wing Tsun introduction Europe - with main focus on Germany.
1977: Film circuit, active as Kung Fu action director (for six movies).
1978: The masterpiece 'Wing Tsun Kuen'.
1979: Wing Tsun introduction USA - with main focus on Texas.
1981: Start with martial-art research studies in Asia - with main focus on Fatshan.
1983: Name: 'International Wing Tsun Martial-Art Association' (IWTMAA).
1986: Appoints his To-Suen Frank Schäfer to his WT representative for The Netherlands.
1990: Name: 'International WingTsun Association' (IWTA).
1992: Accepts in Hong Kong his To-Suen Sifu Frank Schäfer as private-student.
1997: Guest-Professor for martial-arts at the 'National Sport Academy' Sofia.
2001: Acknowledgement of the EWTO master as 11th degree MOA (Europa); 'Golden Rank'.
2002: Ggm Leung Ting puts down a new WT world standaard through his 'Private Tutorials'.
2005: The first IWTA 'Chi-Sao Tournament' in China, connections with Asian movie stars.
2008: Worls wide appearance in most various tv broadcastings.
2011: WingTsun Demo at the 100th Hung Shing Festival of Ho Sheung Heung. 
(This is of course only a small selection of the great curriculum vitae of ggm Leung Ting)