Biography Lady-Sifu Petra Schäfer
Lady-Sifu Petra Schäfer was also already busy with sports at the age of six but she did not started by then with martial-arts but with athletics and horse riding. In 1983 she got in touch with  her present husband Frank Schäfer who was teaching a WT group at that time in Kassel. While she was somehow less interested in the topic selfdefence itself she figured out that those lessons seemed to be attractive enough fot her to put some more time into it (due to rumors that could also have something to do with that one young WT teacher...).
Out of a hobby developed fast a new way of life and she followed her fiancé in 1986 to The Netherlands to introduce and spread there the WingTsun system with him together. She became a real world traveller in business of the NWTO, with countless public appearances including Gala's and TV. And so was Petra Schäfer the very first woman in the world able to achieve the WT 'Sifu titel' in 1997, beside that she is also the first female 'master of  WingTsun' (PG) – at least since the time of a certain lady with the nice name Yim Wing Tsun. 
1967: Born in Germany.
1975: First sportive successes (medalist) with youth sport.
1980: German champion athletics (600-meters running).
1981: Youngest ambulance assistance from Hessen (maybe even from Germany).
1982: Switching from athletics to horse riding.
1983: Voluntary work in (main) hospital Hofgeismar (approximately for three years).
1984: Begin with WT and Escrima under Si-Fu Keith R. Kernspecht and Frank Schäfer.
1985: Certified as Nurse assistance.
1986: Active as WT assistent in the Netherlands, with own school in Amsterdam.
1987: 12. SG WT (EWTO); 6. SG Escrima (EWTO); Trainer-1 (EWTO).
1988: 'Simo-titel’ (because of the marriage with Sifu Frank Schäfer).
1989: Active as selfdefence trainer in community centers in Amsterdam.
1990: First WingTsun women group in the Netherlands started.
1991: First WingTsun girl groep in the Netherlands started.
1992: Various TV appearances inside and outside of the Netherlands.
1993: 1. TG WingTsun (IWTA); Trainer-2 (EWTO).
1994: Recognition as 'EWTO-school leader of the year'; her Escrima-stage Italy.
1995: 2. TG WingTsun (IWTA); Trainer-3 (EWTO).
1996: Film extra in 'It's a Mad Mad Mad Kung Fu World'; NL nationality.
1997: WT-Demo in HK with Frank Schäfer on the 50th birthday of ggm Leung Ting;
3. TG WingTsun (IWTA); first 'WT-Lady-Sifu' title, received in Hong Kong.
1998: WT-introduction en -follow-up stage with the VU Amsterdam (as guest docent).
1999: Trainer-4 (EWTO) (the up to now highest WT trainer-level)
2000: 4. TG WingTsun (IWTA) (the highest 'teacher level’ of the WT-Leung Ting-style);
Acknowledgment to give from now on also outside The Netherlands WT seminars.
2001: EWTO guest of honour with the ‘25-Year-Anniversary’ of the EWTO in Hockenheim;
Int. vrouwen-zelfverdediging-symposium in samenwerking met politie en SEK (Kiel).
2002: Assistance with SCD-projects (NS, RET, Aspectief, Compassie, Vangrail, Luisteris etc.).
2003: Mediator/assertive coach with the women developement center ‘Vrouw en Vaart’; RAI-demo.
2004: 5. PG WingTsun (IWTA) ('master level’ of the WT-Leung Ting-style - as first woman!).
2005: Supervision (SCD & SCN) in CoreMunication (Coaching, Mediation en Counselling).
2006: ABvC certificate in EMDR and in Counselling; variuos Wmo activities with the SCD;
BivT certificates in EMDR 1 (AIP), EMDR 2 (RDI) and EMDR 3 (EFT).
2007: Invitation for the EWTO leadership concept; social engagements for women with Impuls.
2008: Studies regarding Counselling and meditation; formation of the new NWTO academy trainer- team.
2009: 6. PG WingTsun (IWTA/EWTO); seven new TG students.
2010: One of her To-Dai has achieved the Sifu title.
2011: 25 years NWTO; six new TG students.
2012: The new NWTO academy in Amsterdam; EMDR stage (BivT); EWTO photo shooting.