Biography Sifu Frank Schäfer

Sifu Frank Schäfer came in the age of six years in touch with the martial-arts. Above all the dialogues between 'Master Po' and 'Young Caine' on tv had a fascinating effect on him. And already on this age was his big dream to become  even a 'Kung Fu master'. But considering that in those times the Chinese Martial-Arts (beside the Eastern movies) were not present he started first with the at that moment available Korean and Japanese directions as Ho-Sin-Do, Taekwon-Do, Judo, Karate and then a bit later finally also Shaolin Kung Fu (Hung-Gar).
Despite of all his ardent strivings he soon recognized that the Eastern styles, while beautiful, were not in reality able to connect toward his daily experiences with violence; thus he started with boxing. In 1980 that idea changed literally 'with one strike'; Frank Schäfer met his still recent Si-Fu gm Keith R. Kernspecht and by that a new life path started for the thirteen year old boy. With WingTsun was found what he has searched already for 'half of his life'. In 1988 Frank Schäfer was appointed as the youngest 'Sifu' of the WingTsun family.
1967: Born in Germany.2003_CV_sfs_zijfoto2
1973: Begin with martial-arts (reached in different styles diverse belts/grades).
1980: Start with WingTsun with his recent Si-Fu Prof. Keith R. Kernspecht.
1981: Contact with ggm Leung Ting, René Latosa, Bill Newman and Jesse Glover;
in Heidelberg accepted as private student of gm Kernspecht; stage assistant.
1982: Group assistant (worldwide youngest) in Kassel; group leader licence (EWTO).
1983: WingTsun group leader with own school in Kassel; 12. SG WT (PMAS/EWTO).
1984: Trainer-1 (EWTO); relationship with Petra Pönack (now Lady-Sifu, 6.PG and TR-4).
1985: 1. TG WingTsun (IWTA); Trainer-2 (EWTO); one year on trading gymnasium.
1986: EWTO national trainer NL; IWTA headman NL; founding NWTO.
1987: 2. TG WingTsun (IWTA); Trainer-3 (EWTO); 12. SG Escrima (EWTO); Carl Huter stage.
1988: Appointed toward 'Sifu of WingTsun' (WMAIC); married with Petra Schäfer.
1989: 3. TG WingTsun (IWTA).
1990: Diverse studies in Psycho-Physiognomik & Kallisophie.
1991: Trainer-4 (EWTO) (the highest WT trainer-level); extra in the movie 'De Johnsons'.
1992: In Hong Kong accepted as private-student of his Si-Gung ggm Prof. Leung Ting; VTAA Meeting;
On the Budo-Gala EWTO-Bodyguard of Chuck Norris, Bob Wall and other VIP’s.
1993: 4. TG WingTsun (IWTA) (the highest 'teacher level’ of the WT-Leung Ting-style).
1994: NWTO-Amsterdam becomes 'EWTO-school of the year' (from about 1.000 schools);
Escrima-testcollege Italy on the behalf of Prof. Newman and Prof. Kernspecht.
1995: IWTO national trainer Israel (function returned after a trial of six months).
1996: Freelancer/m.a. reporter for the monthly paper 'Action Sports Magazin' (till 2002).
1997: WT demo in Hong Kong with Petra Schäfer on the 50th birthday of ggm Leung Ting;
5. PG WingTsun (IWTA) (the first 'master level’ of the WT-Leung Ting-style); Sumo.
1998: WT introduction and -follow-up stage with the VU Amsterdam (as guest docent).
1999: Acknowledgment to give from now on also outside The Netherlands WT seminars;
requested as regular guestinstructor at the European headquarters at Langenzell castle. 
2000: Own trademark 'CoreMunication®', first for the Benelux and then for Europe;
CoreMunication Holding B.V. en SCD B.V. founded; in contact with CNVC and CGC.
2001: Int. women-selfdefence-symposium in cooperation with police and SEK (Kiel);
Own book CoreMunication appears (in German); various international WT projects.
2002: 6th PG WingTsun (IWTA); 20 year WT profession (from which the last 16 were in NL).
2003: Counselling study with academic connections (ISO 9001) through NTI started; RAI-demo.
2004: Preparing own students to the next TG (and even PG) examinations (with success).
2005: Diploma as acknowledged Register-Counsellor; SCN certificate in TA and in RET; ABvC member.
2006: Freelancer for the paper 'de Counsellor'; ABvC certificate in EMDR and in PRI;
BivT certificaten in EMDR 1 (AIP), EMDR 2 (RDI) and EMDR 3 (EFT).
2007: Invitation EWTO leadership concept; extended studies regarding EMDR and meditation.
2008: CoreMunication meets Wu-Wei; formation of the new NWTO academy trainer-team.
2009: 7. PG WingTsun (IWTA/EWTO); seven new TG students.
2010: DSM-IV-TR certificaat (ABvC); Registertherapeut BNG.
 2011: 25 years NWTO; RBNG certificate; six new TG students.
2012: Final Kwoon-relocation Amsterdam; EMDR stage (BivT); diplome Sports Coach (UDo);
Study 'Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Martial Arts Theory and Practice' (University of Derby).