2009_Academie_zijfoto Academy
Ambitious plans
It is the meaning to make from the Notweg 32 on longer terms a martial-art meeting point; with finally an open door form Monday till Friday 10:00-22:00! There will be fixed times for workshops, selfdefense, Fit4Fight, standard classes, master classes, women classes and youth classes. In total there will be 30 WT classes per week and at the weekend there will happen regularly special interaction-stages and seminars.
Recent activities
The evening classes are already in-between partly started and the classes during the day will be expanded step for step. For a free trial training without any obligations you can visit us on every Tuesday and Thursday at 19:00 (de regular classes are startingt at 18:30). All details are standing on the extended internet page of www.nwto.nl. From September on every first Sunday will be an Open Day on the Notweg 32.
Reachability and location
The area of the new NWTO academy is pleasantly open, nicely green surrounded and close to the Sloterplas and the shopping center Osdorp. The WT academy is easy to reach, by car as well as with public transports and offers even free parking space. The teaching rooms ('kwoon') are large, clean and good to ventilate, the building is atmospherically, functional and for all sociable. Come along and get surprised!