2005_Wingtsun_zijfoto WingTsun
'Beautiful Spring'
WingTsun® (or shortly WT) is an about 300 years old Chinese martial-art and means 'beautiful spring'. WT was developed bu a woman (Yim Wing Tsun), that is why the physical attributes are quite secondary. It is a conceptual fighting style, which conquers with smartness an giving-in the brutal force of the attacks to conquer. In WingTsun is no demand for exceptional force or acrobatic agility, and it is outstanding for your health and can be trained till on highest age.
There are many legends and myths around this martial-art style but also just as much 'noticeable facts'. Many acknowledged experts of special commando's etc. consider WingTsun for the probably most realistic and effective fighting approach. The fighting art WingTsun became during the last time also very popular due to the movie-row 'Ip Man', played by the Chinese superstar Donnie Yen. (Y)ip Man was the teacher of the martial-art legend Bruce Lee and also of ggm Leung Ting.
There are different writing ways, like Wing Chun or Ving Tsun. Those names are actually not protected en can be used by everyone. The by law protected name Wing Tsun (and also the abbreviation WT) stands as registered trademark for the direction of Prof. Dr. Leung Ting (IWTA) in Asia and in America, for Prof. Dr. Keith R. Kernspecht (EWTO) in Europa and for Sifu Schäfer (NWTO) in NL.