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The NWTO academy is 'back to life'! 
EWTO TG Special in Wülfrath, part 1
WT topic day  &  Monthly Open Day
EWTO academy visit  &  NWTO Summer Camp 2012
 NWTO-summer holiday  &  Course Sports Coaching
 EMDR Fresh-up Stage  &  Fotoshooting EWTO-Lady's
EWTO TG Special in Wülfrath, part 2
 New SelfDefence Master Class
 The first Bachelor (Honours) of (Martial) Arts study
 A very special WingTsun event at Martinique
• NWTO web site reconstruction work
• Official Open Day of the NWTO academy
• The second semester of the BA study
• EWTO Special in Wülfrath  &  Lady-Sifu NT Martinique 

May / June 2013

• Cooperation NWTO Academy and Lucas Community

• Netherlands TG/HG finales in Alphen aan den Rijn


July / August 2013

• Summer offers of the NWTO academy

• The extended options of WingTsun Amsterdam

September / October 2013

• Different PR activities of the NWTO

Semester three at the University of Derby Buxton 

• GM Prof. Dr. Kernspecht on a visit in Amsterdam
• An incredible impact-rich year is going to end
• The first NWTO App is now available for free
• Quite a lot of plans for the year of the horse
• BA study semester number four in Heidelberg
• The return plan of the NWTO to Martinique
• A heavy month for Lady-Sifu and me has passed
• The international EWTO Hockenheim Event 2014
• Time for a change after two and a half years
• The new location of the NWTO in Amsterdam
• NWTO Delft and Academy Amsterdam
• Open Day and study final in arrival
• The fifth BA semester study week
• Developments within the neigbourhood network
2013 Amsterdam Lucas Community  
 March / April 2012
The NWTO academy is 'back to life'!
In the member section I have had already mentioned the fact that I was still not completely happy with the last Kwoon. The rooms by themselves were just fine and the costs affordable – but the location in Westpoort was in the last three years a real obstacle to get new people in touch with WingTsun. Here comes now the end of it. With big pleasure I announce by this our return toward a living neighborhood. And then not even very far away from our home, namely Osdorp. The final address of the NWTO academy: Notweg 32, 1068 LL Amsterdam, the time schedule stays the same.

Of course we have the plan to hold 'within soon' an open weekend and to start-up some promotion actions to make our WingTsun-activities known. Yes, I do feel a lot motivation again to interact within a real living neighborhood! The Westpoort-teaching period had brought for the NWTO a lot of student-quality but only a little student-quantity. The growth stagnated. 2012 is then obviously not for nothing 'the year of the dragon' and we just have reached March by now and there will still a couple of things going on this year – but NO relocation anymore... xD

Regarding the new headed direction we will start from now on the seminars already at 10:30. By that one will have more time left of the weekend day, especially if we will hold three units. Also the academy will keep two different seminar prices available. Considering that we expect actually soon more customer's run: one price for below 25 participants and one for above 25 participants. The recent price is regarding below 25 people (40,-/70,-/100,-) the price for above 25 people will then be most probably lowered with not less than Euro 10,- per unit (30,-/50,-/70,-).
Unlike the good intentions we carried we have unfortunately to raise the prices of the planned Standard Classes a bit. But considering the added extra value which comes with our new location it is surly a quite gentle price adjustment. Actually, we should go up with the price with Euro 15,-, but we will first try to keep it with Euro 10,-. With that we are with a monthly Standaard-month fee of Euro 40,- for qualified teachings still quite easy affordable I guess. And the I have not even mentioned the particular fact that it is here about WingTsun lessons in an academy.
It will still take a little while till we will be really able to fulfill our ambitious plan of not less than 30 classes a week. But on this location in Osdorp I have no doubts any longer that we can make it. The evening classes will of course be the first that will be arranged to expand then step by step also the classes during daytime. I have also considered to give in future also again on Wednedays group lessons, at least for a while. The idea behind that is to ease the surely more crowded becoming Master Classes on Tuesday and Thursday by some extra spreading.

This time it seems that everything is fitting, the space, the location, the price en the circumstances. The rooms are even better than in our last school; and those were already not bad at all! The location is very good to reach by car, bicycle, metro, tram and bus – and parking is by the way free! We are very happy with the result. Surely a fine chance too for some formal students to continue their WT-training – now that we are again in 'striking range'. I do like to welcome you at our new Kwoon! And yes, the meaning is that we will 'stay sticking' there for a couple of years!
EWTO TG Special in Wülfrath, part 1
Last year we have chosen Wülfrath in Germany for our yearly EWTO-gathering with my Si-Fu, gm Prof. Dr. Kernspecht. This mainly because of three reasons: 1. Wülfrath is not far away from the Dutch border, thus there is no need to arrange hotels or restaurants. 2. Wülfrath is on Sunday only for TG'er, that makes it for the advanced some what more intensive. 3. The seminar in Wülfrath takes place even twice a year, one at Spring time and one in the Autumn. This all together makes that choice so specially attractive to us. That is the reason why we will also travel there again this year twice with a small group of advanced students.
Together with Lady-Sifu, and the Sihings Ricardo Slotema (NWTO-Amsterdam, 2. TG), René Rietveld (NWTO Druten/Nijmegen, 2. TG) and Robert van der Maarl (NWTO-Alphen a/d Rijn, 1. TG) I was able to experience once again our grandmaster at his best. In fact there were three sessionson that day, one TG-college, one TG-special and one TR-4 stage, thus there was enough input! Of course my Si-Fu focussed on the expanding en deepening of his newest TG training, the  (attacking-) routines. Where the first is relatively short, the second is already significant longer and the last two are quite complex and variable. That is why this topic was also totally my own preference.
Because there was no TG-examinations scheduled on the 'Todai to-do today' list this time it was a double-relaxed work-out day for the participating NWTO'er. That the weather was just great and that we were thus able to train on the first two stages outside was then for sure a nice extra bargain. At the Trainer-4 seminar came then another special (totally fitting) topic on the table. With the not unwanted provocative thesis modern sports science versus traditional teaching structures or torso- versus limb focus. To keep it short, it was again a very successful TG event where my Si-Fu was able to 'edutain' us once again – in his own very special way!
Academy standard-seminar-extensions
Because we can't lower the seminar prices at this very moment but I still wish to add some extra academy-stimulation we will expand the standard unit as 90+15. This construction is actually already known by the Master Class members through our presented 75+15 arrangement a time ago.
Applied in practice it could look like:
The academy is open from 10::00 on and the seminar starts at 10:30 under the guidance of Sifu Bilal. Here the sign-in and 'warming-up' can be done as well as a check on one or the other detail. Between 10:45 and 12:15 Lady-Sifu en I are present in the Kwoon. At 12:15 is a break, 15 minutes for the participants and 30 minutes for Lady-Sifu en me. 12:30 Sifu Bilal starts the second unit and between 12:45 and 14:15 Lady-Sifu and I take over the lesson again. If there are three units that day there is at 14:15 again a break of 15/30 minutes; and we are thus there from 14:45 till 16:15 and at 16:30 the academy will then close. Start from August 2012.
By that we have raised the standard training unit of 90 minutes with 15 minutes without more costs for the participants. While I had invented this concept already earlier for the MC it was still the feedback of the NWTO instructor René Rietveld, what brought me up to it.
May / June 2012
WT Topic day  &  Monthly open Day
After we have had already theme days around the topic falling techniques, it is time to do a follw-up on the ground. While the given nam 'Anti-' makes already clear, that it is with WT actually about the avoidance of a 'body crushing' as well on the ground. But for that there are abilities needed which are simply outside the reach of a SG level. Therefore a program was created to deal with that given temporary limitations. Beside that it is fine to know what is possible on the ground so far and it has an useful extra training effect. Also how to turn the tables even in such a unfavorable position is without a doubt practical to 'know'. It feels different to avoid with purpose a familiar area than to escape with fear from an unknown territory.
Principally there are three parts I handle: Part on is about the most useable ground fightig techniques form other styles, like Judo, BJJ or wrestling and 'the late timing'. Part two deals then with the WT adaptations on the ground, with focus on the 'Four Guardians' strategy and 'the good timing'. Part three looks at the 'Dissolving' concept and 'the ideal timing'. For the first part is no SG limit, for the second part SG 8 is advisable, because without Chi-Sao abilities this wount be functional and for the third part TG 2, because of the implemented Biu-Tze knowledge. To make a begin I will introduce on the last weekend in July part 1 and part 2. Saturday part one will start and on Sunday we continue with part two (from 10:30 – with three units – till 15:30).
Right now, I handle three different seminar categories. The regular one (between 15 and 25 participants) and two variating ones (one for below the 15 and one above the 25 participants). This brings for all on topic days some what more flexibility and by that stages could proceed which were normally eventually cancelled. Or a just lower price can be charged with more than the average sign-ins. It maybe brings with a bit less certainly regarding the actual training fee but the amount still stays completely transparent. If the stage sign-in would be in future more happen through our member-site it would be also for the participants directly clear which of the three categories would be valid that day.
Some topic days can also be used from now on as 'b-replace-part'. The somewhat uncertain waiting period regarding enough circle participants etc. will form no obstacle anymore to proceed with the next program. Also the special Anti-ground fighting stage is, considering the topic, usable for that purpose. Examinations (with the exception as 'b-replacement-part' or as TG-Laufzettel-adding) are on the specific topic days not on the schedule because of the complex issue. The costs for the three units per day will thus vary, relating to the amount of participants, between Euro 70,- and 130,-. The following topic days are planned in August will have then most probably the quite fitting content: 'Anti-tackling & Anti-clinch'.
Another adjustment is regarding the introduction of the monthly Open Day in the NWTO-academy. The meaning is that the academy will be open on every first Sunday in the month between 12:00 and 18:00. The access is then free for everybody, members and none-members. Also there will be some free trainings that day under guidance of Sifu Bilal. Of course there will be no possibility for examinations or deeper going topics that day. The monthly Open Day it is thus more about a pleasant gathering of members and none-members with some nice interactions than about an intensive training. Once in a while Lady-Sifu and I will also show up, to be able to draw some extra attention toward our WingTsun. Also with that we will start from August on.
EWTO academy visit  &  NWTO Summer Camp 2012
A visit of the new EWTO trainer academy stood already since longer in my agenda, since the last time I was because of WT in Heidelberg itself was in 1982, due to the moving of the EWTO to the Langenzell castle about 30 years ago. Considering my quite busy agenda I have waited the last two years for a fitting event and that seemed to be present now! Because we have now finally found with the Notweg a quite optimal location for the NWTO academy I was able to thaw my originally frozen study plans (from about 5 years ago). Thus I have signed myself in for the academical study as Sports Coach with the university of Braxton-Derby in England with the possibility to continue toward Bachelor or Master in sports science.
Because it is about a joint-venture between the UDo and the EWTO my Si-Fu was able to manage to invite the professor Dr. Charles Spring for the obliged presence days to the EWTO trainer academy. By that I was able to catch more flies with one single slap: My pending visit at the new EWTO headquarters, the official start of my new study direction – without having to travel for it to England – and as cream on top I was even able to talk to my Si-Fu, who was unexpected also present for half a day! To keep it short for now: It were two very intensive and absolutely fantastic days for me, not at last because the Coaching-material has not just little overlays with my achieved Counselling-background!
Professor Spring is beside his academical background a personality with an a quite huge treasure box of experiences. 40 years of karate and other Japanese martial-arts, 25 years of coaching, many years door work as a bouncer in English pubs in quite violence areas and instructor of diverse police- and military units. On top of that he is someone who can break the ice with humor and also a portion of self-irony. Shortly, u to my feeling I wouldn't be able to find a better-fitting Professor! I was already a bit worrying getting a dry theoretic one in front of me, who would spread his theoretic knowledge more or less fitting safely behind his wooden desk. But nothing could be farer from truth. His lessons have had a notifiable increased value for me and be it 'only' due to the recognizing and deepening of the offered topics.
Regarding the planned summer camp there is some uncertainty about the when and where we want to hold it. Andalusia is then surely a fine option but also other countries are of course possible, if the prices are acceptable. Croatia was one of the investigated options with a beautiful scenery which turned out to be to expensive for our purpose this year. Czech is then another possibility we consider right now. Ideal would be a setting around the ten persons (including Si-Mo and me), to keep the stage costs as low as possible, to be able to find a fitting group place to stay and to have enough time for everybody. But considering that there is at this moment just a little feedback regarding a NWTO summer camp 2012, it is also possible that we just skip it for this year.
Well, boredom will not be a problem this summer, because the gotten study homework – that I have to deliver to the uni at the beginning of August – is still some what. And because I am not allowed to approach the material freely due own thinking and doing but all has do be done only in the way of the obliged academical 'Harvard Reference System' (and only the '1990 standard' is hereby allowed...), this will mean for me some extra working-in time! I was actually very impressed by the expertise and also the fighting abilities of Professor Charles Spring. I have rarely seen a karateka who was able to move in a such supple way to adapt so quickly! A man with not only an outstanding academical knowledge but also with an exceptional practice experience, later more in the member section.
July / August 2012
NWTO-summer holiday  &  Course Sports Coaching
It seems a bit like a kind of tradition to just continue with the NWTO activities also during the vacation time. Because also this year we will stay open even during the summer time, at least with the teaching schedules from 18:30 on. But it could be that we will drop the second class once in a while, if the animo would be just a little, this will be decided at the regarding evening. Also it is thinkable that the second evening class will be taken over by Sifu Bilal if the amount of students is small during the summer holiday.
Because I was the last week quite busy again, with for instance the academic education toward Sports Coach, there was no chance for any vacation. That's why it is very possible that I will travel together with Si-Mo after the main season 'for a day or ten' away toward the sunshine. In that case there will be offered two options. Option 1: The in that period of time missed Master Classes could be cached-in with us right after our return. Option 2: Considering that Sifu Bilal will then temporary take over the Master Classes, the double amount of the regular group lessons could be trained with him during that period of time.
Like I have already mentioned earlier at our member- and instructor's section, it is going quite well with my recent study. With the delivering of my homework, the 'study research assessments', I was able to make the first important step. Actually I can do not much more right now than to wait on the reached results from the University of Buxton/Derby. So, I can after all allow myself to declare the month of August as study-free... Thus the summer may arrive now in Holland – and also stay for a while!
EMDR Fresh-up stage  &  Fotoshooting EWTO-Lady's

Because I can't really continue to study in August even and that ther are also no EWTO stage on the agenda I have signed myself with Lady-Sifu in for an EMDR fresh-up day with the BivT. xD Our last EMDR supervision is already a couple of years ago, thus that surely can't harm and I don't know if I will be able to find the time for that next year. Thus yes, there stands already again one or the other thingy in the NWTO agenda 2013. (; even due 21 December 2012! ;).

But also on the to-do list of 2012 are still standing some items, like for example a foto shooting in the later year in Germany with the highest graduated EWTO-women. Of course it would appear very strange if our 'First Lady-Sifu' would not be a part of it. And as reward there will be a special stage waiting for the misses given by nobody less than my Si-Fu gm Prof. Prof. hc Dr. Dr. hc Keith R. Kernspecht, 10th degree. WingTsun! (; I'm quite happy that I may call him shortly 'Si-Fu'. ;)
And of course, not to be forgotten, our second EWTO TG-special 2012 in Wülfrath which stands on the list for the end of September. Then I have also still planned an extra week in October with the EWTO trainer-academie Heidelberg and have in between written too a recent NWTO article for the upcoming WT Welt #36. Next to all the planned open day activities, Master Intensives, seminars etc. the rest of is again quite full already. (; But I'm not complaining because I've chosen for it. ;)
On 09-09-2012 we will give our first Open Day at our new academy on Notweg 32. The doors will be open between 12:00 and 18:00. The meaning is to make a sociable interactive day out of it; with some small demos, loose trainings and the opportunity to ask questions. Of course Lady-Sifu, Sifu Bilal and I will be present on that day too. Unfortunately is Sifu Roy, the fourth NWTO sifu, then still in Indonesia (there is actually a fifth one arriving soon!). A chance to make contact with us (again), the participation is free.
September / October 2012
EWTO TG Special in Wülfrath, part 2
While our agenda was actually already overfilled, we have not hesitated to squeeze even this event still in between. And it was it more than worth, that was also the opinion of our travel companions Lady-Sifu, Sifu Bilal Davran and the Sihing's Ricardo Slotema, Remco van Wiggen, Robert van der Maarl and Jack Jacobs. Unfortunately our Doctor Mark Frederikse was disabled due to car trouble. The topic of this two-devided stage was the deepening of the first 'big Routine' with a couple of variations and thus again exactly what I was hoping for.
The next up-following EWTO TG Special will then most probably be held in the end of March 2013. That will be again a some what more tensed event, because then Sifu Bilal will try to finish hsi 3rd TG and also Sihing Marchel Slotema wants to join the exclusive TG club of Holland due to the passing of his 1st TG. In September 2013 will follow one more TG special in Wulfrath, very maybe with another three Candidates for the 3e TG... You can plan in this even already a bit, unfortunately you have to have at least 12. SG to be allowed to come with us.
But there is a good chance, that we will visit next year also the Internationale EWTO Lehrgang in Hockenheim. And there is no gradation-limit attached to it and thus even beginners could join us in Germany! Because this three-day event is quite fast fully booked-out, also regarding the hotel places, I advise to sign-in for it in time. The exact details will be known at last in December this year. Of course all important info's, also regarding our planned activities in 2013, will then stand also in the member section of our site.
New SD Master Class
To add with the Wednesday evening not just like that an extra Master Class to the teaching schedule, I have decided to use that unit purely for the topic self defence. Thus no forms or Chi-Sao but solely for the 'street fight' relevant program's, like Lat-Sao elements, BlitzDefence and ReakTsun. And also special preparations, like trigger word-implementation, adrenaline-management and specific 'Situation-Simulations' (this is mostly called 'role-play' but considering the quite serious matter I prefer as name 'Sit-Sim').
This extraordinary SelfDefence class is by the way meant for the beginners but also for the advanced and the classification is conform with the new scientific and academic 'Kampflogik' structure of my Si-Fu gm Prof. Dr. Kernspecht. By that the training could take place in three/four groups: 1. basic level (SG1 till SG3), 2. middle level (SG4 till SG6), 3a) upper level (SG7 till SG12) and 3b) upper level (TG till PG). In Januar 2013 the Wednesday class will start as soon there arrived ten sign-ins for it. The signing-in is possible from now on, also through our web-site.
As soon the SelfDefence class is started-up there is actually also the opportunity for the academy members to take once in a while an extra SD training, or indeed to use the 10+1 training coupon. That weekly gathering is thus no regular 'WT-light' training, like it was earlier, but a very target-focussed 'WT-concept' teaching. This enables me then too to take care specifically of deeper going and time demanding topics also outside the Master Intensives. The goal-setting is here not WingTsun for WT but WingTsun for SD!
November / December 2012
The first Bachelor (Honours) of (Martial) Art study
In the member news you can find already for a while one ore the other about my plans regarding that topic. And also on our facebook pages and Tweets I have actually already gave some short reports. But because not everybody uses fb or twt I will give here again a summarizing of the most important academic developments. This Bachelor-direction is unique because it is the very first pure martial art related study and I have decided to return once more back to school...
The topic fits indeed excellently into my daily lifestyle and is nevertheless everything but easy. The study-obligations are quite high and the dead-lines very short. Actually it was a bit naive of me to expect to do that just like that next to all the other things. So, I do fear that not all who started with this academic high-standing education will finally also finish successfully – and I don't exclude myself herewith. Sure is, that a couple of my recent obligations have to vanish.
I will also take part of the second semester in every case, till then I hope also to have some more overview regarding the other resting obligations, like the for example the ABvC re-registration-duties and some other expected teaching projects in correlation with the NWTO and the SCD. And not to forget that we are actually also planning to travel in April 2013 again to the Caribbean Islands, this time maybe even with a couple of Dutch students who may wish to follow us!
A very special WingTsun event at Martinique
Like you can already make-up from our Caribbean follow-up plans our trip was a great success. We have enjoyed the perfect weather and were able to catch-up many new impressions. Another highlight was then to learn how to dive in the Caribbean Sea! Next to that I have also held some stages and even worked on a recent video assignment for my BA-study. Shortly, the two weeks were more than well used – including lots of fun – for the most various purposes.
Our great host Yvon Limmois did his utterly best to make our work-holiday as pleasant as possible. He shoed SiMo and me much of the flora and fauna of Martinique and also the party-life was not save from those 'three amigo's'! Of course there was also time to do with my former student Yvon a couple of work-out's to polish-up his abilities respectively to up-date a bit. Also his students were showing an excellent motivation, it was a real pleasure for me.
While Martinique is even by plane very far away from Amsterdam, there is thus now already a return-trip planned, within the next six months! In The Member News section there will be published also one or the other detail regarding our planned Martinique-'Spring-break' trip 2013. We will try to set-up a kind of group arrangement to lower the event costs as far as possible. But only the regular ticket by itself you can already call everything but cheap.
2012 Heidelberg Prof Posturing
Short Up-dates:
NWTO on-line enquete started
In our InterAction menu you can find under the link 'Enquete' our new academic research questionary. I would appreciate your participation (also anonymously) a lot. The title of this official research is “Motivation Inquiry Form 2012/2013”.
Notweg is completely in our hands again
After nearly three months the asylum-situation with the tribal camp is now finally solved so far! At least is our school yard now again completely free from the uninvited guests and thus back at our own disposal.
NWTO academy winter holiday 2012
Between 27-12-2012 and 03-01-2013 the Master Classes are closed. But Sifu Bilal is willing to give during this period Standard Classes (with exception of first January then). One Master Class will count here for two Standard Classes.
WingTsun Welt edition 36 is out
Also in the in the most recent publishing of the WingTsun Welt 'print' you can find by the way again one and the other about the NWTO, Lady-Sifu and me. Beside that there are some articles planned in 2013 regarding the WingTsun Welt 'on-line'.
A brilliant year for the NWTO
2012 was then on many areas a year of superlatives. And also the pre-view of 2013 does certainly not look bad at all... Lady-Sifu and I are staying with the very best wishes for a most enjoyable Christmas and a very happy 2013!
couple of days unexpected off-line
2013 just started with a quite nasty surprise, because our site was unfortunately hacked! To prevent further damage to the site and for all to the visitors it was also directly set off-line. Newly secured the site is now on-line again.
Standard Classes temporarily lowered in price

To give a bit extra promotion for the standard academy classes we have decided to lower the fee of the Standard Classes (u.g.o. Sifu Bilal) temporarily by 10,- till 30,-, thus i.s.o. 40,- till 120,- now 30,- till 90,- per month!

First 'Open Day' of The NWTO in 2013
On Saturday, 9. February, between 12:00 and 18:00 will be our first Open day in 2013. From 14:00 on there will be also a couple of official guests' present at our Kwoon. I hope to be allowed to welcome you too at that day. 
2012 Martinique Just like paradise

January / February 2013


NWTO web site reconstruction work


Although I considered Joomla as web design software originally as a good option, there is still a certain price etiquette attached to that free 'open source' program. Unfortunately we were now already confronted several times with hack-attacks. Although it is (through the placing back of the  back-up) regularly no catastrophe, it still costs time and nerves. That's why I have decided to replace Joomla with a professional software, in relationship with the repeated hacker-attacks this seems to be a quite needed change. 


It should be obvious the the re-design of our quite complex site due to another program will consume a couple of months The meaning is to keep the out-look quite the same but there will be at least come two add-on's: 1. A NWTO web shop for the member section where students can order directly from us diverse WT articles, like cloths, books and equipment. 2.  A speciaal NWTO-passport form for the instructors-section, where the teacher can directly sign-in their students for the NWTO-membership.


The expectation is to be ready with this quite huge task till the begin of summer. Because of all my planned activities – not at last regarding my second semester of the BA study – Me-alone would never be able to fulfill this task this year. But with the kind support of Stefan Vrielink (NWTO-Almere) also this project can stand in my agenda. Differently than with the past Joomla-change this is an ungrateful task, because the changes are then mainly regarding the (invisible) backside of the site and less the frontside.



Official Open Day of the NWTO academy


Our first Open Day in 2013 was a big success. There were actually less students showing-up than expected, but instead off there were more 'newbies' present than hoped for. But the quantity of the (200+) visitors was not even most important but the quality of some. Among the guests were then also the alder'man' Jesse Bos, with who Si-Mo was already in the past in contact regarding 'Vrouw en Vaart', and the district policeman Don de Jong, with who directly came-up a good discussion regarding the aspect of defensibility for the elders.


Also the local television was just dropping-by and had taken some recordings at our Kwoon. Unfortunately it wasn't possible, due to the crowded business within the building, to give also the planned interview. But this can surely still take place a little later, when the moment is a bit more fitting, postponing is no canceling. Luckily I have had with Lady-Sifu and Sifu Bilal the needed back-up and by that I was even able to work next to all activities at the office with Stefan Vrielink through some needed details for the web site reconstruction task. 


But that was not all, because we have finally also hold the whole day a relaxed training session for the present students and curious ones. Actually the last Open Days were turning-out to become complete training days till now and that was also no exception regarding the passed Open Day, the contrary would be true. Before noon it was about the the traditional aspects of WingTsun and in the afternoon about the om de modern Kampflogik adaptation. The time flew by so that we have had barely the chance to get a taste of all the nice offered snacks.



2013 Westerpost 1e Open Dag










2013 Amsterdam Open dag

March / April 2013

The second semester of the BA study

With quite high expectations I was traveling this time, due to the weather circumstances by train to Heidelberg. To state it right from the beginning Professor Spring and tutor Martyn Rice knew how to exceed all expectations by far. Their way of teaching on the field of theory and also practice is just the way I like it. Also the topics were very versatile and interesting, like for example 'Myths and Legends in Martial Arts', 'The media-influences due to Martial Arts' and 'Science and Martial Arts'. Next to that also very practical exercises were shown to be able to maximize the own striking-impact.

On the second and fourth day my Si-Fu Prof. Kernspecht has given the practical parts, with special exercises for a enhanced flexibility and stability. Fore-all his 'Beat/Half-Beat' interpretations were really amazing. On day three my Si-Fu had another surprise in his pocket: In person of the very sympathic German (nearly 70-years-old!) Ju-Jutsu legend Dr. Erich Reinhard who hold an excellent lecturing. It was about bio-mechanical principles in Sports, Athletics and Martial Arts, where also numerous anecdotes and even topics as Doping and 'break-manipulations' were not left out.

Dr. Oliver König signed responsible for the Leadership part, which also forms a part of the Bachelor study regarding the PDP topic. The dead-lines of the semester-assessments are once again not to be called spacious (until the end of May everything need to be ready) and the topics are quite challenging from making a professional Portfolio and writing an academic essay about the influences of the media till the producing of a Martial Art related web-blog). Like already with the 1st study-semester a quiet broad bandwidth and I am already curious regarding the content of semester 3!


EWTO special in Wülfrath  &  Lady-Sifu NT Martinique

Meanwhile Wülfrath became for the NWTO'er a fixed event that even will take place twice a year. This time we went again with a special HG (alias TG) mission, because one was again ready to go for the first degree, namely Marchel Slotema and there was with our Sifu Bilal even one in the pipeline for the third high grade. Next to the two test-candidates were – except Lady-Sifu en me – also Ricardo Slotema, René Rietveld, Remco van Wiggen, Robert van de Maarl, Mark Frederikse and Matthias Lanuschny along the party.

The weather was good but the stage was simply brilliant. Assisted by nobody less then the very sympathetic gm Giuseppe Schembri my Si-Fu gm Prof. Dr. Kernspecht had this time very much time to 'get in touch' with his Dutch To-Suens. Rarely have had To-Dai of mine the chance to 'interact' with my Si-Fu for so long and intensive. Also Marchel and Sifu Bilal did a good job and were able to finish successfully the practical part. Now is only the theoretical part left and a last check-up, probably already on 28-04-2013.

And also for Lady-Sifu it was a quite special day, because she became appointed from her Si-Fu to the EWTO national trainer of Martinique! Next to the accomplishment as the very first female Sifu of WingTsun in 1997 and the first female master in 2004 thus another nice mile stone for our dear SiMo. Streight from the heart the very best wishes for her future activities in Martinique and I will of course do my very best to to support her as good as I can with advice and action. Beside that we got with Yvon Limmois an excellent local representative.


2013 Heidelberg BA studyweek2 Happy Ending











2013 Wuelfrath EWTO Licence Martinique


May / June 2013

Cooperation NWTO Academy and Lucas Community

The last couple of months have demanded a lot of time for my BA-study. Now I have also accomplished the second semester with the maximum available 'credits' and by that I have – till October – more time available. That time is actually already quite fully-planned because we have founded in-between also the base for the cooperation between the NWTO and the Lucas Community. In oor member section I have had already written one or the other about it but the plans are now fixed and the first activities regarding the Lucas Community are launched.

Next to Sifu Bilal is since short also Sihing Tuan Anh Nguyen part of the NWTO-L.C. team. While Sifu Bilal has the leading over the standard classes is Sihing our representative of the NWTO KidsWT classes. Tuan was already in 1997 with the NWTO, after a break because of private-circumstances he is since last year again completely back and present. He trains harder than ever before and has surpassed already his 'old niveau' by far. That is why I have chosen to appoint him (after the temporarily absence of Sihing Maarten) to the academy teaching team.

I am convinced that the cooperation between the NWTO and the Lucas Community can bring-up very fertile results for both sides. And with Lady-Sifu, Sifu Bilal and Sihing Tuan we have then also the needed back-up to make a real success out of it. And the L.C. Has with Mostafa El Filali and Jerry Bisambhar also two very professional working and neighborhood involved representatives, next to the other versatile members and supporters van de neighborhood cooperation Osdorp, like Buurttelevisie n/w and the activities of Edwin and Margriet Bosch.


Netherlands TG/HG finals in Alphen a/d Rijn

This year I was for the first time with Sihing Robert van der Maarl in Alphen aan den Rijn. After we have hold this year already fine stages in Almere en Druten a very nice triple. Next to the regular SG examinations there stood also diverse B-parts on the list and as cream on top of it even two HG exams, Sihing Marcel Slotema went for the first TG/HG and Sifu Erdal 'Bilal' Davran for the third TG/HG, the right now highest TG/HG level within the NWTO. There were students from Almere, Alphen, Amsterdam and Druten present to join this unique event.

Considering the agenda points of the day it was already clear at the beginning that a standard stage of two day-parts would be insufficient, even with the great assistance of Lady-Sifu. So we have then directly planned three day-parts, which we also have completely filled, not to mention that it went even half an hour longer. But who knows me a little will not be to much surprised by that. The SG candidates did their best, also the B-aspirants were heading for the 'full package' and Sihing Marcel Vrielink (Almere) and Sihing Peter Kamps (Druten) we able to finish the 12e SG.

After a quite long – but still at the same time quickly flying by – day in Alpen aan den Rijn was the NWTO richer of two 12. SG levels en two HG's. This execellent day was then even over-completed by the hospitality of Sihing Robert van der Maarl, who had arranged a cozy BBQ at his home for the present instructors an HG's for after the event. The only labsus that day was then from me, because due to the habit I signed only two day-parts in stead of three, but this is in the most cases already corrected/credited.



2013 Vergatering Lucas Community









2013 Alphen Sifu Bilal 3rd HG

July / August 2013


NWTO summer actions


In the summer month July we got a couple of special actions, like FREE lessons for children between 7 and 13 years old in the period 10-07-2013 till 14-08-2013) on wedenesday afternoon under guidance of Sihing Tuan Anh Nguyen. But also for the older we have a special offer available: During the summer month July a whole month on monday evening or friday evening under guidance of Sifu Bilal for only 10,- Euro and 20,- for both days! These summer actions are thus also without any contractual obligation. At the end the participant may then decide to continue or not.


Another point of our attention forms then a particular trial-project which we have planned for handicapped children. Surly an intention with much responsibility. And also a special WingTsun area-project in relationship with 'defensibility for the older' is soon ready to launch. Beside all those different teaching activities is the NWTO together with the Lucas Community via the skilled chairman Mostafa El Filali also busy to set-up a social 'care portal' for the neighborhood, where then indeed our SCD modules could be very beneficial too.


Through all those pursuits is was for us unfortunately not possible to travel in-between as well another time to Martinique. But we are frequently in contact with our local representative Yvon Limmois and en he has quite a good grip on it. Thus a visit of Lady-Sifu's dream- and license-area has to wait till the end of the year. Then most probably again in November, because first stands still in October the Bachelor study week of the third semester of the University in Derby-Buxton on the agenda. Thus there are plans enough in 2013 too.



2013 Amsterdam zomeraanbieding

The extended options of WingTsun Amsterdam

We are busy with a reconstruction of the Kids-WingTsun lesson. Because of the different phases and needs it seems to be wise to work further-on with two apart age-groups. Age-group A: 6 till 9 years and age-group B: 10 til 13 years. In some case a child of 9 years could fit already better with group B in another case one of 10 years with group A, this is then up to decide by the instructor. The prices of KWT-A or KWT-B are right now the same: One time a week 20,- Euro per month and two times a week 30,- Euro per month.

We had planned to divide also our own Master Classes from September on into a special priced SG Master Classes and HG Master Classes for the old fee. Unfortunately brought the trial period only less in stead of more progression. Not to endanger the existing classes we have to turn back pitifully that good meant try-out. Maybe that we can try such once again in 2014 but right at this moment the accountant has advised not to do such actions. And quality just has it's price.  

The women class will still be available for a while for 45,- per month because it is a new traject. These adjustments were an attempt to cope with the crisis and the groups with lower income from the neighborhood but we have also to consider not to make the whole project unaffordable due to our intended to low-accessible approach. Because we need also to fulfill own own expenditures, like the Kwoon rent, the EWTO license, own educations, and not to forget our own housing rent and expenses etc. pp..



Poster Sport en Vrijetijdsmarkt 2013

September / October 2013

Different PR activities of the NWTO

After the Sport & Vrijetijdsmarkt at the Osdorpplein in Amsterdam we have also participated at the Stadsexpositie Mooi Wildeman Amsterdam and at the Veiligheidsweek van Amsterdam Nieuw-West. The meaning is, among other ideas, to provide also special violence prevention-, assertiveness- and self defense trainings for 'the older'. With that we finally could offer for all three age groups (children, adults and the older) target-related groups. Indeed there is also still a specific women class planned on Wednesday evening.

The cooperation structure with the Lucas Community should also become increased. The NWTO academy could then for example make their class rooms available for members of the neighborhood network for diverse activities during the day time. Because it would be a pity if those locations would stay unused, while other network projects couldn't continue because of the lack of rooms. Next to that consideration the sharing would also have a certain influence on our monthly academy rent, thus it is actually a kind of 'win-win situation'.

Unfortunately are the workshop and standard classes at day time right now not survivable anymore. They could have only be maintained for so long due to the effort of Sifu Bilal Davran and Sihing Tuan Anh Nguyen. That's why we had to stop the day-time classes, at least for now, with exception of the Kids-WingTsun classes on Wednesday afternoon, these will still stay open for a while. Here is then actually enough animo around, that's why we want to continue with it a bit, even if it is not yet (financially) profitable. The children of the area are deserving that extra attempt.


Semester three the University of Derby Buxton

The third semester of my Bachelor study started with the obliged prsence week at the University of Derby Buxton. Next to Professor Charles Spring and docent Martyn Rice there was also one session given by docent Marc Cheetham regarding research and statistic. And also my Si-Fu, Professor Keith R. Kernspecht, was again part of the team and provided two practical sessions with the main focus on internal styles, like a couple of Hsing-I training methods. Other topics were the influence of psychology, philosophy and religion on the M.A. teaching structures, the new FQ measurement and scientific research.

Beside the study in Buxton itself there stood also a visit at the main university on the schedule as well as a sightseeing at 'The house of Chatsworth', the residence of 'The Duke and Dutchess of Devonshire'. The weather was then a bit 'typical English' with rain on a regular base, but the temperature was mild. Through the fact that we were mostly inside inter-active anyway that rather unimportant detail wasn't able to spoil our great fun in any way. Also the practical sessions were once again verly interesting and versatile with (of course) WT, Hsing-I, Karate, Krav Maga, Judo and Keysi as treated topics.

The fabulous week was then completed due to a fine diner with all participants of the third semester – and for the 'hardliners' a pub visit followed (the nickname 'pub crawl' says already enough...) together with Professor Chaz Spring and Martyn Rice. No throat or eye stayed dry on that hilarious evening/night, which I will very surely not forget quickly. The intense week was flying-bye but the memories will last and are still 'working through'. In March 2014 the fourth semester will start again at the EWTO trainer academy in Heidelberg, but till then there is still a lot of study work ongoing...



2013 Amsterdam SV 15 kopie











2013 BA study 3rd semesters at Derby

November / December 2013

GM Prof. Dr. Kernspecht on a visite in Amsterdam

The month of November had then a very special surprise for the NWTO-academy in its pocket! It was meanwhile already 20 years ago that my Si-Fu was on a visit in Amsterdam. The timing seemed to be ideal because it was not only possible to talk about some details regarding an eventual follow-up visit but also to use the chance for directly fixing a date. The earliest possible period seemed then - due to lucky circumstances – to be even already within the up-following month of November! Naturally, a rare opportunity not to mis at all!

Because gm Kernspecht was now already in Amsterdam, he wanted also to pay a little visit at the NWTO academy. Even more than that, because he was present at two evenings to look at the quality of a selection of NWTO students and to help then advancing regarding his new RevoluTsunaire approach of the WingTsun system. Next to Lady-Sifu, our WT photographer 10 'lucky ones' were allowed to share that unique experiences. As travel companion of Si-Gung Kernspecht was besides the very sympathetic HG Nahi along party.

Next to the exceptional academy-encounters there were also standing a couple of other sightseeing topics on the agenda like a walking exploration of the city-center, a canal tour, Madame Toussauds, etc. It was a great pleasure to be able to spend that time with gm Kernspecht at 'our Amsterdam' and an unforgettable happening. It is the meaning that such a visit doesn't have to last for another 20 years. Well, if it would depend on us it shouldn't last even for a year. But for now we are very happy with what we were allowed to have had.


An incredible influential year is coming to an end

The visit of my Si-Fu was the truly the cream of the crop of a quite dazzling year! No year before was such intensive and versatile for Lady-Sifu and me as well as for the NWTO. It would be simply way to much to mention this all here by now. Just the already 20(!) fb photo albums of 2013 (links in the member section) and the fact that the whole HIStory5 album is solely about 2013 tells more than enough. It was surely not a very easy year for us to stand-through but one with many alternations and a couple of new options for the future.

We only had unfortunately to 'neglect' our 'godchild' Martinique this year, because there was simply no time to 'tinker' there also a bit. However, this lack stands in 2014 with on top on the agenda. Regarding the academy itself it goes meanwhile also toward a better direction. After a somewhat laborious start (with some active counter-work of a 'particular person' from Osdorp) we becoming slowly established in the neighborhood en is our name publicity growing also in that area. Maybe that there can then yet again re-open some extra classes in 2014.

The three study assessments for the third BA semester are now also ready end I do believe that those are my best assignments so far. My gratitude regarding this goes to my To-Dai Dr. Andre Schiele, who had introduced me to the working method of 'real scientific researching and protocoling'. His feedback was able to bring my way of academic work toward a higher level, also my future study approach will profit from that. Beside that there are for the future already one or the other cooperation project planned, later more about that...



2013 Amsterdam GMI X









2013 Amsterdam snakey



January / February 2014

The first NWTO App is now available for free

Meanwhile, the first month of the new year has already nearly passed-by and we are hoping that you went well through it. If 2013 was representing mainly the topic of 'flexible adjustments' 2014 may also likely have as main theme 'stability'. Meantime, the academy lesson were starting again and I am really in the mood for it! :-) The month of January had then to offer a lot again, like of course the gradings regarding my 3rd semester work assignments and the plannings for the EWTO Hockenheim 2014 Event. We will 'go' there again with a group, about that follows later more.

Hockenheim will surely be an Highlight of 2014 that one shouldn't miss. Regualarly we go with a group of maximum 8 students to keep it cosy and because of the organisatoric details. But because also ToDai outside of A'dam wish to join we have doubled the amount for this time. The following 16 persons have already a confirmed place: Ricardo, René, Remco, Robert, Mark, Marchel, Matthias, Tuan, Dmitry, André, Udo, Dennis, Iddo, Dennis, Rudi and Karen. Thus the participants list is full, cordially congratulations to the 16 NWTO'er!

Here is then by the way also a little present for the beginning of the new year. It is the first (self-made) NWTO App and I do hope that you will like it. It is possible that there will follow lateron still more specific (limited) Apps, then inclusive with special content - but to start I have first made up a kind of informative App, with some common material. Here is then already the link toward the down-load page, because our new free NWTO WingTsun App is not yet available through the App store but it is through this URL:


Quite a lot of plans for the year of the horse

The month of February was then also the month of the planning. Next to thet EWTO Hockenheim Event in June I have as well a special Martial Art happening at the NWTO academy for the month of May in the pocket. The details are explained in the member section. And also our next work visit at Martinique is ready to be launched at the end of April. Beside that I have started with a special six-months management-coaching project to polish-up one or the other vocational skill. Through the Lucas Community is then also one or the other thing planned – this all next to my intense BA study activities.

Another important point is regarding a reclassification teaching blocks form two times 90 minutes toward three times 60 minutes, whereby the prices are of course adjusted as well. Due to these structural changes I hope for-all to be able to offer somewhat more flexibility and extra training options. By that there are henceforth in stead of four Master Classes six available per week for the own time planning. Beside that is the basic price (1 x p/week) of the Master Classes decreased by Euro 10,- per month and even of the Standard Classes by Euro 5,-. Also about this issue stands more explanations in the member section.

The expectations for the rest of 2014 are top, only some rest is not included, like it seems... But this is only 'complaining at highest level' like I would state. If our kwoon gets this year also a bit more onrush I will be completely happy. The month of March stands mainly in the sign of my fourth semester and the demands of quantity and quality of the assessments are increasing significantly, which is actually quite logical, after the final study project is already coming closer. Well, without the various support of SiMo I would not be able to handle all of that!



Happy New Year-of-the-Horse










2014 Amsterdam Politics at Notweg 32

March / April 2014

BA study semester number 4 in Heidelberg

Also the fourth semester study week is now again flown-by. To start with I can state that all expectations were exceeded by far once again! Of course the BA study week took place also this time under the personal guidance of Professor Spring. The attendant docent was this time the very sympathetic Taekwon Do and Pilates specialist Charlotte 'Charlie' Phillips. As icing on the cake was yet as guest of honor the legendary Jon Bluming invited, that's why even professors from Plovdiv were present to pay their respect to the Dutch grandmaster.

Next to the theoretical studie topics like scientific research, methodology and PDP were also again practical sessions as Shukokai Karate, Krav Maga and (therapeutic) Pilates. Although I have had cherished the lowest expectations with the last discipline that one seemed to be at last just one of the highlights for me... The connection between the core points of the Pilates 'Contrology' (Stabilizing & Mobilizing) en de WingTsun 'Unity of Body' (Stability & Flexibility) were striking for me and very inspiring, herewith I will surely do some more.

The absolute highlight was however the 2 sessions with Sensei Jon Bluming (Prof. Phys, ED Peking - Tokyo, President & Technical Director International Budo Kaikan Honbu, 10th DAN Karate, 10th DAN Hapkido, 9th DAN Judo, 4th DAN Bo Jitsu, 4th DAN Iai Do, 2nd DAN Kendo). In the 1st it was about personal life-experiences from over 60 jaren M.A. - no movie could have been more exciting. Oyama, Mifune, Sato, Geesink, Kano, Odate, Grandpa Schutte and still many other details came aboard, a dram for any Martial Artist! Just as impressing was the practice session of the 81-year old with the 2nd gathering.


2014 Heidelberg BA study Therpeutic Pilates

The return plan of the NWTO to Martinique

It was actually the plan to pay our next visit to Martinique in April. But because the agenda for the first half of 2014 is already quite full, also regarding the BA study work, we have decided that it is smarter to go in October 2014. This would principally also provide the possibility for one or the other to come eventually with us to the Caribbean to help us with the search of Jack Sparrows. The further details as well like the xact date and the possible costs of this planned 'dream travel' will be of course published in the member section.

Also there may be planned for this year also another WT-related travel to a country where we haven't been before yet, also about this follows later more. From 7 april on the Standard Classes (under guidance of Sihing Tuan Anh Nguyen) will be started-up again. We will begin first with van the restart of the Monday lesson and will add the Friday as soon there will be enough animo around. Herewith I point the onxe more to the adjusted class schedule (60-minutes lessons) and the by that also lowered fee of the Standard- and the Master Classes.

Next to all of that I have still some more plans for 2014 in my pocket but I wont now tell everything. Beside that I expact first still some more feedback regarding the in May planned special Martial Art stages (look at member section) before I start to fiddle around with other NWTO projects. There is something as an 'duty of delivering' but there is also a 'duty of collecting' attached to it! For that social networks as fb are quite suitable. However I do accept that some don't want to use this option. But we have also our member section for feedback. This way is less direct but will work as well.



2012 Martinique We will return

May / June 2014

A heavy month for Lady-Sifu and me has passed

It was already quite clear that May could become an extremely busy month regarding the assessments for the fourth semester. That is why I had worked a lot in advance to have enough time to polish-up the work easily. Then the decease of my best friend Andreas Choi happened out of a sudden. Because his family lives outside of The Netherlands I was willing to take care about everything that would be needed, like funeral, memorial, emptying the house, terminating the contracts, notarial matters etc.. All that has then also occupied about six full weeks. 

Fortunately I had done already a lot for my study course works, otherwise I would have failed with my fourth semester. But that was not gonna to happen but the opposite even. I was able to achieve a 1st Class 'Excellent' for my study project. But the whole situation was such demanding that I had nearly chosen to cancel my participation at the Hockenheim event. Finally, I have not done that, mainly because so many ToDai were already looking forward so much. And of course it was also for me an opportunity to experience once again intensively my SiFu and to tap from his inexhaustible source.

Other planned specials, like voor instance the Martial Art stage with Master Martyn Rice, were due to the circumstances regrettably not possible to proceed. Er was simply no single free day available for a breather, not even to mention another extra special event next to Hockenheim. Nevertheless is a stage of Master Martyn Rice still highly recommended. For the one who may think about an holiday at England: He provides also diverse Martial Art stages with or without weapons on different locations in GB and if you give my greetings even a discount could be possible. I hope to have him still with us as a guest some time.


The international EWTO Hockenheim Event 2014

Hockenheim was the planned EWTO highlight of 2014 and the offer was able to exceed all our cherished expectations by far. Unfortunately we have had a drop-out but we were still quiet strong represented with 17 NWTO'er. Lady-Sifu and I were already one day earlier present regarding the EWTO Leadership Congress during the day (even inclusive an excellent training stage under the guidance of my SiFu gm Prof. Dr. Keith R. Kernspecht and my SiHing gm Giuseppe Schembri) and the National Trainer Dinner at the evening, held in a Micheline-Star restaurant.

The theme of the main event was 'Control & Risc' and was devided into five color rubrics: YELLOW (WT GMKK, 9x), RED (WT MGMG, 9x), BLUE (Escrima GMBN, 6x), GREEN (WT ChiKung, 6 x) and WHITE (WT MGHG, 6x). Actually Lady-Sifu and I would have had thus 3 sessions with our SiFu, but because we have had as high MG free access to all groups we had the fantastic opportunity to join in fact all 9 sessions, inclusive the Leadership session even 10! Therefor the other parallel sessions had unfortunately to be dropped, but it was worth it for sure!

Next to the event was then also a party, with show program, diverse Escrima-, WT- and dance-acrobatic demonstrations and with an excellent buffet. Afterward there was then also the chance for the still present people to step on the dance floor, and nobody less than gm Giuseppe Schembri, made the start, because he is also felling completely comfortable as a dancer! In short, once again an event that will stay unforgeable on many ways for all of us. But it brought also some extra stress to be on the way according to a plan with such a large group.




2014 Amsterdam Funeral 4










2014 Hockenheim MG spectators

July / August 2014

Time for a change after two and a half years

The summer month of July was then for us no real resting period. Because there was once again an important change ready to come. Due to different circumstances we had decided to discard our part of the Lucas Community and also our location at the Notweg 32. The developments this year within that neighborhood cooperation was for us rather more digressive than progressive. Next to that was also a raised rent which hit us, as the only rent payers in the building, especially hard. While the location was actually fine it is not in relationship anymore with the costs of the rent.

Next to it came the message that the building would now stand on a municipality demolishing list and an extending of the lease beyond 2015 would be doubtful, so, some urgent action seemed to be needed. The first thought was just to rent a location per hour for our Master classes. Surely the cheapest solution but also one with the least individual atmosphere and just a little flexible options. Also we would then have to do it without particular equipment and inventory, like wooden dummy, pictures and mirrors.

Then came-up a new opportunity to form a new neighborhood network together with previous members and co-founder of the Lucas Community, but without repeating the mistakes that we have witnessed at the Notweg. The available location is entirely in our taste. Het is situated only a couple of hundred meters away from the Notweg, thus again free parking. Beside that everything is at the ground level and thus no stairs, which is ideal for handicapped and older people. In the beginning we will start-up with two smaller teaching rooms, expending there is always possible.



2013 Amsterdam GMI Highlight

The new location of the NWTO in Amsterdam

Because the negotiations regarding the new location went quite well it is possible for us to use already the summer month of August to organize the transfer of the NWTO academy. For the ones who were absent for a month or two the change of location could be quite a surprise. But I think that it is then a nice surprise, because we like the new location a lot, even more than the Notweg. Even when we had to choose for the beginning to rent less space to keep it affordable, but with the option for expanding in the future.

To make a start the time of the lessons on Tuesday and Thursday will stay the same, with the exception that from september on the new MIG arrangement for Thursday will start. The Tuesday will thus stay available for aal students, while the Thursday evening is then only accessible for the 12 signed-up persons. By the time we wish also to be able to offer again the Standard Classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday under the guidance of a through us educated HG instructor. Also the KidsWT lessons will get another follow-up, maybe that the Reimerswaalstraat fits better with us.

After the earned experiences with the Lucas Community we were actually not to keen anymore regarding such cooperation projects. But because that were just the people of the (yet nice) beginning of the L.C. That cane with the offer and being able to provide a for us suitable building we decided that it could be worth another try-out. Still I believe in the value of such a neighborhood initiative and we are sure that the NWTO can contribute a significant extra value for the whole neighborhood. Furthermore the NWTO will stay (just like with the Lucas Community) an independent part.



2014 Amsterdam A New Start

September / October 2014

NWTO Delft and Academy Amsterdam

WT instructor Sihing Robert van der Maarl (NWTO Alphen aan den Rijn) has already brought up a couple of talents, like for instance Sihing Dennis van Tol, who has opened this month a NWTO group in Delft. Dennis has also learnt partly at the WT academy in Amsterdam and is a very likeable and also skilled WT'er who wishes to spread his passion. We wish the highly motivated instructor of Delft much success with his upcoming teaching activities. Of course we will completely support the new NWTO group Delft, with theoretical advice and practical issues as well, if it is wished.

The new academy in Amsterdam seems to be very good erg, especially now, where also the photo's, mirrors and dummies are installed. On 25th of October will be the first Open Day at the new location at Reimerswaalstraat 5 (13:00-17:00). Next other activities of the new neighborhood network there will be also given four WT stages. 13:30 WT for seniors, 14:30 WT for children, 15:30 WT for women and 16:30 WT for all. Parallel there can take some other interactions between the present WingTsun'er, if wished. Everybody is hartely welcome on this special free gathering.

In October will then also start the Master Intensive Groups (MIG) on Thursday evening. Here can however then participate maximal 12 signed-in students. The Tuesday will stay available for all, without a limitation of the participants. But we consider right now to lat the Tuesday evening classes take place on another day. Two possible options could be Wednesday 19:00-21:00 or maybe even on Saturday 11:00-13:00. This we will deliberate soon with the students, it could also be that we will keep it on Tuesday, but then 18:30-20:30.



2014 Amsterdam RWS Good location

Open Day and the study final in arrival 

We have now also our first Open day behind us. In 2015 we got the plan to extend our teaching schedule again. The lesson on Tuesday evening can by the way stay and don’t have to be replaced. But they are now taking place a half hour earlier, like already proposed, just like now also the Thursday MIG (18:30 – 19:30 en 19:30 – 20:30). The Kids WingTsun classes shall start also again from the end of January 2015 on. And we got the plan to start up WT groups with  am especially low budget (from 25,- per month) this depends actually on the anima.

I have started already with a couple of study work activities because there is not much time to lose regarding the once again very short ‘dead lines’ at the beginning of January. Luckily we got our research topics already before the study presence week. In total there are still five assessments till the study final. A ‘M.A. Critique’ video presentation with the related research paper and a detailed ‘Combat Logic analysis’ piece of work has to be ready for the beginning of January. A M.A. Blog, a second ‘Combat Logic analysis‘ (against knife) and of course the ‘Independent‘ project has to be delivered at the end of April.

Thus there is still a lot work to do till the study final is reached; but the end is now nevertheless quite well in sight. And that gives an extra motivation-boost to mobilize once again all forces. Shortly, I am looking even with that immense workload quite positive toward the further continuation of my academic adventure. My special thank regarding the support with my assignments goes to my To-Dai Prof. Dr. Sc. Andre Schiele for his valuable inspirations during our ‘Independent’ brainstorm sessions, the trial reading and the grammar corrections of a couple of my research papers. 


2014 Amsterdam Open Dag BB


November / December 2014

The 5th BA semester study week

The highlight in November was then of course the now already fifth Bachelor study presence week, given at the EWTO trainer academy in Heidelberg. Next to the ‘standard study topics’ was also once again a Martial Arts related guest docent invited. This time it was the very kind and humble Judoka and Sumotori Arthur Schnabel, who was able to present out of the treasure box of his life-experience interesting anecdotes and details. But also the practice came not to short. Next to for instance a Karate and a Krav Maga follow-up stage there were some excellent sessions with gm Prof. Kernspecht.

One of the main topics of my Si-Fu was the Ch’an Buddhism and the practical implementation within the internal style of WingTsun. The practice sessions were then also in the sign of ‘concious moving’ in trelationship with form, Chi-Sao and Lat-Sao. Dominique Brizin lectured detailed about the still relatively young scientific topic of ‘Combatology’ and the implications of it for the overall Martial Arts. While the origin of the ‘Combatology’ is rooted in de WingTsun approach, it was het from the beginning on the meaning of my Si-Fu to develop a scientific branch that would embody all Martial Arts.

Now, where the end of the BA study comes slowly in sight the question arises somehow ‘How now to go on?’ It was actually my plan to decide about that issue after the finish of this intensive experience. But it is now already quite clear to me that I will most probably also join the MA follow-up study in Plovdiv. First, I was able to so unbelievable much due to this study that I would just fall into a hole if that would now in a sudden drop away. Second, the MA follow-up study is pure WT directed and the needed academic skills I have already built-up indeed. Thirdly, I have still pleasure with studying.


2014 Heidelberg BA study special guest


Developments within the Neighbourhood network

There were then yet (like it was already feared by us) some significant changes necessary in the planned neighbourhood network ‘De Wilde Reiger’ (former ‘De Deo)’. Lady-Sifu and me were actually supposed to get a place at the leaders board but due to the recent changes that seemed not to be needed anymore. After all we are quite happy with that because we have already enough functions to fill in. Unfortunately were the old leadership not able to set-up within the given amount of time a survivable neighbourhood project. This resulted then in a replacement of the whole old leader board.

Fortunately the NWTO is allowed to stay as permanent tenant. And the now overarching covenant that took over the building with the necesseary experience means for us only more security. Because before our tenancy was in dependence with the well or not succeeding of the former project leader, who had no experience with the set-up and handling of this sort of neighbourhood projects. Thus for us are these recent developments only positive and enables us to plan now again on a longer schedule of time, for instance with extra classes.

2014 was all beside an easy year for us. One of the most unbearable moments was then the passing-away of my best friend Andreas, who I still miss extremely. It feels so strange that I can’t share any experiences with him any more and I miss his unique traits. But I am very grateful that I was able to win with his sister Sabine a best girl friend. While we know each other also since the childhood days the leaving of Andreas brought us really together. And we have gotten this year three WT mascot, the Chihuahuas Candy, Sugar and Honey. I am curious about 2015.



2014 Amsterdam Open dag demo  


Kind regards,
Sifu F. & P. Schäfer
EWTO national trainer NL