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amsterdams stadsblad_ jg 86_wk 22
May 2009
Our new NWTO Kwoon and Site...
Dear To-Dai, client and/or visitor,     
Yes, it is now so far, we can show to you where we were so intensely busy with. We are very happy with our manifestations of the new NWTO Kwoon in RL (Real Life) and the new NWTO site in VR (Virtual Reality). It was surely not an easy thing to coordinate both core projects parallel with each other that the realization of both could flow together but we succeeded however brilliantly; thanks to the Tao!
The NWTO academy in Amsterdam will from now on work together with a special educated team in the Kwoon; made out of Lady-Sifu and me, two full time instructors (the TG-aspirants Amir Ebadi and Mehdi Ebadi) and two part time instructors (Ramon Groevenstein, 3rd TG WT en Bilal Davran 1st TG WT).
All four are private students from us and have already gathered teaching experiences. Regarding the Kwoon I wish to thank for all the tremendous workmanship of my To-Dai Bilal Davran. Without his intense passion and the great effort of his work team was this form of the new WT academy on this way and so fast never possible. Like me he was simply never satisfied with any less than the optimal possible result; that is also clearly to see in the Kwoon and directly to sense through the atmosphere.
Regarding the site goes my very special thank for the inexhaustible support to my To-Dai Mehdi Ebadi. He can now easily tell how energy demanding it can be to work with such a 'Pietje Precies' as me together... How well he was able to put my nearly non-stop wishes, ideas and adjustments regarding design and content into the pages you can easily spot by yourself. The whole site was thus actually an 'only-2-men-project'... Regarding the Kwoon and the Site deserves also Anaïs G. López a special remark, because she took care that our needed new photo material is also again 'state of the art'. Another name should be mentioned here, the one of our graphic specialist Kenneth Oey, through him the logo's of our SCD modules got their final touch. And that both projects would have been nothing more than just a nice dream without Lady-Sifu´s active (mental and also physical) assistance is actually nearly unnecessary to mention here – but still I like to do it.
In the past was our NWTO academy and also the NWTO site mainly known because of the offered content but not because of the outlook. Up to my own feeling we have preserved those 'fine-old qualities' with both, but putting them now also in a special 'nice-modern jacket'. This is what I was searching for so long and this is what we have reached now: 'Complex Simplicity'...
The best wishes and 'tot ziens'!
Frank Schäfer Sifu,
Our first open weekend in the new Kwoon
Now we have also our first open days in our very new NWTO academy behind us. In spite of Whit(sun) week and the extremely nice weather there were still on this weekend about one hundred visitors coming through out portal. The larger group appeared on Saturday, inclusive visitors from Germany under guidance of Sifu Krause (WT-Heerlen) and even the main represent of the Wing Chun (Wang Kiu) direction Sifu Wachtberger. Herewith again my special thanks to both for the kind visit and the nice gifts.
I was also very happy over the fact that we were able to show our web-design together with the official Kwoon-opening. There is still some work left, like some small spelling corrections and some enhancements and add-ons but this does not have to stop us using the site from now on for the NWTO already.
The from me given presentation and question-hour was then guided by one or the other small incident, which caused by the question giver regarding 'sparring' luckily to no serious injuries, with the exception of some small 'marks'. ;^) By that opportunity I directly expressed quite detailed my own opinion with hardly to misunderstand words. It was related to the well or not justified usage of serious violence, and the factor fun doesn't belong here in any way!
A nice little detail was also to see back one and the other old To-Dai of us, even if I have actually expected still a couple of people who promised to come along on the weekend... And from the NWTO self appeared also significant less people than originally thought by me but the literally tropical sun was then clearly a bit too attractive for many – to be honest: quite understandable, surely in NL...
On Sunday there were then also in the end more WT people participating than curious newbie’s. That was leading to the situation that we directly used that opportunity to give a Chi-Sao intensive session. This was then for the WT participants an extra chance to cross their arms with their Si-Fu (thus me) a bit longer, and what else that was left to cross...
Also Lady-Sifu was not willing to miss that en went into some sticky action. It is hard for me to evaluate which of both days I consider as the nicer one. The more busy Saturday had its charm without a doubt, but the Sunday was super-relaxed, of course not without also some 'unwise appearing' visitors but also this belongs to it. :^D All together it was surely not a bad beginning for the new Kwoon.
Shortly, I guess that we have offered quite a lot for the people who were visiting us on our open weekend, question-hours, specific explanations, demonstrations, light and also intensive WT work-out's, old video-recordings (some shown for the very first time in public!), music, easy taking, a fine cold buffet with deft and sweet snacks, sweeties, coffee, diverse fresh drinks and for all a highly motivated academy team, which could stand through this first proof of cooperation brilliantly.
It was then maybe not one of our most busy open days but clearly one of the nicest! After the summer holiday period there will also still follow a third open day, for all the ones who could not take those two chances. This event will only be on one (Sun)day, because the two folded open weekend was for our official Kwoon-opening. And this has now happened herewith!
Sifu Frank Schäfer
NWTO chief instructor
2009_asd-nl_extreme flowering-300  
June 2009
The new NWTO classes and costs
Dear To-Dai,   
Here once again for the clarity a short summary of the new lesson fee adjustments in de Kwoon this took place from 01-06-2009 on. All NWTO members which were signed-in before the first of June this year have the following free choice in the academy:
- Choice for the 'Standard Classes': That means that the lesson fee stays the same, thus still starting from € 30,- per month.
- Choice for the 'Sifu Classes': That means that the instructors stay the same, but then starting from € 45,- per month.
- Choice for a combination: That means then an extra discount on the Standard/Fit4Fight Classes of € 10,- per month.
If you wish to train WT on the cheapest available way is the Standard Class (especially for below SG6) the best choice. But if you wish to train under the group guidance of Lady-Sifu and me the Sifu Class (especially above SG6) is the right option to choose.
If a step-over from the Sifu Class toward the Standard Class is wished, the old NWTO teaching agreement will stop and you have to make a new contract with the academy; the content of it stays the same, only the instructor details changes then.
Start date van de nieuwe academie klassen:
From 01-06-2009 on: Standard Class & Sifu Class.
From 01-07-2009 on: Student Class & Children Class. 
From 01-08-2009 on: Fit4Fight Class & Women Class.
BTW: In reality the Sifu Class at the new Kwoon didn't become more expensive at all! Because instead of 60 minutes for € 30,- we are now 90 minutes for € 45,- available... But if this price also will stay if we will be a PG level higher I don't dare to say by now.
If there are still questions left I will be gladly to your service.
Dr. h.c., Doktor, Prof. h.c. and now also Professor!
Since a while I know that these were much tensed times for my Si-Fu... But what can be still tension giving for a grandmaster who have already accomplished on the field of martial arts literally all what could be reached? Well, yesterday my Si-Fu Keith R. Kernspecht had a very special examination at the 'National Sports Academy in Sofia'. It is the second largest (after the one in Cologne, Germany) or maybe even self THE biggest (?) sports university at least in Europe. He went for the so-called "BIG" doctor's exam, what is the examination which take place after the "regular" doctor and equal is to 'habilitation' in many countries.
The thesis he had to defend was: "Strategy and tactics of the martial art Wing Tsun as a means of Self-Defence". He got 17 votes of the 17 represented professors (not only from the Sofia Sports university but from the whole republic of Bulgaria). This academic success will surely open many doors for his martial art direction. I am very happy with this and wish to share this extraordinary news with you. BTW: My Si-Fu promised me for the case that he would succeed that he will visit our new NWTO Kwoon still this year1 I got thus even a double reason for happiness in relationship with this message. :^)
The details regarding that special visit will be found on our site also without a doubt. Where else then under Special Events? Because we will also combine the visit then surely with a WT seminar at the new Kwoon in Amsterdam! Right now I guess that it will be a 'WT-members-only' event. But I am not completely sure of it at this moment. But what I am sure of is that it will be a very special WingTsun gathering. Thus if you want to be really sure of your participation, you can better sign-in in time, because full is full – surely with this unique WingTsun event.
Translation: Grandmaster Kernspecht is now a "Doctor of Science"
The subject of his thesis: "Strategy and Tactics of the Martial Art of WingTsun as a Means of Self-Defence" Sofia, 17.06.2009. On 17th June 2009, WingTsun Grandmaster Keith R. Kernspecht (63) successfully passed the examination for a doctorate in science (Dr. Sc). The examination took place at the National Sports University (NSA) in Sofia, and was conducted by a state examination board consisting of 17 professors from various Bulgarian universities.
This public examination covered a number of different academic disciplines such as history, education theory, psychology, anthropology, biomechanics, games theory etc., and took the form of an oral defence ("disputation") of his doctoral thesis (approx. 300 pages plus Appendix) in a plenary session (in which outsiders were also able to ask questions) in the Bulgarian language aided by an accredited interpreter. The professors also asked questions on a wide variety of academic subjects (this is referred to as a "rigorosum" in Germany).
As this oral examination was the second defence of the doctoral thesis, this title is also known as a "major doctorate" in Bulgaria. This is comparable to a "habilitation" under the German system, and is a prerequisite for recognition as a "full" professor. This examination in Sofia was preceded by the first oral defence at the Hilendarksi State University in Plodiv, which Grandmaster Kernspecht passed in early 2009. Having already been awarded an honorary doctorate in the martial arts in 1999, followed by an honorary professorship in 2006, Grandmaster Kernspecht has now achieved yet another first: he is the first master in the martial arts to have achieved "habilitation" in his discipline.
With very friendly greetings,
Frank Schäfer Sifu
EWTO national trainer NL
habilitatie professor  
July 2009
Unique NWTO team summer holiday Italy 2009!
Dear To-Dai,  
Independently from that great option (within The Netherlands) regarding the planned Kwoon visit of my Si-Fu I have also something else in mind with the new NWTO academy core tefont-size: 10pt;font-size: 8pt;font-size: 10pt;Now we have also our first open days in our very new NWTO academy behind us. In spite of Whit(sun) week and the extremely nice weather there were still on this weekend about one hundred visitors coming through out portal. The larger group appeared on Saturday, inclusive visitors from Germany under guidance of Sifu Krause (WT-Heerlen) and even the main represent of the Wing Chun (Wang Kiu) direction Sifu Wachtberger. Herewith again my special thanks to both #January 2010div style=div style=nbsp;for the kind visit and the nice for still this year (outside The Netherlands). I wish actually to male an absolutely special experience together with Lady-Sifu and our academy instructors Ramon Groevenstein, Bilal Davran, Amir Ebadi and Mehdi Ebadi. To give our nice going team start still another extra 'booster' I have spontaneously decided to try to organize something very unique...
It is about a 6-day 6-persons small group session with minimum 4 hours Chi-Sao per day exclusively under the guidance of my very own Si-Fu, grandmaster Professor Keith R. Kernspecht! Through that the NWTO academy team can intensively and genuine enjoy to scoop from the same source than Si-Mo and me. To be able to really achieve that wanted growth-effect a shorter event will not be enough. And beside that a shorter time schedule than eight days will also not offer a really perfect holiday destination for us.
Two weeks ago (17-06-2009) there was not even a concrete plan existing in my head, only a nebulous idea. As I was then chatting with my Si-Fu, all parts came by themselves on its place (like so often in the last time). So it was a big pleasure but no really surprise that the four wanted To-Dai seemed to be spontaneously in state to take part of this unique gathering... Already five days after the 'habilitatie' of my Si-Fu the project was completely round (22-06-2009), inclusive hotel and flight ticket!
We have now thus still one month to prepare us for the meeting and to enjoy the anticipated pleasure. Of course there will also be the opportunity with enough quality for one or the other to achieve the following TG level. With exception of Ramon, who knew to achieve his 3rd level just in 2007; but the event will bring him a big step closer regarding his preparations for the 4th TG. Also our final PG exame are not planned, but rather for 'that one' in The Netherlands...
I have already participated on many WT events and have also brought many to life but this promises to become one of the greatest ever. The meaning of this is not to experience more of the broad of WingTsun but more of the depth of WingTsun! And who could be more fitting than my own Si-Fu?!? If I want to learn more of the (also fascinating) broad of WT ggm Leung Ting would be my very first choice, but the depth I prefer to explore with my Si-Fu, it is like it is.
A reason for that is hard to find. Considering that ggm Leung Ting is Chinese it is for European students of course very entertaining but not always possible to really grasp the more holistic thinking way. Because my Si-Fu is European appears his more analytic as easier 'to let the coin fall'. But it is also always a matter of personal taste and I am then also very glad that the choice for one gm will not exclude the choice for the other gm, because I know how to enjoy from both sources a lot.
And so I try to give also to my To-Dai the opportunities to make up such very special experiences. That's why I have through all those years, since 1987, organized over and over again special events with international WingTsun- and Escrima experts in Amsterdam and also visited seminars outside of Holland with a group To-Dai. In 2004 I took with for the first time 4 To-Dai to a Private Tutorial of my Si-Gung ggm Leung Ting and in 2007 I have shared with 2 To-Dai some private lesson with my Si-Fu.
Now in 2009 I offer thus to 4 To-Dai a whole six-day private-session with my favorite gm; this is extremely hard to top. In the rubric August 2009 will then also be found one and the other about this event. Beside the related fun factor I expect that this WT intensive will have a remarkable strong impact on the overall abilities of the NWTO academy core team, what can be for all Kwoon members (Kwoonies?) only be an advantage. A level raise which would took through another way much more time!
Of course I would have liked it to give that chance to more than 4 To-Dai, that would have also lowered the costs, but then was the impact lower or we had to plan in more days - but to get (spontaneously!) 6 days in-a-row was already a small miracle. So, I had to limit me for this unique happening to what would be best for the NWTO academy, by that I came then to the selection. Thus between 29-07-09 and 05-08-09, the NWTO Kwoon portal will be closed “unfortunately”shortly because of a kind of 'internal stock taking'! ;^D
In really not to increase summer holiday mood,
Si-Fu & Si-Mo
stephen chow professor kernspecht  
Site Hack in the mid of July!
Now we have also our first 'hack attack' experience behind our back... A hacker group was able to change our password and to reedit our index page and. But luckily the hack was not really with evil intentions, so there was kindly nothing removed from our site. The main problem was not to undo the hack and password change but to find the security leak that made this unexpected hack possible.
That's why we kept the corrupted index page there for a while (only removing their banner stuff) to research and solve this serious safety problem first. Otherwise we would change it and they could simply hack in again but this time eventually with creating reconstruction work for us. Even with our hard-copy back-up it would take a couple of hours to set it all up again.
While that event itself was not exactly what we were looking for it served us well. Because it was a kind of 'free security check' for our new site; done by professional working people without leaving a trace of vandalism. So, dear anonymous hacker, good work and thank you for the given lesson regarding the leak in our site security structure and thank you for not making a mess out of it you easily could have done that too.
Also the timing was actually ideal for it, because due to the quiet summer time we were able to focus directly on that important topic. By that 'forced focus' is also our site security level now quite up-to-date. And I really mean that if I say that I don't feel frustrations but happiness with that outcome! :^)
Like you can follow on our site there are happening nearly daily some corrections, adjustments en even add-ons; thus the site is still not completely finished but the design end stadium comes slowly closer. There is one essential task left to do, the other open things are regarding details (like extra security...) of the Member/Instructor section.
BTW: The NWTO academy stays also during the summer month July open, but then 'only' on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The Monday and Friday will continue from the third week of August on, when more people are back from holiday. Thus, where others go close on the summer holiday we stay open with the NWTO Kwoon; but then 3 (i.s.o. 5) days per week and from 18.00 (i.s.o. 13.00).
Kind reg(u)ards,
Sifu Frank Schäfer 
2008_hongkong_ new gm out-fit  
August 2009
The Return of the 'Lucky 6'
Dear To-Dai,
While 'the rigid form' of the written words are actually nearly always to limiting to describe really essential experiences I will nevertheless try to give an impression regarding our adventurous exploring journey in Italy quite soon.
2009 was then till now a quite unbelievable year for the NWTO! As you know there came up a beautiful new Kwoon and an excellent new site – but that was even not all. Because this year there went till now already six of our To-Dai with Prof. Kernspecht toward their first TG and one toward his second TG. Never before there were so many TG level in the NWTO!
Another unique fact was that Lady-Sifu and I were heading for the very first time together toward an examination! While it was first not planned the opportunity was still too tempting not to give it a try ('coincidentally' I had also a pair of double knifes in my luggage...).
That Si-Fu seemed to be pleased with our presented qualities was then of course 'the cream on the crop'! So it looked like that Lady-Sifu and I were able to enter in the presence of our four Kwoonies the next PG level. That we were heading together some of our To-Dai toward an exam is then again something what had never happened before! :^)
Yes, yes, yes! The intensive event (4 hours practice and 1 hour theory per day with gm Prof. Kernspecht (!) PLUS 2 hours practice and 3 hours theory per day with Lady-Sifu and me six days in a row; for Lady-Sifu were than once again two hours extra practice with our Si-Fu on the schedule) has reached the from me wanted quality jump of the academy-team!
That means thus also that all three TG test candidates have succeeded with great compliments! MISSION OVER-ACCOMPLISHED! But that even with Si-Mo and me a feel able 'shift' would be possible (not only in graduation) is then something what I by myself found most astonishing... :^o
That the weather was also absolutely fabulous and was so adding a real holiday atmosphere to the beautiful surroundings of Marina di Pisa made that event for all who were allowed to be there an absolutely unforgettable momentum; one which is now already on place 3 of my personal 'golden WT moments', if I separate the IWTA and EWTO moments, it stands even on place 2! :^DSo far just a short summary of this absolutely unique event. Within short there will follow more detailed articles from us about this small-group gathering.
With sunny greeting,
Si-Fu and Si-Mo
2009_pisa_ glorreiche 7  
The necessary PG-fee raising   
Dear To-Dai,               
Like you know is the WT lesson fee also somehow related to the WT graduation of the instructors Since my 5th PG the costs are actually unchanged with only some adjustments regarding the introduction of the Euro and the inflation. Now I was thus luckily able to advance toward the 7th PG (and Si-Mo toward the 6th PG).
I was sitting thinking a lot about that. Actually I don't wish to raise our prices even if the costs regarding the Kwoon are now higher. As you know is my seminar unit € 30,- (instead of € 40.-!). And this I wish also – at least as long as possible – not to change.
Thus what I do for now is, that what I have done already with the group lessons, I will not raise the basic price, but I lower some of the discounts. So I still have kept € 45,- as basic fee for the Sifu class, but I have decreased the 2-time-discount by € 10,- (thus still not 90,- but also not 65,- anymore but now 75,-) and I deceased the 3-times-discount by € 5,- (thus still not 135,- but also not 85,- anymore but now 90,-).
And like this I will do it with the seminar fee. The basic price of € 30,- stays the same but the 2-times-discount I will decrease by € 5,- (thus still not 60,- but also not 50,- anymore but now 55,-) and I will decrease the 3-times-discount by € 10,- (thus still not 90,- but also not 65,- anymore but now 75,-). These remarks are by the way only related to the Sifu Classes and our own seminars.
Up to my opinion this is the most bearable way to deal in times of overall recession with some needed price adjustments. I hope that I was able to create a bit more clarity with these explanations regarding the 'what' the 'why' and the 'how. If there are still questions left, don't leave them behind but place them in front.
Another remark regarding our offered extra service: If it is not possible for a student to visit the Sifu class on a particular evening he or she has the opportunity to catch in the missed class within the same month on an extra evening; or eventually to exchange them for a Fit4Fight session!
With friendly greetings,
Sifu Frank Schäfer 
7th PG WingTsun (EWTO/IWTA) 
Lady-Sifu Petra Schäfer
6th PG WingTsun (EWTO/IWTA)
1989_langenzell_his-story tales  
September 2009
The new WT group Alphen a/d Rijn               
Yes, 2009 is and stays an unbelievable productive year for the NWTO :^).X- The new Kwoon is ready (with exception of the still needed wooden floor and of course eventually some still to arrange small fringes).
- The new site is ready (with exception of the member/instructor section – and of course eventually some still to arrange small fringes).
- The 7(!) new TG candidates are ready (with exception of 'the recent' - and eventually of course some still to arrange small fringes).
- The exams of Lady-Sifu and me is ready (with exception of 'just fill it in' - and eventually of course some still to arrange small fringes).
- The new WT article logistic is ready (with exception of yellow shirts - and eventually of course some still to arrange small fringes).
So we have surely nothing to complain about. And still it looks like 2009 will not stop for us by all that already...
'Si-Hing' Robert van de Maarl (WT Trainer-1 aspirant), has added since begin September a contribution toward the NWTO representatives! After considerations with his Si-Fu he started-up a through the NWTO acknowledged semi-professional (regarding limitation of time but not regarding approach of lesson!) WT group. Robert is a talented, enthusiastic and for all kind person, who regularly lets his WT-skills enhance at the NWTO academy; and he has also followed a couple of advanced NWTO en SCD trainings. As well has he already collected some experiences with other martial-arts, which is never a disadvantage. We wish our To-Dai Robert heartily many nice teaching moments and growing successes!
Sifu & Lady-Sifu Schäfer 
langenzell 09_robert  
The new clothes are now available
We have thus now finally refilled our supply of WT articles again, but this time with the new WT clothes! Like it was agreed at our last extra-ordinary NWTO member meeting in March (at that time still at the old school...), we will say farewell to our old 'out-look' and will follow from now on the new design of the EWTO. While the renewed dress-style is much more expensive to produce, the selling prices are still quite affordable. And like you can find out the NWTO members will pay with us even almost the same amount as the WT members who will order through the EWTO-Shop!
To start with we have replenished our supply for all with t-shirts, trousers and graduation signs. From next month on also other articles can be ordered, like shoes, gloves, jackets, bags and what else of the maybe nice things which could be found in the EWTO-Shop (stands also under 'WingTsun Links'), for as well comparable conditions as it is mentioned there. The NWTO delivers only to WT members within The Netherlands; orders from other countries have to been preceded always through the EWTO or the national WingTsun leader.
To We have most probably to move the quite spontaneously for the end of this year considered Kwoon-visit of my Si-Fu, with the connected seminar, toward the next year! First, I fear that Si-Fu wants to but that he will get this year a time-limit. Second, the time is flying also for us and we still have some tasks to accomplish, like for instance the wooden floor, some installation details and the outer side of the academy building. My own preference goes actually more toward the direction to be even ready with those still unfinished tasks, before grand master Prof. Dr. Sc. Kernspecht will bring us his visit.
Sifu Frank Schäfer
wt sg tg shirts  
October 2009
The Open Day of the NWTO academy 
On 4th of October was our Open Day planned. Because the planning of our Open Weekend in the end of May was mainly resting with Lady-Sifu and me, was the meaning to place this time the planning in the hands of our full time instructors Amir and Mehdi. Of course we have also filled-in the one or other detail but all together it was their event and we only took a guiding function on that day. That's why we were then 'only' between 15.45 and 17.00 present in the Kwoon, to let the first hours and also the last hour completely handle by the two brothers Ebadi (culinary supported by mother-dear). And the pre-made decision was, considering the reached result, surely not a wrong one. More about this even can be found soon at And it is possible that the Open Day will become a more regular event in the NWTO academy..
Both were very well able to apply the on the Open Weekend collected experiences on that Open Day. Yes, the academy is thus also surly in our absence in competent hands (but what do you expect with two TG-er). Actually this was already clear to me in advance, but it is still fine to see it verified due practice. I have had then some interactions but the visitors seemed to be quite informed due to the open day about WT already. While small snacks Mehdi bravely confronted himself with all questions of the visitors and was not shy for any answer. All possible (and also impossible) questions found at the spot an answer, sometimes in word en deed. Shortly: It was a successful Open Day of the NWTO Kwoon and the first where Si-Mo and I have had to add only a little (actually nothing). Heartily congratulations with this fine WingTsun presentation! :^).
With satisfied greetings
Si-Fu & Si-Mo Schäfer
2009_open kwoon dag  
November 2009
The 'master intensive' on Sunday for all  
From November 2009 on there will be a special Sifu Stage on every first Sunday in the month between 12.00 and 15.30, also for students below 6th SG! With this option we wish to enable also regular some direct contact between the beginner and their (two!) Si-Fu. The costs of this project will be 20,- per hour (45 min.) or 80,- per stage. All daily academy lessons will stay as they were. This addition is thus only regarding the first Sunday in the month, given between 12.00-15.30. The amount of partitioners is limited toward maximum of 2 times 8, thus in total 16 persons with 2 PG plus 1 extra TG2 assistant!
This adjustment has for all two reasons: First, there were still a couple of disappointed reactions from some, who couldn't learn from us anymore before they would hit SG 6. Second, Lay-Sifu and I are missing the various interactions a bit which can accompany the trial lessons. Thus we will offer now also the opportunity to learn right from the start once a month intensively also directly from us. For all those people without any personal preferences or any hurry we will still advice to visit the professional guided weekly Standard Classes, because this is and stays actually the financially most advantageous way.
These Sunday stages are free of obligation and even split able. That means, that the students can come on these Sunday stages regarding their need and budget. If someone wishes to visit only once every couple of months a Sifu stage it is allowed; if he or she wants to join just one or two of the four units it is also possible, but is less functional. Unlike as with the group lesson the topics (thus also TG matters) can be chosen to work on it. But if there are already 12 advanced sign-ins there can only participate 4 more beginners, the other way around also, that's why you can better sign-up before that Sunday, because there are no regular participation lists (and thus also no obligations for participating) regarding this regular Sunday stage.
Tests are on those specific Sunday stages not possible, because it would disturb the wanted training structure, for that we have the seminars. But the Sunday stages can serve as complete day part for the regarding exam preparations and can be mentioned on the SG diploma or TG check list. I don't know for how long I can stay offering this, but I obligate myself for at least a half year to the offered conditions, for € 20,- per hour. Even without the minimum amount of normally 8 people but with the maximum of 16 persons, so the Sunday stage will be held guaranteed. Thus the price card, the frequency and the intensity is from the start completely transparent and agenda able.
Just for the clearness: If a beginner wants to train more than once a month this is of course also possible, because the Standard Classes are accessible for all grades, t then with the main topic the SG programs 1 till 6. Thus members of the Sifu Class can (even with a special discount) also follow regularly the Standard Classes. For beginners it is even advisable to do so, because then the sometimes quite intense Sifu Stages will be even more fruitful. This new extra-option is meant to be an expanding of the academy offer for beginners and advanced en no substitute, obligation or what so ever.
 With friendly greetings,
 Sifu & Lady-Sifu Schäfer 
The new SG program 'ReakTsun'
In 2007 my Si-Fu gm Prof. Keith R. Kernspecht has started to structure the follow-up program of BlitzDefence. While BlitzDefence is the self defence module of the SG-level 1 t/m 6 is, the BlitzDefence 7-12 was still a bit unstructured (with exception of the till now related anti-clinch programs). Thus it was so far the task of the locale instructor, to let the elements of the learned Chi-Sao flow into it. The problem was, that the filling-in of those was strongly depending on the expertise of the local instructor. Through this the topic BlitzDefence 7 till 12 appeared mostly a bit misty, actually also for the lesson providers. This a bit unclear state belongs now with this welcome addition to the past.
Because the second half of the SG programs has a different context than the first (and with this also a different reaction pattern) my Si-Fu had chosen another program-name. And that name was then finally ReakTsun®. Considering that the 'Beta-phase' is finished in 2009, the time has also come now for the NWTO to integrate slowly but strictly this WT self defence module in the advanced SG programs. From 2010 on ReakTsun will then also be a regular testing topic in the related NWTO SG levels. More details soon in our Member and Instructor section. Dear TG-er: PLEASE grade-up in time; to be ensured that you know in 2010 already exactly what the ReakTsun program is about!
With passion from Amsterdam,
Sifu Frank Schäfer
The NWTO-voting 'our good purpose'  
Because the NWTO is nearly a quarter century busy without having ever received any subsidies or anything like that, while we try already for a long time to offer a value for the youth in our area I have nominated a while ago the NWTO nominated for the good goal campaign of the G.G./tel.gids. Who knows, maybe that we can get this way a new use able wooden floor for our Kwoon. As sooner we can then also continue with our planned group for the 'street kids' in the area. That good purpose action seems to me worth a try. Because 'even if it won’t help it won’t harm' I would have to say and 'not giving a shot is always missing' could make here also some common sense.
Thus, till 11th of December you can still vote for our good purpose, it is even allowed that family members may vote too! The regarding URL stands also in our LINK section. A couple of kind people took already the effort for us – and what is about YOU? It will only cost 2 minutes of your time, and no single dime! Your voice could just make the difference for our good goal, thus give it (and our still hard needed wooden floor) PLEASE a chance! :^) And if it is not supposed to be for us it was some nice promotion for our NWTO activities. Also here we will surly find a way on our own strength, like we always did, even if it will take a little longer.
With sportive greetings,
Frank & Petra Schäfer
Leading NWTO & SCD
poster_goede doel  
December 2009
The 'Master Intensive' also in 2010 & Xmas  
The first two Master Intensives were fine, finally an opportunity to work through a bit of more specific topics more detailed. Like I have already written before I will try to offer this at least for a half year, so thus also in 2010. There is only one little change needed regarding the 'part visitors', here I can't stay giving the same discount. Thus for those who will join all four units the price will stay € 20,- per unit, who books three pays 25,-, for two units € 30,- and who comes only for one unit 35,- per unit. The rest stays so far the same like I have already explained in the November month info. As long as the 'Master Intensive' will be offered it replaces the TR/TG stages because with two PG there is always the option to treat also eventually needed trainer topics. This keeps the agenda a bit more clear and the planning easier. The first MI in 2010 is on: 10-01-2010.
NWTO academy Amsterdam
Every first Sunday of the month
12.00 – 15.00
Beginners and advanced
Maximum 8 with 1 PG
Maximum 16 with 2 PG
1 unit (45 min) = € 35,-
2 units (90 min) = € 60,-
3 units (135 min) = € 75,-
4 units (180 min) = € 80,-
PS. NWTO Academy Xmas-time
The NWTO Academy is closed on the following days in 2009:X24-12-2009, 25-12-2009, 26-12-2009 and 31-12-2009.
First following academy lesson in 2010:
Tuesday, 05-01-2010.
We wish all To-Dai, clients, friends and visitors a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! :^)
With heartily greetings,
Si-Fu & Si-Mo
The last stage, WTW 33 & plans 2010  
Despite of the surprising winter break-through and some unexpected illnesses there was still a couple of WT lovers who came to our last work-out sessions 2009, where the distance from Almere and even Nijmegen seems to be no obstacle at all. While outside the snow was ruling we had it nicely warm inside the Kwoon and we were able to a special WT year on a very homely atmosphere. We explained for the beginners for all the deeper meaning of an 'enhanced body awareness through Siu-Nim-Tau in theory en practice for the advanced we treated mainly the topic 'enhanced sensitivity' through Chi-Sao. Because of the presence of Lady-Sifu there was with every group always one PG. Shortly: a very successful last stage.
The WingTsun Welt number 33 is now arrived and this time the NWTO is represented very nicely! :^) Not only that we can be found (like the last year) with the International Seminar but this time there are also two articles with photos about the NWTO, a report about Lady-Sifu and an article about our new WT-academy. Yes, 2009 finishes like it was starting, quite rich on impact. With all this as reference I am convinced that 2010 will become an outstanding successful year for the people of the NWTO. The base for it is in however well founded and is also already tested a bit by us on its stability and flexibility – it feels fine and quite reliable so far.
In 2010 there are also more activities planned, like the continuation of the Master Intensive, a new Wu-Wei intro, free open academy days and specific WT meetings for special target groups inside and outside the Netherlands. Also with the NWTO member and instructor section on our site I have some plans; it will maybe still take a while until we will be ready with it, but let yourself be surprised. Within soon there will stand the agenda for the first half of 2010 under EVENT and Events. To be really able to fill in all that I have decided to focus myself in 2010 even more on the NWTO and to do at least temporary less with the SCD (with exception of my Counseling and EMDR support).
Again the best wishes for 2010,
Sifu F. & P. Schäfer
wt stage dec09  
January 2010
The workshop Almere becomes WT-group Almere
Almere belongs to the oldest settlements of the NWTO. Sihing Hein Visbeek was in all those years busy as a kind of WT ambassador in Almere. This was in first instance not meant to teach WT on high level but to keep the animo for our art also in Almere alive. With surpassing the years the some less regularly workshop in Almere brought up (also with the temporary support of Matthias Lanuschny) some talents. So it was decide now to form out of the less regularly workshop a regularly group. I'm very happy with this development and will as far as I can support gladly the WT-group Almere.
This wanted professionalizing brings of course also risen obligations with it, because a group needs to fulfill (others than a workshop) an amount of quality norms. Because of this is Sihing Marcel Vrielink already for a while every week regularly in the NWTO academy to be able to enhance his WT qualities; also he started already in 2009 with his Trainer-1 education. In January there will come a new site regarding WT in Almere with all relevant info regarding this new NWTO group. We heartily wish Marcel with the WT group in Almere good success and we give our thanks to our one of our first To-Dai Hein Visbeek for his years of passion for the art of Yip Man. Without his adding this group was probably not emerged.
Special greetings to NWTO-Almere,
Sifu Frank Schäfer
wt instructeur almere2
The NWTO-group Wijchen in sport center Vivelli
Sihing René Rietveld is expanding nicely with his team. Next to Druten and Nijmegen there is now Wijchen added. Our René knew to convince the owner of Vivelli, mister Jan Reijs regarding the advantages of WingTsun; with the result that there will be established a complete WT-group in that center! We guess that this is a very fine project and will gladly deliver the needed support to this new NWTO gain. Congratulations with this nice development! René Rietveld (1. TG) belongs without a doubt to the most passionate To-Dai of mine. Since years he does not avoid effort or costs to deepen more and more his own WT knowledge in the academy in Amsterdam.
He visits not only most of the WT seminars but appears even every week with my evening class. On top of that he has brought up already not just a view motivated students. Another name that can surely mentioned here in this context is Remco van Wiggen (1. TG). Remco's effort can also be called extraordinary and he forms with René a fine team. But there are more people like Pim, John and others. My gratitude for all that goes also to our dear Richard Kunstmann. He is then on this moment 'passive' due to private circumstances but stays active in my thoughts. Richard is the Si-Hing of both and has placed the solid basement on which I was able to build further upon.
Extra-greetings to WT-Wijchen,
Sifu Frank Schäfer
wt instructeur wijchen2  
February 2010
EWTO event 2010 & NWTO meeting 2010
The international EWTO Event 2010:
Also this year we will stick to our tradition to go at least once a year with a group of To-Dai toward a WT Event outside of Holland. And which stage could be better fitting than the yearly main event of the EWTO? The last two years our choice dropped on that and also this year it stands in our NWTO agenda. In 2010 is the date even better placed than with the last two times (in 2008 it started on Lady-Sifu's birthday and 2009 was an overlap with mine), namely in the second half of May, at Whitsun. Because of the great animo of the last times there came now the decision to let the international EWTO event happen in Hockenheim.
The old students remember still our '25-Year-EWTO-Anniversary' which took place there too in 2001. Even if the location is actually secondary - as long as the happening is fine - it is still for a time something else; for all for the people which have already joined the last couple of times. If you wish to join (again) such international WT event together with your Si-Fu, Si-Mo, Si-Hing's and fellow To-Dai, this is surely an especially nice chance. It is of course also a splendid opportunity to get in contact with the most advanced Masters of the EWTO, like gm Prof. Dr. Keith R. Kernspecht, gm Bill Newman, master Guiseppe Schembri, master Oliver König and many other topper of the WT and Escrima world.
The local-change means for all three things:
1. Our actual favorite pension is then probably a bit too far away, thus we can better search a hotel in Hockenheim. This will bring with some extra search work but this forms actually no real obstacle.
2. Considering the fact that the location (Stadthalle Hockenheim) is even larger than the one of Lobbach (Sauerland Stiftung) there can eventually come with more students. The last time we had a limit of 10-12 participants. This time I actually wanted to limit it even to 8-10 because that seemed to make the transport and rooms somewhat easier. But we have now enough time for plan making, thus who knows, maybe we go this time even with a group of 20... if there are enough people who want to come with.
3. Sign-in for the International EWTO Event 2010 (22-05 till 24-05) is possible form 01-02-2010 on through Email or personally in the academy ('dead line': 01-05). There is thus enough time for eventually needed preparations. We surely go minimum with a group of 10 people. I don't wish to limit already by now the maximum of the group; this also depends on the available hotel places. More details will stand soon in our member section.
Extraordinary NWTO instructors meeting:
To determine the new guide lines for 2010 any further we wish to held by the way already on Saturday 30-01-2010 from 12.00 on an extraordinary NWTO-instructors-meeting. The originally on this day planned Wu-Wei intro will be replaced on a later date. This particular day there will be made (like also the last year in March) again a couple of very important decisions.
But unlike the last year is this specific gathering then only accessible for the NWTO instructor’s resp. instructor-aspirants, because the aimed topics have mainly to do with teaching. To stimulate the joining as far as possible this extra meeting will be absolutely free. PLEASE try to be there on this special gathering, otherwise you can't bring in your vote regarding our future directions regarding WT in NL!
We hope to be able to see you all on this day at our Kwoon.
Sifu Frank Schäfer, 7. PG
Lady-Sifu Petra Schäfer, 6. PG,
EWTO national-trainer NL
Registertherapeut BNG & DSM-IV certificate
The awareness regarding Counseling as an effective alternative intervention for the most different problem areas grows more and more. Considering that with a couple of directive changes some insurances will only pay-off therapies if the regarding health worker is also attached with the RBNG, I have chosen to join them also in 2010 (as a trial) to keep the access obstacles for my clients as low as possible. To be able to stay aligned with the given HBO level register-demands I have short ago accomplished a certificate DSM-IV – TR in Utrecht which will have a follow-up day in the second half of this year through the ABvC. Also my EMDR abilities will get in 2010 most probably an extension .
I have by the way forwarded the help providing SCD functions toward the NWTO, by that the bills for the health insurances will from now on come through the NWTO directly. This offers for instance the advantage that can now offer to our To-Dai this extra help providing without administrative detour. Within soon I will be able to hand-out an overview of health insurances which compensate our psycho-social help providing through Counseling (totally of partially). Also I wish to point toward the possibility to ask if in need for a PGP with the gemeente, whereby also in the context of the participatiewet and the WMO certain chances for compensations of professional health care through Counseling are existing. Later more about this in our member section.
Maart 2010
New schedule & passports in arrival
Adapting to a couple of recent happenings (e.g. the study planning of Mehdi) we have together with the academy-team decided to adjust the teaching schedule. Regarding the Sifu classes there will be actually not much change. But one essential adjustment is, that the SG 6 barrier will drop! From March on also beginners are allowed to join the Sifu classes. The parallel Standard classes will stop by this what will be only be advantageous for the teaching overview. It felt also a little strange for Si-Mo and me to 'neglect' students of the Standard class during the splitted group lessons. Soon comes more info regarding the Standard Class on Monday and Friday and the other wanted adjustments. This means however that the students who want to continue with WT on the most favorable way would have to join then the group lesson on Monday or Friday, because the Sifu Class costs are 45,- instead of 30,- a month.
A very nice detail is that the administrative reconstruction regarding the wished automatizing seems to develop just fine, thank to 'my' dear To-Dai Pim Kartner. Then also the 'passport dilemma' will be part of the past and we don't have to enter the member data in the NWTO passport with a pen anymore. It is now only a question of a couple of weeks, then we are also with that topic completely up-to-date again.
WT in Dinxperlo & Enchede and Almelo
Sihing Tom Beltermann (EWTO TG-aspirant) wants to offer an add-on for the Nederlandse WingTsun Organisatie from March on. This is without a doubt a nice chance for the NWTO to expand WT in NL even more and to make it known also in Dinxperlo. In future there will come more details about this new project in the News section of our site. The contact# stands for now in Archieven/Nederlands/NWTO Kerninfo.
Also Sihing Indy Mahabier (NWTO TG-aspirant) has his preparations finished and will start in March with WingTsun lessen in Enschede and Almelo. Both WT instructors have taken the nice chance to contribute to an already existing sport-location. Maybe there will follow later an own WT-location, but this is surely a fine chance to start-up without heavy investments beforehand.
Actually it was the plan that Sifu Te Wiel would take care of Enschede and Almelo, but considering that he wishes also to be active after Winterswijk and Doetinchem also in Arnhem and Hengelo and that I didn't get a response on my request regarding Enschede/Almelo it seemed to be a pity to let this two places further unused. If Sifu Te Wiel might have still real expanding plans in Twente I will continue gladly my service - but I do need Feedback...
The NWTO wishes both instructors heartily much success with the growth of their WingTsun activities and will indeed possible also provide eventually needed support.
April 2010
Unforeseen changes
At the begin of the year we got the surprising message that the building company from below our school wasn't going well due to the recession, that's why they will stop with their activities in the end of April. We were already in negotiation with the house owner regarding the possibility to keep the upper (our) location separated from the lower to rent.
Unfortunately he felt not too much with this proposal because he wishes to keep the building as one. Considering that we impossibly can also rent the unneeded lower part, that we have to arrange soon a new location...
Regarding this there is already a couple of activities going on considering two possible (re-)places. The new Kwoon will be a bit smaller, also because we don't need so much space (beside the seminars), like we have seen the last 12 months. A somewhat smaller location gives also the advantage that there can be easier worked on adjustments (like with the floor – I am glad that we have not already put 'm in!). Right now we try to negotiate a way to ensure a possible easy transfer from the 'old' toward the new location (not too far away) . The summer time will be then again moving time...:^P
Future teaching schedule
Regarding to the recent changes also the teaching schedule will be adjusted a bit. The Sifu Classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will stay the same and the Standard Classes on Monday and Friday will also stay. I expect that the overall costs for the students will not significantly change. Thus beside the location switch there will be not much change to the existing situation. And we sit with nearly half of the Kwoon rent what would be also a positive aspect with this surprising development. Within short there will come more regarding the new NWTO academy.
And yes, I assume then that this is really the last change of the Kwoon location... It is thinkable that at least one of the Sifu Classes will be again limited for advanced students (from 6. SG or so) right now I have the Wednesday in my mind. This situation is then without a doubt nothing what we were waiting for but it is not differently. Luckily we are used to (re)act flexible! And regarding the atmosphere also the new Kwoon will not be less, maybe even somewhat more personally, who knows.
May 2010
GGM Leung Ting free of charges
In March 2009 a long story started in Hong Kong regarding the topic domestic affairs. GGM Leung Ting was accused that he had physically abused is girl friend. In first instance our Si-Gung/Si-Jo was found guilty, in the revision it was clarified that the accusations were unjustified. GGM Leung Ting was now free of charge in all points. Considering the serious topic of violence against women the whole WT world is without a doubt quite relieved that this is now finally solved. I myself was astonished that there was so little known about it in 2009, because the HK press was full of it. Of course it was known by most of the Chinese in NL, I was approached a couple of times, but only in Chinese restaurants. Also there was one and the other mentioned on the web but all together it stayed quite quiet.
So I had decided to wait first on the final trial and had then only informed the NWTO group leader that they were not eventually completely unprepared if they would be confronted with it. This explains also why GGM Leung Ting was not for a visit with the EWTO in 2009, because intercontinental travels were not allowed. When he nevertheless tried to travel at least to China he was even arrested and kept for 24 hours, while he was allowed to travel to China. Regarding many Chinese he can now count on a not low monetary compensation. Above all this incident has proven that also a grandmaster has to struggle with human problems, from which the outcome is not always sure. In this case it was luckily turning out like wished. We congratulate our grandmaster for this juridical victory!
With kind regards,
Frank Schäfer, Sifu
WT section NL
It stays all different...
Regarding the recent Kwoon situation it is unfortunately not possible to travel, like planned, to Hockenheim. There was no vote for my preposition toward the group leader to go also without Lady-Sifu and me, what I can understand also a bit. But I( have the plan to find in the second half of this year a replacing seminar in Germany to maintain still our yearly tradition. Above that we plan as a compensation a WT/CM summer camp for the disappointed or enthusiast To-Dai. But right now our focus is mainly directed on the best available replacement of the NWTO academy, because I do not wish to return to the rent per hour approach. Also for the following location I wish a place where we can install our dummy, mirrors, pictures etc.. There are already working activities with speed on the go but it should be obvious that this is also for us not an easy task.
There will come more details in the June section. This will be by the way placed on a new page because of two reasons: First, the Last News page will become otherwise to long (there are now already more than 40 A4's with text and codes implemented!) what would slow down the down-load time. Second, that page holds then May 2009 till May 2010, our time at the Kapoeasweg, which was without a doubt a special but temporary project. Nevertheless, this unexpected change will bring us once again further forward, even if it may be a bit difficult to spot also for us right now. But if I look back at my life I can trace just a few relevant changes which have not led me to a better overall situation. Thus also here I just let the Tao come...
Because the period june 2010 till december 2011 was now (regarding the Kwoon-location) also a temporary project, I have decided to bring at last both teaching periods (Kapoeasweg and Bolstoen) together on one page in 'Previous News'. From January 2012 the new NWTO chapter Abberdaan will open. This will be then also the starting point of the 'Last News' part, how long this chapter will become is not to foresee yet... xD
With friendly greetings,
Sifu F. & P. Schäfer
EWTO National trainer NL


June - November 2010
Dear To-Dai,
The last half year was extremely busy, there were not too little but too much options available. Also there was simply not enough time to document all developments over and over again. But just like already two years ago, we prefer to come up with a site up-date when all is at least half way round again. Well, the Kwoon is not yet completely finished but fully functional and in use, that's why there is finally the official NWTO up-date. I will spare you from all those visited side paths and leave them out here, concentrating on on that what is now.
Okay, we have our final moving successfully behind our back now, The bad side is that the new location is less good reachable for people without own transport. The good side is that the location had a much warmer ambience than the Kapoeasweg. The wooden floor is surely an advancing and also the shape of the rooms are pleasant. We are very satisfied with that again reached result and the comments of the students were also quite posiyive. For Si-Mo and me this was most probably the very last Kwoon that we have build up...
There is a reasonable hope that the ability to reach the Kwoon better through public transport in future, because they are already quite busy with expanding the overall infrastructure. Until it is so far the students were already able to organize some car pools. For those who are bound to public transport, we can offer a 'catch up service' from station Sloterdijk. Just give a call (06-22564448) if you are planning to come along and don't know how to come at our place without car or bicycle.
The academy classes
Considering the fact that the year is nearly over again, we decided to start with the new schedule in 2011. Right now there take only the Sifu classes on Tuesday and Thursday (19.00-20:30) place! In January the Monday and Friday classes Standaard and Fit4Fight (19.00-20:30) will start again and also with the Wednesday we got some plans. During the year 2011 the other classes will be also restarted step by step, depending on the available requests, luckily we are flexible.
 Unfortunately it is necessary to raise some prices a bit from 2011 on to be able to maintain our high teaching standard. Regarding the seminars I will reduce the discount with 5,- Euro per unit, thus 35,- / 60,- /80,-. Regarding the group lesson I will raise the fee with 5,- Euro per lection, thus 50,- / 90,- / 120,-. The articles and examination costs are already conform the EWTO guide lines and stay the same. Even with this raise of prices we are still clearly below the regular costs of two PG, but we wish also to stay affordable for a bit broader public.
Students who wish to stop because of the distance or costs can be released from the contract. This offer is nevertheless no replacement for an official quitting van the teaching contact. The stopping has still to be due a personal letter, to call or send a mail is not enough for quitting the contract. All students who wish to take the effort to further follow our lessons are heartly welcome at our new NWTO academy at Bolstoen 2A! We think that we will have some good times there with each other, the foundation for that is now however (again!) created...
Looking forward to see you in our new and very charming Kwoon!
Heartily,Si-Fu & Si-Mo
PS. The first and last seminar in the new Kwoon is on 27. & 28. November 2010 12.00-15.30 and on 12. December 2010 is still one Master Intensive 12.00-14.15.
December 2010
Dear Todai,
The year is nearly passed again. As unpleasant as it is started as pleasant it seems to finish. We have lost a nice Kwoon but were able to gain a great one. And there are for this location still some extraordinary plans, for instance an own club lounge with special events. Also for Wu-Wei this location seems to be excellent, this seemed to be less the case at the Kapoeasweg somehow – even if the the place is not supposed to play a role 'the entrance' is easier to get in some places than in others. We still need some work but there is progression and we hope to be finished with the wanted results at the beginning of the following year.
Well, also this year the NWTO was represented with 3 TG with the EWTO but there was no time for own private lessen  or a special EWTO event. That's why I have planned for 2011 at least two. I wish to organize with Simo and four advanced To-Dai again a small group session in Pisa. Two places (Bilal en Robert) are already taken and the other two could be Ricardo and Marchel, or Jack and Anais...). If it is not possible for them  there would be two places available, but there is at least 11th SG needed to join us.
The other event will be the INT EWTO LG 2011. Here we will go with a group of around 10 students, no minimum graduation required, who sign-up first may join. And maybe there will fit still a third event in our agenda 2011, who knows, one is already standing on our waiting list... :^) At last there is the option to hold a summer camp in Spain  and our own seminars, master intensives and CM stages of course, short: a whole bunch of interaction in 2011!
Now we come to the sealing highlight! About ten years ago I requested  the Sifu title for my To-Dai Roy Cordesius, 2. TG, because of his afford, loyality and interactive abilities. A real generation shift was at that rime actually not happening because Sifu Roy is holding no group lesson. Now there could happen a generation jump in 2011... Considering my age it would have felt strange to be called a grandfather.
At the end of November I thought it was time to put another renowned To-Dai in the spotlight. Begin of December I have requested the much wanted Sifu title for my To-Dai Bilal Davran, 2. TG. This request was fulfilled already on 6th of December! By that I was able to hand over, together with Lady-Sifu, the WMAIC certificate on December 23rd in a small ceremony at our new Kwoon. Heartily congratulations Sifu Bilal Davran.You are now the fourth official acknowledged Dutch  'Sifu of WingTsun'.
In Januari Sifu Bilal will start-up btw a new Standard/Fit4Fight class on Friday. Costs 35,- per month for none-members and 25,- per month for members of the other academy classes. For students who become member through his lessons Bilal becomes thus the 'Si-Fu' that means also that I will change for them to 'Si-Gung' (and Lady-Sifu to 'Si-Tai'). For the students of the Sifu class (we need now another name for our own classes, probably 'master class') nothing changes, the title stays with Bilal as 'Si-Hing' - but 'Sifu Bilal' would also not be wrong but then with name added.
And also we stay just 'Si-Fu' and 'Si-Mo' for our 'To-Dai' (childred) but thus not for our 'To-Suen' (grand children). Between 24-12-2010 and 10-01-2011 the Kwoon is closed. The first following group lesson is on is op 11-01-2011, 19:00.
 Si-Fu & Si-Mo
 Si-Gung & Si-Tai
 Sifu Frank Schäfer & Lady-Sifu Petra Schäfer
 PS. The next seminar is planned on 30. January 2011, 12.00-15.30.
January / February 2011
Dear To-Dai, Dear To-Suen,
I hope that you went fine into the new year and that the lucky stream of 2011 may continue for a while! With us things are now going now slowly again following our schedule, after we returned from two short visits in Germany in between. The building work of the Kwoon is now nearly done, at least for now, but we still have some plans with our office and the lounge. But later more about that.
The first seminar 2011 is right now already behind us. It was a very nice stage, even with students from  Almere, Alphen en Nijmegen. Some we have met for the first time and other familiar faces. The showed quality and motivation was high and the time was flying. Yes, we enjoy teaching in this location a lot, there is a much warmer atmosphere than in the previous academy.
Sifu Bilal has started with the Monday class, 19.00-20.30. The target group is two-folded:First,  there is the option again to learn WT for a lower budget in the academy, respectively to train extra. The costs are: 30,- per month for new members and only 20,- per month for members of the master class! - Second, this evening will also be used for the action-lovers to train some specific combat preparations, like combat drills, circle defense and the 5-phases-combat. The first trial lesson is always free, also with Sifu Bilal, I shall say, go and take a look.
The best wishes,
March / April 2011 
Our first EWTO special in 2011: Wülfrath, part 1.
This year we have planned again a lot of things, the first point of interest was to make the final examination part for the 2nd TG become true for my To-Dai René Rietveld and Ricardo Slotema. Very well prepared we arrived. Si-Gung Kernspecht was once again in excellent mood en introduced his new deepening exercises of the revolutionary ReakTsun programme. Beside Sihing René and Sihing Ricardo also Sihing Robert van de Maarl and Sifu Bilal Davran were joining. Even if both were not ready for an examination this time it was a great opportunity to make personal 'contact' (again) with their Si-Gung...
The time-shift brought with a small misunderstanding, the result was that Si-Gung came 1 hour later after the break. This extra hour we knew of course to fill in well with some extra preparation work for the 2nd TG examinations. A nice chance for a free lesson for our two test candidates thus. And as cream of the crop all four were exceptionally allowed to join the afterward following trainer-4 stage in which Si-Gung introduced the first 'Routine', GM KernspechtsTG add-on of the SG ReakTsunprogramme. By that the originally planned nice 5-hour training day became a fantastic 8-hour event!
In September we will by the way go again to Wülfrath, but then even with a larger group because at that time there will be again a couple of our Todai ready for their final TG examinations! And I am quite sure that the recent lucky four want to come with again as well... For the one who wants to experience Si-Gung 'from close' a real deal. Thus, if you want to come with next time sign in with us not to late – unfortunately you have to be at least SG12 to participate on this TG stage. Also there will be again a Trainer-4 stage afterward, for the ones who still want more; and if I ask Si-Gung  very kindly the NWTO'er will surely be allowed to join again, even if they might not be Trainer-3 already.
Regarding Hockenheim: Considering the two Wülfrath appointments and of course the Pisa event this year it could be that we will skip the INT LG 2011. Unfortunately sometimes priorities must be set and until now there was just too little reponse from the NWTO'er to make a lot of work out of it with diverse travel preparations and hotel bookings. As explanation I have to add that in the NWTO is mainly WT on top, while Escrima and ChiKung more an adding aspect. If the INT LG was mainly WT there would be probably more animus within the NWTO to travel to it like we did in 2008 and 2009.
GM Prof. Kernspecht seemed to be quite happy with the shown level of our two TG2 aspirants and by that the from Si-Gung signed diplomas were already handed over to me! As soon the rest of the obliged waiting time/preparation time is over and the written work is approved I will – after a small very last check-up – fill in the date, that will happen probably during the next month! With this our gratulations again René and Ricardo for your outstanding achievement!  Think that again it was proven that the quality of our small NWTO doesn't have to hide from the quality of the big EWTO .
Upcoming schedule changes
From the 1st of June 2011 on the schedules of the evening lessons will be changed. After an inquiry in the Kwoon we have decided not to expand already on Wednesday with a master class, but to give a double session on Tuesday and Thursday. This will give more flexibility for most people, at least if we adjust the class times a bit.
The first class will then start 18.30 till 20.00 and the second 20.00-21.30. By that it will be easier for people with shifting works to catch in some eventually missed classes and also for the ones with longer way to school can a double session turns out useful. And last but not least it gives also me more time on those two evenings, what is always a fine thing.
We hope to match with this adaptation the recent needs of our To-Dai. Another suggestion was to start-up also seminars with 2 day-parts at 11.00, to keep a bit more of the rest of the weekend day free. Also here we like to listen to you, from May 2011 on all standard seminars will start at 11.00. If there are more wishes we like to hear them from you.
Note: The 2nd of June there is no class due to Ascension Day.
2011 wuelfrath finally in touch again  
May / June 2011
In the public jury 'Loyly4You 2011'
We were asked if we would want to take part of  the public jury of the Loyly4You event 2011, partly held in Spa Zuiver. By that we took the chance to judge over 'the master of the towel 2011' with the final pre rounds, the half final and the final. Next to the public jury of 'sauna skilled ones' there was of course also a pro jury of 'real sauna professionals'.It were three intense, hot days and a very nice experience to look at our hobby from a different angle.
It was not only an intensive and enjoyable but also a very instructive happening for us. My special thank goes to the passionate Sauna Topper en Loyly4You semi finalist Michel Carpay, up to Si-Mo and me (and also the rest of the public jury) he actually would have more than deserved the final and stays our favorite infusion master, and not only in 2011!
The 10+1 training-coupons are back
From June 2011 on the 10+1 training-coupons are back.There are two versions available, one for the standard classes (125,- /75,- for academy members) and one for the master classes (175,- /125,- for academy members). You have to be NWTO or EWTO member to use the 10+1 coupons and even if you want to train with the coupons only you have to sign the NWTO academy education agreement.
A single training of the standard class costs thus 12,50 (7,50 for academy members) and 17,50 (12,50 for academy members) for the master class. The first trial training is and stays of course free and completely without any obligations. We hope to have provided again a bit more flexibility for you with this extra offer.
On the next seminar on 28 & 29 May we have by the way a lot going on. That's why we offer that weekend even three units (11.00-12.30, 12.30-14.00 and 14.00-15.30). Next to the standard SG tests there are also 'b-parts' in our agenda. But that is not all, because two TG2 finals are also waiting! We will also take some recent pictures at our new Kwoon. Thus you are warmly welcome, be it for examination or training, it will be for sure a pleasant stage. Also for students who were absent for a while a great opportunity to fresh up some contacts and abilities!
25 Years NWTO
New NWTO theme days
During the last decades there were quite a lot chances within the EWTO/IWTA of the SG programs. In 1982 there were the ten Lat-Sao attacks added, in 1984 the controlling methods, in 1988 the Lat-Sao programs, in 1992 the Ancient SNT, 1994 the anti-clinch programs, in 2000 the BlitzDefence programs and in 2008 the ReakTsun programs, just to mention the most important odd-ons. (WT-ChiKung and FrequenChi forming their own tasks and have no influence on the SG programs.)
To prevent that the SG programs become to big a couple of other training methods had to be stripped like for example circle defense, WT drills, defense against Choy Lay Fut attacks and against techniques from other traditional fighting styles. Those exercises are actually not completely vanished with the veterans but switched from the testing programs to the teaching programs. That is the treasure chest of the skilled teacher, out of this he/she can scoop to variate the own lessons without losing the red line.
Another aspect is regarding the luck factor, because some topics were taught by ggm Leung Ting in Europe only for one summer, like the WT falling techniques in 1983, the 'gimme-5' approach in 1994 or the Tripodal Dummy in 2006. Short, it is for the most a mission impossible to learn all programs. This is also not necessary to dive deeper into the realms of WT, those are more about the broad, which can of course also be nice and useful. We don't want to blew up the SG preparation times  not unnecessarily by the demand of to many test topics, otherwise it's not about 2 to 4 months but years...
The testing-program has to be equal in every WT school worldwide to handle a quality standard and to stay compatible. Here is thus not much variation space; unlike the teaching program. There the instructor can bring in his own experiences and affinities on a creative way. It should be obvious that the teaching-program of a TG instructor is normally more extensive than that one of a SG instructor, while the testing-program is supposed to be the same. But still this is not supposed to be the main difference between both. If the TG'ers can own the SG'ers only with higher techniques or physical domination, the advanced one has clearly not made the needed homework!
To make one thing clear: Even if one learns 'only' the test-program it is possible to advance to the highest levels. The test-programs are forming the skeleton of WingTsun, the teaching-programs are forming then the flesh. Unnecessary to mention that a none selective adding can also lead rapidly to a fat body. Thus even if that treasure chest is flexible and without strict limitations one has to be a bit picky about what finery to add and what extra value it might have for the student. Also here is less often more.
But still I do understand also that the enthusiast student like to experience different aspects of WingTsun. Well, in a 90 minutes group lesson I cannot fulfill this wish to often because the main attention goes to the testing-programs with good reasons. Also at the standard seminars there is mostly not enough time to focus profoundly on side aspects, thus my plan is to offer in future once in a while at the weekends special theme days. The meaning is to work intensively through a certain teaching-program topic on three day parts (11.00-12.30, 12.45-14.15 en 14,30-16.00).
The first double(!) I wish to offer is on Whitsun weekend (as alternative-special for Hockenheim), Saturday, 11-06-2011 falling- and throwing techniques and Sunday 12-06-2011 tackling and anti-ground fighting. Unlike the subject seems to be there is no minimum SG graduation or pre knowledge needed with those two days because it is a specific terrain. Both days are somehow related to each other but it is possible to join only one day, but not only one day part (with exception of the first) because that would be to disturbing.
Thus SG1 or SG12 doesn't matter, but it is the intention to let people train together with similar abilities. TG'er who have already run through that programs (and withut need for a fresh-up)  cab work on those days on a chosen topic – if there is a fitting TG partner as companion. Costs: From 8 partitioners 45,-/75,-/100,-, from 16 persons 35,-/60,-/80,- with maximum of 24 partitioners. Unlike with the standard seminars a sign-in before is needed to finalize the price and to reserve a place.
The theme day are thus fine opportunities to work through some side aspects detailed. But they are not obliged to be able to go on toward the TG level but an add-on for the lover on the application areas of WingTsun. But indeed the theme days will be counted for extra preparation on the next SG/TG examinations. Thinkable other themes are for instance: Enhancing of Dau-Sum (fighting spirit), Conflict handling (SCD), Controlling ways,  Ancient Siu-Nim-Tau, Palm-stick techniques, Escrima, CoreMunication, Wu-Wei... Feel the need for another related topic? Then let it be known!
Introduction 'Happy Hour'
Regarding our 25 years NWTO anniversary I have introduced for two times a week in two sessions the 'Happy Hour'. It is the meaning to give also the less wealthy the opportunity to afford at least once a private lesson from me. During the 'Happy Hour' I give WingTsun for the price of Counselling, thus for half of the price!
But those special dates can only be appointed through phone on Monday between 12.30 and 14.00 and only for the recently running week. A reservation before for another week is for the 'Happy Hour' then unfortunately not possible. This temporary arrangement will last for at least a half year (till December 2011).
Of course we still have also plans for a small celebration regarding the quarter century existence of our Nederlandse WingTsun Organistatie. The various other activities (Kwoon moving, home improvements, Pisa preparations, SG-/TG-examinations, etc.) have pushed this fact a bit into the back ground. But after the summer we will surely response to that with a special event.
Looking forward to see you,
Sifu Frank Schäfer
Chief-instructor NWTO
7th master level WingTsun (EWTO)
July / August 2011
Academy summer holidays
Indeed the academy will be closed between 19th and 26th of July regarding the planned NWTO summer special. For the rest we actually wish to stay also open during the summer time, like the last couple of years. But if there will be in that period of time only very few people around it is possible that we limit the master class toward one evening. The next following WT seminar after our return will be held by the way on Sunday, 31-07-2011 from 11:00 on in Amsterdam.
NWTO summer special
Well, actually Pisa with my Si-Fu was planned to be the special summer event 2011. Unfortunately that appointment had to be cancelled this time. So far the bad news. The good news is, that I have already got a replacement appointment in a warm country in February 2012! And because everything regarding the logistic was already arranged, I worked hard on an alternative program for the same period in Andalusia. Then not under the guidance of my Si-Fu but under the guidance of my; but therefore the price card is also somewhat lower – for sure with that special Pisa-compensation-offer of mine.
The meaning is to arrive on 19th of July and to scan the area around a bit. Between 20th and 25th of July is then our WT intensive with 2 times 2 hours lessons plus 2 times 1 hour rehearsal a day and on 26th we will travel back. I have rented a luxury villa with all thinkable extra's which is suitable for eight people, thus we will not have any shortage with us five. Actually we wanted to go with six persons but unfortunately Ricardo and Sifu Bilal were unexpectedly not able top join our trip. And it is on a to short time schedule to find a fitting replacement for Bilal – but this is for the lucky SG'er Peter (who was able to take over Ricardo's place) and the TG aspirants Mark and Robert not a real problem... xD Short, it promises to become an absolutely unique event once more!
2011 NWTO Amsterdam lost in break
Vamos ala Playa en Viva España!
And how unique it was! The eight day flew by with not a single minute of bordom or irritations. The group od five were able to get along with each other perfectly. The beginning was then a bit stressful for our doctor Mark of the emergency room, because his train stopped out of a sudden regarding a fire... Literally on the last minute he was able to arrive at the check-in, from that moment on the rest was only enjoying for the whole group. The flight went fine and the rented villa was ideal for our purpose: Peacefully located in the mountains with a big pool, open indoor fire place, roofed sun terrace, BBQ, a well equipped kitchen, satellite TV, wireless internet access and so on. And because we were only with five everybody was able to capture an own room (with the exception of SiMo and me of course).
 On the event-program stood actually a quite long row:
 For the SG'er Peter:  
 Rehearsal:  Siu-Nim-Tau form, 10 WT-drills and Nuk-Sao sequence.
 Enhancement:  Chum-Kiu form, Chi-Sao reflexes and Lat-Sao adaptations.  
 New:  '7-Joint-Force' coordinations, 10-WT-footwork combinations and Kao-Sao impulses in diverse applications.
 For the TG-aspirants Mark and Robert the schedule looked even more impressive:  
 Rehearsal:  Siu-Nim-Tau form and Chum-Kiu form.  
 Enhancement:  7+1 core-qualities and 1. section Chi-Sao.  
 New:  2. section Chi-Sao, 3. section Chi-Sao, 4. section Chi-Sao plus 1. half of Biu-Tze form!
I have never tried before to give such a big package to one group in one event. So it was then also for me a very interesting experiment how far a small group can come with enough motivation and attention. So, soon the appointed 24 hours became 36 (without more costs indeed) because it was mostly to much fun to finish just like that. Above that the 'three Amigos' were just unstoppable and they knew how to trigger me to put out one or the other detail out of my drawer over and over again to get me out of my sun(chair)greeting position. In three decades I have never given before such an intensive and at the same time such relaxing and cheerful stage! I could have easily proceeded another eight days like that. And Lady-Sifu showed how a Si-Mo takes care about her WT-children with all kind of lovely attentions before, during and after the sessions (but took also the chance to join in once in a while).
While the event stood completely under the sign of WingTsun, there was still enough free time for everybody. We even have had brought with some DVD's but actually looked in the evenings only two movies for doing something else between. For the rest there was no real need for multimedia distractions. Still fine was to be able to play the whole day and night fitting music through the satellite (even with mainly music from the 80's, my teenager-years). And because we arranged already on the first day a a whole bunch of food at the super market, everything was there in large amounts. We have even left stuff behind at the end for the owner who was also quite nice. Even a day on the beach of Costa de Sol, with a speed boat stunt and an evening in Torre de Mar, with a delicious dinner and going-out was included. Actually no wonder that the time flew by...
Also the weather was perfect on all eight days with between 32 and 38 degrees. On the lower regions nearly to hot but with us in the mountains it was terrific due to the constantly soft blowing cooling wind and of course due the always available pool! Next to that we have had absolutely no problems with mosquito’s etc., even not in the evening at our fire place, we were blessed from all sides somehow. (If Pisa would have went through we would actually have been for one week in the rain...) I stay searching but still can't find no minus point here to come up with to make our story somewhat more balanced, well, maybe with the exception that it turned out to be for all five participants way to short, even with the adding of the two extra days...
 Short, there will come for sure come add-on in Andalusia; and also that will be on it's way unique. But it will still be difficult to approach the perfect circumstances which were our companions in July of 2011. Andalusia 2011 stands now for sure for me and also for SiMo on the first place of the due to the NWTO given stages and maybe even in the top-5 of the participated IWTA/EWTO events.
That it turned out like that has not at least to do with our three To-Dai. Mark (referring SiMo already since formally our one and only real KungFu Panda) knew how to (re)animate the whole group over and over again with his natural born talent of humor, Oh-boy, what have we laughed that week! Robert knew how to play in on it and has by that thrown in gasoline into our laughing fireworks;  nitro and glycerine, what a combination! Peter was then actually meant to be the more quiet counterpart, which was by the way more often drawn-in our nice childish fooling around (between the trainings) then he would have had expected – I guess. xD Yes, there were is one force is dominant no other can be! If there is something like a perfect WT-holiday it was this! And that was it!
With gratitude to my dear To-Dai, who taught me again to remember that teaching WT is the very nicest profession I can ever imagine for myself!
Frank Schäfer
Chief Instructor NWTO
September / October 2011
NWTO winter camp in Andalusia
The surrounding of Malaga was in such a way lovely to mus that we have the plan to go there again still this year, namdively in December! But that is not all, we want to make from Andalusia a more regular event, at least twice a year: two times one week in the summer (June) and one time one week in the winter (December). Regarding the summer there could even go two times a group for a week on a WT sun holiday. If then the first group departs after the first week, the second could arrive for week two. There is no minimum graduation demand to join our Summer- or winter camps.
Another quite interesting option would be, to rent two villa's directly in 2012, because there was another one quite close to our location. Then more people could join than in 2011, which would also lower the overall costs even more. However, I am already busy with searching for opportunities regarding a NWTO winter camp this year. But considering that this will be once more  limited toward the maximum of six persons you can better reserve your place in time. Because it is then still 2011 the 25-Year-Aanniversary 'Happy Hour' arrangement (= half price) will still be valid!
On the long turn I can even imagine a spring- and a Autumn camp (thus in March and  in September). I prefer to give here more smaller intensive-events than one larger. Through the EWTO I got already last year the permission to do this kind of events in Andalusia. But which option it will be in the end depends on the given animo and feedback. And the begin of this 'season row' is settled Of course we still have also plans for a small celebration regarding the quarter century existence of our Nederlandse WingTsun Organistatie. The various other activities (Kwoon moving, home improvements, Pisa preparations, SG-/TG-examinations, etc.) have pushed this fact a bit into the back ground. But after the summer we will surely response to that with a special event and that on a very unique way. So, we are definitely looking forward to a quickest possible follow-up in the beautiful area of Malaga – and like the weather looks now thus in December or in January...
The fastest NWTO moving ever!
We were able to make use of an extraordinary opportunity and have moved the NWTO academy within one single weekend! From Bolstoen 2A toward Abberdaan 56 (diagonal across, not even 100 meters). While we were actually not unhappy with the previous teaching rooms, we have here one extra floor and we are finally alone again with WT in the well maintained building. From November on the group lesson will already take place on the new location. Above that Sifu Bilal Davran wants to help actively to expand the academy teaching schedule. And also Sihing Maarten Amesz would be ready to take care of a couple of Kwoon-classes.
We will start already in December to offer a 30-classes week schedule in the new NWTO academy... With 10x Workshop, 12x Standard, 2x SelfDefence, 2x Fit4Fightand 4x Master; a bit later 1x Women and 1x Youth will be added too. We are thus heading toward a 32-classes week schedule with not less than 64 lessons! And all of that under skilled guidance! The formally known 'Student Classes' are now called 'Workshop Classes'. This name giving seems to fit a bit better because they were not only be meant for students but also for people with lower income. The teaching schedule will be expanded in future step by step regarding the animo we hope to be able to raise on this location.
Another point is regarding the prices at the new location. Due to members feedback our old arrangement of 30+60/60+30 would be a usable option to prevent that the costs of the Master Classes will have to raise. This arrangement means that an (TG) instructor will take over the first resp. last 30 minutes of the class and Lady-Sifu and me will take care of the following resp. previous 60 minutes. But who knows me, knows also that it might be a little narrow for me... Thus I looked also here for the 'Tsung Yung' or 'golden midway' and I found a 15+75/75+15 arrangement. With that arrangement I can prevent a raise of the costs and even the MC prices will stay the same.
Our member section is now in use by the way. It will be expanded bit by bit with all kind of nice and need to know topics. Also a kind of Chat/Forum will be there among other things, but this is something for later. The member section comes with two levels, the first for students and the second for instructors. The Log-in data can only be requested 'personally' through Email. Unfortunately is the access only possible for registered members of the Nederlandse WingTsun Organisatie (NWTO), because the needed verification of foreign WT'er through associated WingTsun organisations would be simply to time demanding.
 Sifu Schäfer
November / December 2011
Our second EWTO Special in 2011: Wülfrath, part 2.
Unbelievable but true, it is already more than a half year ago that we were for the first time in Wülfrath... Now the follow-up was around the corner. Especially because I was not able to meet my Si-Fu in Pisa I was extremely happy with this seminar. And also this time we have had again some TG-aspirants, who wanted to finish their final examination parts with gm Prof. Kernspecht. For his second TG Remco van Wiggen was heading and Pim Kartner, Mark Frederikse and Robert van der Maarl first TG. Our 'kwoon keeper' Sifu Bilal still needs some extra preparation time for achieving his third TG and will be most probably ready for it somewhen in 2012.
Unfortunately you have had to posses minimum the 12. SG to be allowed to come with to Germany and the amount of participants was limited. Afterward there was again a Trainer-4 Stage, then with the introduction of the 'third Routine' of my Si-Fu gm Prof. Kernspecht. Also this time the Dutch travelers were allowed to join that strictly limited stage, even if they are not Trainer-3 yet! All three training units brilliantstrong! Because the focus was with the first two on the 'second Routtine' already (beside the TG examinations, which were assisted by Sifu Giuseppe Schembri, 8. PG), the Trainer-4 stage was used to start with the 'third Routine'.
Our four TG-aspirants were by the way capable to fulfill greatly the test obligations and were thus able to finish the practical part successfully. As soon the theory work is approved as well, what will be most probably still this month, the targeted TG level will be reached completely. There took at the Wülfrath seminar already a small hand-out (without date) place for the passed TG practice parts. The big hand-out (with date) will happen soon in Amsterdam, probably during the seminar on Sunday 15th of January 2012. Herwith once again my felicitations to Remco, Pim, Mark and Robert for the fine accomplishments during this special day!
Academy winter holiday
Regarding Christmas and the New Year the NWTO academy is closed between 27-12-2011 and 05-01-2012. The in this period of time missed lessons can be catched-in in January or February. To compensate one Master Class it is by the way also possible to follow two Standard Classes. The first WT seminar in 2012 will take place on the weekend of 14st and 15nd of January; from 11:00 in Amsterdam. On this seminar there will also happen the awaiting TG finals, including de official hand-out of the EWTO-diploma's! A very nice beginning to start through with WT, we will also take pictures again – don't miss this extraordinary event! 
WT Welt 35 is arrived and 2012 nearly too
In the recent edition of the WT Welt stands once again an article about the NWTO, of course it stands now also in our German archive. We will place in January again a bigger order of EWTO articles. On the Member Info page of the Member section is also an EWTO articl-list met prices and and order numbers. You can also use the WT link to the EWTO-shop to look on-line at the available assortment. If you find something nice, you van note the article name and -number and give it to us. Then we can add that to the planned order, that will help to lower porto costs and extra work tasks.
The possible route for 2012 is now already a bit 'fixed'. If we can use all the energy we have put in 2011 in various (important) improvement projects in 2012 for the growth of WT, it could be once again a quite special WingTsun-year. I surely will fulfill my part to support also further-on the academy team with deeds and advices. Sifu Bilal Davran and Sihing Maarten Amesz are ready to start in January with the new classes. Sifu Bilal will take care of the Standard- and Fit4Fight Classes, while Sihing Maarten will first focus on the SelfDefense Classes at the academy, but still with the option for a Standard Class.
Also the last NWTO event of 2011 had something special in the pocket. Next to the trainings there were also various tests planned, but this time not 'only and alone' for the present SG'er! Considering the shown motivation – also after the passed practice test-part in Wülfrath – I have decided together with Lady-Sifu not to do the final TG2 practice test-part in January but still in December. By that Remco van Wiggen was able to pass also the last TG2 part on 18. December 2011, for that our congratulations again! :^) That means then also that the TG1-aspirants can enjoy in January my nearly undivided attention... actually, this doesn't have to be advantageously at all! xP
We wish herewith all To-Dai and clients, friends and site-visitors heartily a very merry Christmas and a happy and fore-all healthy 2012!
Frank Schäfer Sifu
Petra Schäfer Lady-Sifu
January / February 2012
The new teaching schedule of the academie
Dear To-Dai,
The new year has begun and thus also the new teaching schedule of the NWTO academy. The times and class topics during the daytime are still in a kind of trial phase and can therefore change a bit in future. It is the meaning to adjust as good as possible to the present needs of the participants. The structure of the evening lessons are so far clear without any need for further adjustments. That means of course that the Master Classes will stay also in 2012 available on Tuesday and Thursday, between 18:30 and 21:30.
Unfortunately I still have to do a small price adjustment of the Master Class for 2012. This is actually only regarding the students who come one time a week at the MC, instead of 50,- I have to charge from now on 60,- per month. But two times stays 90,-, three times will even become a little cheaper with 120,- instead of 125,- and four times stays also with 150,-. I am trying herewith to compensate the overall risen costs so soft and fair as possible. The prices of the other classes in the NWTO academy will nevertheless stay unchanged.
On Sunday 15th of January we will have (from 11:00) on our first NWTO special at the new academy on Abberdaan 56. Like already mentioned before there will take place beside the SG exams the TG1 finals too. We will also use the opportunity to make photos and maybe even capturing some motion pictures... So, I do sincerely hope that I may meet you on that quite special days. By the way, on Sunday 29th of January will another seminar take place for those people who were not able to join the TG-handover.
The first TG finals in Amsterdam

The time finally arrived for the TG1 aspirants. Luckily out doctor Mark was able to be present even due his heavy work schedule. That made this event completely round. There came also students from Nijmegen, Druten and Alphen for own examinations and as support for the Sihings who wanted to cross the special TG borderline on that day. Because I have had already checked most of the needed technical parts in the past training sessions it was for them this time mainly about the topic 'flexible stability' during Chi-Sao.
But also the TG2'er Sifu Bilal Davran, Sihing René Rietveld, Sihing Ricardo Slotema and Sihing Remco van Wiggen were there and were able to polish-up some Biu-Tze fighting applications. I was then still a bit limited because of my knee handicap but during the action it went just fine and it was a bit pain afterward surely more than worth. Assited by Lady-Sifu and Sifu Bilal it was also possible for me to provide parallel also the SG examinations and to add here and there some details. Even within the busy crowd it was still quite relaxed.
Since 15th of January the NWTO got thus drie more TG1: Mark Frederikse (NWTO Amsterdam), Pim Kartner (NWTO Nijmegen) and Robert van der Maarl (NWTO Alphen a/d Rijn). Heartily congratulations!!! You have now by the way the same level as me when I arrived in 1986 as first WT-representative to the Netherlands. Welcome at the exclusive TG/PG club! Now there are thus ten active TG'er within the NWTO: five 1st TG and five 2nd TG. Compared with Germany maybe not way too much but compared with other European countries surely not way to little.
Again the very best wishes for 2012! KUNG-HEI-FAT-CHOY!
Sifu Frank Schäfer,
Founder and leader of the NWTO
March / April 2012
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