... I have ignored the activities of my former student S.I. for more than a half year now.
Even with all the received mails regarding the indications of the already broken away 'rebel alliance' and the other signs of digression within S.I.'s organisation (and administration) I have kept myself out of it, because it is not my concern. But on the last Private Tutorial came once again stories about me to my ear which are my concern.
In Italy S.I. tells around, that he has challenged me and that I have refused it, because I was afraid of his skill... You think, that's ridiculous? Then wait and look at the second story of S.I.'s German representive:
 It is sa(i)d that he's claiming that I (and also Sifu Victor Gutierrez!) take secretly (behind our Si-Fu's back) private lesson from S.I. ...
Both stories are of course nothing more than a follow-up lie. The last time I have spoken to him/have seen him was in 1998 (London). Regarding lie number one: It's like I wrote already last year on my site in the 2002-INFO section: If S.I. still think that he can take in my place, he simply have to come along and take it away from me. If it is really his wish to fight with me, he knows how to find me; I will except his so-called challenge without a doubt. Regarding lie number two: Sorry folks, but it's actually too stupid to comment this any further.
Right on the day after my statement above I received a phone call from S.I.'s German representative A.B.. He said that he never claimed such a thing and that the German rumour must come from other persons. If I believe that or not doesn't matter too much anymore, because these (actually rather typical fitting) 'follow-up rumours' are already floating around.
I'm an official EWTO-instructor since 1982 and I 'know' the internal structure of the EWTO quite well and spreading rumours (or threatening people) was never an acceptable part of the WT-politics - unlike S.I.'s way. So, why should I believe that these stories came now suddenly from the EWTO-side? Anyway, the fact is that it is untrue; and it was not initiated or wished by me. Therefore it must be allowed to REact on it. Especially after six months ignoring the case; and I honestly hope, that I can now ignore that rather unpleasant topic for at least another six months! 
I have just seen that recent (German) article of S.I. alias S.P.I..
And it wouldn’t be me, if I wouldn’t have also a short comment on that.
1. About his ‘study time’ under Sifu Wang Kiu: S.I. told me that he have visited only shortly an Indonesian ex-student of Wang Kiu that period (first of all: Wang Kiu have never taught in Amsterdam and second of all: when we were in London in 1998 S.I. never said ‘hello’ to greet his so-called ‘first Sifu’ Wang Kiu, it rather looked like that they didn’t know each other at all). His other WC visits he did when he was already my To-Dai – but it’s somehow a way (at least for him) to avoid to mention that he has started his journey actually with me, as being his first Si-Fu.
(Another fabricated heritage story S.I. like to tell is, that gm Kernspecht would be his 'real Si-Fu', because I have had already started to teach WT when I was no Sifu. That is once again mixing reality with fiction. Yes, I have already started to teach in 1982, but S.I. started his carrier after I became a sifu. In the WTK and the DWT you can find my first official sifu-picture and S.I. is not on it, because he started with WT about a year later - it's also easy to prove comparing the date on his group contract in 1989 with the date on my sifu WMAIC-certificate in 1988. Again, nothing more then a try to climb up somehow in the family tree and a disguise for his self-given sifu-title.)
2. About his ‘eight years’ with me in Amsterdam:
Also that’s simply not correct. He has not learned eight years long in my school but he learned during a period of eight years in my school, including not seldom periods of absence from a couple of weeks till several months (that’s why that eight years of training would melt together to a total of surely less than half the time mentioned; I’m sure that the other temporary (ab)used PG’s could state quite similar facts. Even Sifu E.B. complained in the past openly on seminars more than once that S.I. was an ambitious one in going on with the next thing but often too lazy to work continuously on the already given programs.
3. About his ‘tripping sensations’ around the world:
That all WT-masters (be it in Europe, Asia or elsewhere) were somehow kind but actually too stupid to grasp more then just a couple of the pieces of the whole puzzle - with him again as the only exception - is than once again very typically (thus he is the only one who can understand and teach it all - and why should all these WT-masters be willing to present just this foreign visitor freely their complete core knowledge?). And then there was still this old rebel A.F. who was - of course - ‘luckily just in the right possession of all the missing pieces’; not to speak of the subtle but still insulting accusations toward ggm Leung Ting.
4. About some of his other 'given details':
Like it was stated already last year it was not 70 but about 40 (60-minutes) lessons he got. Also he has given again not a clue in this curriculum how he got the ‘Sifu’-title, not to mention that mysterious ‘7th grade’. So, please spare me to analyse his ‘I have now 70+ schools’ thing. And it is by far not the same, taking over existing places like building up own ones - and it is also not the same like keeping them under control for a longer period of time. But don't get me wrong, I don't say that S.I. is someone without any practical skill; I just say that he is very obviously - still - someone without any ethical values.
S.I. claims mostly that he’s not interested in any politics but just in teaching. Then of course he shouldn’t have presented his glamorised m.a. story but he should have used that page for showing by a couple of clear examples, why he consider his own style as so much more 'complete, bright and wonderful'.
So, if you look what stays behind, if you take away all the illusions and self-suggestions it’s not such an impressing background anymore. Like with a balloon, if you release the air it will shrink - and sometimes even looks quite funny...
That’s all I need to say on that ‘marvellous’ piece of “I Am The World Nicest And Of Course Greatest” writing of my former Todai. Again hoping somehow, that this may-be my last statement necessary in the case of S.I. & Co. - the future will show it.
Amsterdam, summer of 2003,
Sifu Frank Schäfer, 6th PG WT,
PS. It is in no way astonishing for me, that S.I. have already created his own rebels, including 'self-made sifu ones'.
But it is remarkable that some of his former students expect me to take any action against this situation...
This latest rumour is once again too funny not to mention here! After S.I.'s attempt in 2002 for taking over the IWTA, by stating to be the "successor" of ggm Leung Ting, he's now switching toward another scale:
In Italy S.I. is now claiming that gm Kernspecht has yet phoned him secretly to form a hidden cooperation with the goal to let S.I. "inherit" the EWTO! First Europe then 'the rest of the world'... :^O :^D ;^)
(Maybe he can then finally get rid of me, the only official acknowledged representative of the IWTA and EWTO in NL...)
Yep, some people simply will never try to change; even not for their own best.
And please don't expect me to comment the silly forum rumours about his 'new student' E.B..)
Yep, it's me again. The 'creativity' of my former student S.I. has no stop. His recent construction is about my Si-Fu... S.I. claims that gm Prof. Kernspecht is a Nazi and his BlitzDefence is including ideology from the Nazi horror regime.
Even if I'm tired of that subject this topic is too serious not to comment in a clear matter (also it may explain some of these strange phone calls I got in the past): Of course this is another fabricated story of 'Mr. Grandmaster Jr.' and once again absolutely out of the area of healthy thinking/acting. My Si-Fu is far away of being a Nazi and I also detest any sort of dogmatic thinking - especially if race issues may play a role! I can't feel any acceptance toward S.I.'s fantasy constructs. If he likes to continue to lie around to build up his own Ego/identity it is his decision but if these stories harm other people it should be stopped. What else can I say?!
Well, I saw his last (local) advertise; a little bit more 'humble' in approach (descending from 'the world's greatest' to 'one of the best in Europe'...) but still using ggm Leung Ting as main reference. I guess there has to follow some legal consequences sooner or later because S.I. is simply not in any way associated with the world wide Leung Ting family and the authentic WingTsun system. But if I watch some of his activities (around the corner of our office) I have the feeling that even the continuously misusing of names for his own propaganda will not help him in the long turn.
Also it seems that he now like to claim that I'm running out of money. Let's keep it short on this one: No, I guess that I'm still not broke... People who join my classes or my seminars can verify that easily (and by that I'm even not referring to my SCD business). So, especially to all the Italian WT people: Don't worry about my situation! But please don't expect me to waist any more time on this crazy matter. Thank You.
It will actually just be a matter of time, and not very hard to foresee, until he will begin also a campaign against ggm Leung Ting... Now it looks like he is once again searching desperately for new 'cooperation's'... (to make misuse of).
Normally I don't follow the forum stuff around, but sometimes even I can't deny my curiosity on the field of 'chit chat' - but I will never play any active role there. What I have to say stands on my site (or on the official IWTA/EWTO main site) and nowhere else. I have not often heard of so many different nick names (Azerola, Idiotarola, Laberola, Motorola - just to mention a couple) of just one single person. Well, at least some kind of recognition I would nearly like to say. I have to admit that he is now at least 'wanted' in three countries...
After he was confronted in NL by me (look above) he was also challenged in HK from Sifu Collins (look above), of course he wisely refused both. But in stead of learning anything out of it, he managed now to become challenged the third time within two years, now from Sifu Geller in Brazil. It's about S.I.'s recent 'beggar tour' in Brazil. He told there that even ggm Leung Ting wouldn't be able 'to control him anymore'...
Also he was badmouthing a lot about gm Kernspecht and Sifu Remmel. But of course that's not all, due to internet-contact-only he 'promoted' an ex 6th SG level in Brazil toward 'his Brazilian chief instructor'. Next to that (for him) rather typical approach he tried to win the support of a Brazilian JJ clan for forming a new 'alliance' against ggm Leung Ting; but I guess it must have been for the JJ people more an amusing experience than an enlightening one...
Well, I saw an advertising of S.I.'s new (and I bet soon: ex-) 'coalition' - believe it or not but he really found another victim - with his statement 'this is the most complete m.a. of the whole human kind...' [* ] Hmm, does that mean that:
1. S.I. has not 'completed' his former m.a. study already 'long before' (something he always tried to deny)? or that:
2. 'They' have now also levitation, pistol shooting and quantum physics in their 'wonderfool' martial art? or that:
3. S.I. is again actually searching new ways - but now in 'out of space' because 'the secret(/truth) is out (there)'?
I don't know and I'm not sure if I want to know what his words could probably mean. [* But why has he added then JJ?] But what I know is that his activities and advertisings in Amsterdam are extremely limited. Most interaction I was able to observe, so to say 'from the first row' (when I'm at our office), are various frictions with neighbours, with parents, with business people and even with police men; and it barely looked like that they came to learn from him...
There are a lot of stories floating around about his attitude toward aggression and also other rather dubious ones but it's not my style to spread them. For me the case 'S.I. is doing top in Holland' is actually closing and I have the feeling that it will continue that way. And it's doubtful for me if he can do any better outside of Holland; maybe for short due selling workshops (harvesting other ones students) but not for long due upkeeping schools (sowing own students). Actually it doesn't bother me too much what my former To-Dai might be doing or letting; it is and stays his business.
But I also saw that he is still using material of ggm Leung Ting (refering to the famous drawing of Dr. Leung Jan, Cover Vom Zweikampf/On Single Combat)) for his reclame purpose. It looks like he simply can't stop to (ab)use anything (or anyone) he is in contact with, including by law protected material and that might be asking for juridical trouble indeed. Of course it is his choice all alone how to fill-in his own life; but there are always consequences connected to it.
It kooks like S.I.'s supporter A.F. has now also found another 'miracle guy', because he has recently somehow offered another 7th mister level to the German T.B. (also a former TG level of the EWTO)... Hmm, '7th level inflation' so soon? (Could also be the A.F. counting way: one, two, seven, three, four, seven, five, six, seven, eight, nine, seven and so on... Who cares anyway how one rebel might 'acknowledge' another to prove actually nothing but their attitude.)
Also in the end of this year there is not much changed. I can still watch from the office people in business dress (often police guided) standing in front of S.I.'s closed door and I can still discover not much promotion activity in Amsterdam. With the exception that he still tries to contact and invite higher-ranked students of mine; if he really has 'thousands of students all around the world' - like he prefers to claim - why is he then staying bothering 'my' To-Dai?
Regarding his recent 'image adjustments' I want to mention only the following: To add also Shaolin and Brazilian JJ to the existing m.a. offer looks somehow okay to me - at least if someone feels that the (unfinished) m.a. training has not provided enough background (W) and confidence (K) to stick with one m.a. style (WK) alone. It is only to hope that S.I. will change his former exposed training attitude - otherwise he will stick to his old habit of instant-learning and self-promotion; from white belt to ?th Dan BJJ in 'no time' - including a Shaolin 'master' education! [Wing-Weng-Jitsu?]
A little stranger appears his new marketing approach to switch his own (unknown) m.a. style word creation with 'wk' in his advertising to the two (known) existing words 'w'isdom and 'k'nowledge. It looks oh so meaningful and important but it sounds somehow hollow and unbelievable if you consider all the facts above - but I indeed do wish for him that he might be able to find more of both in future...
I was also thinking of changing our name to 'N'etherlands 'W'onderful and 'T'errific' 'O'rganisation to connect to more available (m.a.) groups; but after all I have decided to let it like it was. ;^)
Hmm, if I do believe the German forum statements ("Und noch ein Secret is out: The weng chun family thru grand master A.H. announces the separation from ... S.I. and his association.") the latest alliance against WT was not even lasting one single year. Not really astonishing for me, if you look at my prognosis - regarding that coalition - above.
And that S.I. has split before also with A.F. (after recognizing that the real WT weapon knowledge was quite limited - A.F. was not able to repeat his demonstrated knife form twice at the same way...) is once again not very unexpected...
I guess that it will become more and more difficult for my ex-Todai to find new (unaware) people he can contaminate. Maybe he should try to concentrate more in teaching his own thing to his own people than travelling around the world. That could have a longer-lasting effect (also financially) than his tripping-results; this would be my last advice for him. He also tried to contact by making fun out of my CoreMunication source, but I told him that he needs another therapy.
And I also guess that I don't have to comment his recent jump from 7 to 9 - it would be only more of the same; but he can indeed also call himself even 79th level within his own style. And if you read my past comments above you can see that I have foreseen also that he certainly would wear yellow soon. All I can see is that (after all these years) most of his (few) Dutch instructors are still former students of mine; not much progress considering his ambitious statements.
It should be of course no big surprise to anyone that most of my former students have already left him after they found out by themself 'that the secret is - not - out' there... I only feel somehow sad for the misguided students, but that's life. If you look at the various forum comments inside and outside of Holland you will clearly discover that S.I. is now doing exactly the same things (regarding heritage fairy tales and graduation self promotion) within the Weng Chun (Shaolin) style like he did in the past with the Wing Tsun (Leung Ting) style. Yes, time is changing all the time but (this) man not.
I'm glad to mention that there is until now nothing negative happened around S.I. in 2007 worth mentioning. I like it that way.
Maybe just one somehow related issue: About 10 years ago Benno W. was a To-Dai of mine; he took two or three private lessons from me when he was around student level 5 (SG not PG!). After the last lesson he tried to convince me to make peace with Sergio I. I refused that and he left me joining his friend. The point is that it seems that B.W. now like to use also the same methods like his (now former) friend and master S.I. by self-promotion toward a high master level and spreading fairy tales. How unwise one must be to believe Benno's statement that he only learnt from Sergio because I would have secretly taken private lessons from my former To-Dai S.I.? The same can be said about his other mental constructions.
This is exactly the reason why I have placed (and kept) the whole thing in this statement section. By that everybody can get (written) information about the 'given facts' and not only the made-up stories; and that without that I have to waste any more time by the need of further clearifications.
The trend of last year continues, it is quite quiet around S.I. Yes, he is still very Chinese regarding his need of copying everything he sees, if it may be parts of my SCD approach or even the new EWTO leadership concept. Nothing is save regarding his egoic 'simply adding all to my brilliance' need. Where does that neverending need come from? No idea, but surely not from his feeling of 'being a complete martial artist' I have to guess...
That some of his instructors have contacted me, wishing to restart their martial-art learning with WT, is also just a given fact, not a made-up story. Well, I have to admit that I was kind of shocked about the little understanding of the deeper WT concepts and the absence of real usable WT abilites when I personally met two of those men! And I stand for this judgement with my name; this is only the truth I have experienced by myself and not a try 'to talk anyone down' with this serious remark. For me there are only two reasons to spot: 1. S.I. simply can not teach his (instructor) students any better or 2. S.I. did not want to do so. Whatever his reason may be, the victim is the misleaded student who simply trusted his teacher a bit to blindly.
Our new site and Kwoon was a bit hard to ignore for some. So another former student of mine came along. He said that he missed me and my way of teaching. I directly pointed out that he is welcome for a short look but that he can't join us anymore. This limit is only meant for my former advanced students, because I can't blame an unexperienced SG student for a poor choice. But my former TG's should have known better or at least should have given me and SiMo their trust, like they had ours.
 But the funny thing is that he asked me then to remove at least the S.I. part from my site. Because the text is in English and everybody is now able to find it in the new site design easier than before...
I responded happily that it would be great if this would be the case but that the text is still the same English during all those years! So I asked if he could give me just one single reason why I should do so and he answered because it was 'long ago' and I would speak 'bad' about a person. I replied that this is only his interpretation because I don't talk bad about a person at all, I present only the other side of 'his story'. Maybe a bit sharper but the issue is also a sharp one. And his 'grandmister' still uses those 'long ago' created self-image, so the given S.I. background info is still valid.
Then I told him that if anyone is able to prove any of my given points as being wrong I would be willing to remove it because I don't want to have proven wrong info on my site. But till that moment will arrive I decide what will be on my site and nobody else. And all my S.I. writings are simply reactions and no actions. I told him also that if I am that wrong with my response statements S.I. should go to a lawyer; he could also try to 'force' me personally to remove this part... xD
After that quite amusing inter-mezzo I felt fed-up and asked my former Todai to leave the Kwoon to continue with my lessons. He did that but called me back an hour later to ensure that we were not at war state, I responded that I appreciate the gesture but that our chosen paths were simply to far away from each other - in fact even to far away for any state of war.
And the most funny thing of all is, that I would probably not have written any S.I. comment regarding 2009, because I simply would not have known what to write about. Let's see if they will learn this time from it regarding 2010... Without their munition I won't shoot, because I use my own 'ammo' for things which matters for me. BTW: I just heard that S.I. now also copied our CMS web approach, including some of our design ideas... I wonder why that is not any surprise to me? :P 
From my own point of view there would be nothing notable worth mentioning regarding the activities of S.I. but I was asked by two other martial-art masters to do still an up-date 2010. The first request came from the German leading Weng Chun grand master Andreas Hoffmann. He has sent me also some pictures to prove that S.I. was only accepted as his student while S.I. made himself shortly after that ceremony a 'same generation grand master'... Well, nothing new indeed, he is simply continuing elsewhere what he did first in the Leung Ting family.
The second remark came from one of the leading Dutch Wing Chun masters Dick Wachtberger regarding S.I.'s so-called research activities. Well, he is paying some Chinese people for doing some camera interviews, translated on a way it suits in the purpose of S.I. (whatever that may be) and calls it 'research', with the only reason to be destructive to other leading martial-artists.
I was also asked about my own opinion regarding the various Wing Tsun/Wing Chun/Ving Tsun/Weng Chun legends. Every m.a. style has its right on its own heritage and the legend is a vital part of it. It also adds some flavor to the teaching atmosphere. Nobody is alive anymore from the foundation times to tell us whether it's all true or not. For me the legend has its place but on the other hand it will not really help me to perform my style any better (beside some motivation aspects maybe). So, if legends from the PAST are true or not doesn't change anything for my own abilities and understanding of the style in the NOW.
Another point is that many honorable masters had already devoted parts of their lives to do many kind of - much profounder - history researches long ago. And some even published a lot of it, like ggm Leung Ting, gm Kernspecht or Sifu Randy Williams, only to mention a few. Beside that most reliable witnesses are dead by now and thus hard to interview or to 'research'. So, who needs that kind of fruitless research anyway that S.I. is promoting now? It's not the search of the 'Holy Grail' we are talking about, but just an ego- and money-driven activity to put down other martial-art families and to raise-up own standing in the eyes of the less-informed. At the bottom line Legends can't be proven as they can't be disproven by which research ever, that's why they are called 'Legends'.
S.I. has of course not stopped with his offensive approaches against others and has now also founded a 'research institute' and moved to Hong Kong, which is fine with me. By that he can annoy other people around and in Europe he has already ruined his m.a. reputation solidly anyway. I am not very sure if the Hong Kong people are really in need of a nosy Gwai-Lo to learn more about Chinese martial-arts and heritage but like I said, that direction is fine with me for sure.
And Sergio managed in-between to become a public enemy of Sifu Benny Meng of the Ving Tsun Museum and Sifu Lin from Black Flag Wing Chun as well as of Sifu Boztepe - hmm, S.I. is getting older but can't break loose with some old habits I have to guess once again...

Actually no news, S.I. just proceeds the way he always did by tripping around in stead of teaching at his location, harvesting seeds of other instructors in stead of planting his own seeds for gaining students and by taking over advanced students of others to make from them directly 'his national instructor' in stead of doing all the basic work. Because those are mostly 'rebels' too my compassion is limited; it's just a pity for the connected students which have to trust the chosen m.a. path of their local instructor.
I think that this will be the last S.I. update, because it's only more of the same. Of course it's much easier to make your money out of seminars at other schools all around the world than to live from your own build-up students. And it's also a very easy task to impress martial-art people you wont see regularly, especially for a 'grootmondster'. It's a bit like that old saying: “A great lover is not the one who is able to please thousand women for one night, but the one who is able to please one woman for thousand nights!”
Kind Reg(u)ards,
Sifu Frank Schäfer,