CoreMunication meets Wu-Wei

I am moving now more than 36 years within the world of Eastern martial arts and nearly 30 of them were WT ones. Thus most of my life I was related more or less to this topic and it is certainly a beautiful way to be. But I found also that in that particular way there is a tremendous trap hidden below! Because following the martial art way boosts your Ego like no other approach can ever do. Not for nothing are the philosophies build around that path to ease those unavoidable side effects! Unfortunately those Ego-smoothing elements are not considered very often anymore in the today martial art classes. And if that enormous Ego-boosting effect is already true for obviously any martial art it becomes an even more profound truth within the remarkable realm of WingTsun...

WT boosts your understanding and growth of your physical and mental abilities and you learn to do things you never thought you could. If you are then in a teaching position also it becomes an even more Ego-building process. You feel the power and you experience the greatness within you, that is the moment not just a few loose their track with reality. Of course it happened to me too but I was somehow lucky to be able to overcome that due to the years (mainly through CoreMunication). I was putting a lot of time, pain and effort in my Ego state, so it was not an easy battle. For all if the Ego is still powerfool en extremely functional like it was with me; so I had to 'force' the collapse within, which took me three full years of 'mind bending' (no drugs) experiments and experiences.

Yes, it feels oh so tempting to believe all those nice statements of your students which will confirm your unique greatness with every meeting over and over again. Sooner or later you start to believe in your own small martial art world. Then it's time for the Ego to take over the rest. First you feel the irritations when your Si-Fu dares to correct your wonderfool Bong-Sao, while the students are admiring your Chi-Sao so much. Then you start to think that's kind of stupid to pay any more money for instructions which will let you feel bad; while you would get money for instructions which will also let you feel good. From that point of view it is just a small step toward complete separation from the WingTsun source... It happened in the past and it will happen in the future.

The first time I heard about Wu-Wei was in 1982 on an EWTO trainer stage. I knew that it was something quite special and that is was regarded at highly precious but for the rest it was for m not much more then an advanced kinky theory I was not able to grasp. In 1987 I took some effort to gain more understanding about the Wu-Wei topic regarding my TG-3 work, but once again I came not further than the usual rather philosophical conclusions. So, I dropped that theory for a while and was focused more on the Yao-Wei, that seemed at least understandable for me. And so I stayed embodied  in form. The whole thingie started to change in 1999 when I was confronted with my inner-self out in the wilderness of South Africa, but this is another story for another time.

Anyway, that confrontation brought up the ORA model which is the heart of CoreMunication. In 2003 I discovered how to use the CM way as portal to Wu-Wei as well and all became clear at once. But I still was not completely sure if the observed results were illusions made out of the chemicals of my brain or if there IS 'more' beyond it. So, I was not talking to anyone (beside SiMo) about what I found. After five years of practicing and experimenting with many different portals I use for my-self in CM I dared to introduce that hard to grasp Wu-Wei topic in 2008 to some of my To-Dai, most were advanced but also two were beginners. The result was that there came within 5 months 5 Wu-Wei follow-ups wanted by that group. And we will continue the Wei-Wu-Wei way already in 2009...

Humaniversally yours,

Frank Schäfer Sifu