Biography LGM Yip Man
Yip Man was born in 1893. He was the headman of the WingTsun-style and not only with his own followers, but in the whole Kung-Fu-world - thus also outside his own style - a very respected grandmaster.
Yip Man felt less sympathy for all those vanities of this world. Fame and wealth had for him no particular meaning. Also he was missing completely that brutal and very degrading appearance, that came with by not just a few Kung-Fu people.
The one who was lucky to meet Yip Man in person felt himself in his company immediately relaxed and completely arrived at home. His kindness, open sincerity and generous hospitality could be easily seen in all his deeds. His gentle talks in Fatshan-dialect were reflecting very clearly a worry less and friendly nature. He could be named a real gentleman and wise philosopher.
His up most famous student was next to Leung Ting a certain Bruce Lee. In 2008 finally a high qualityand big budget movie production came out in Asia, as unique hommage to our on 2nd December 1972 deceased grandmaster, the title: "Ip Man".