WHAT'S UP? (2002)
Again, it seems to be my destiny to stand right in the middle of an unpleasant situation one of my former To-Dais tried to inflict on me. It was the same guy, which tried to do the same idiotic thing exactly 5 years ago; he hasn't succeeded that time, so I'm wondering why he has expected that he could succeed this time...
But everything has its good sides too. My relationship with my Si-Fu is even closer than ever and the situation between ggm Leung Ting and me couldn't be more promising. One thing is for sure, my WT-knowledge and ability will again improve automatically through this low 'inside assault'.
Also, the whole situation gave me a new kind of vision regarding WT in the Netherlands... During this situation it should be obvious, that I can't spread too much details regarding our future directions. But when the time is right, you will see it by yourself without any doubt.
BTW: The (internet) rumours, that I will somehow stop teaching and/or leave the EWTO are of course ridiculous - I consider that as 'wishfool thinking'. Actually the opposite is true, because from 12 of march I will be again three times a week in the academy in Amsterdam - instead of one time like the past months.

Amsterdam, February '98
Last year my To-Dai Sergio I., 2nd TG WT, started a heavy 'character-assassination-campaign' against me in order get special conditions for Holland from my Si-Fu Keith Kernspecht.
Sergio was foolish enough to think that he could in this way succeed in becoming a 'second Dutch WT-chief instructor'. Regarding the way Sergio proceeded to realize his plan, I saw myself forced to inflict a disciplinary punishment on him. The NWTO-insiders and EWTO-leaders have already received my official written statements about this matter last year.
Sifu Frank Schäfer, 5th PG WT
EWTO Chief-Instructor NL

Int. Sportschul-Verband für WT und Escrima
Schulung, Vertrieb, Verlag, Franchising
EWTO, Prof. (BG) Keith R. Kernspecht, Neues Schloß Langenzell, D-69257 Wiesenbach
Sifu Frank Schäfer
5th Practician WT
Chief-Instructor Holland
Langenzell Castle, 5th October 1997
Official Statement
We herewith acknowledge and confirm that
Mr. Sergio I.
has been expelled from the Netherland WingTsun Organisation.
On behalf of the
European WingTsun Organisation (EWTO)
and the Int. WingTsun Association Hong Kong
Dai-Sifu Keith R. Kernspecht
9th level MOC
Chief-Instructor Europe

I want to say that I feel sorry for the resent problems and misunderstandings in Holland.
I hope that one day I can have a much better relationship with my Sifu Frank Schäfer, who I respect very much for his technique and to whom I'm very thankful for everything he taught me.
I will permanently leave Holland to start my new WingTsun carreer abroad and hopefully with the agreement of my Sifu, within the E.W.T.O.
19.2.98, Livorno Italy.
Sergio I.

Amsterdam, April '98
Now, 8 months later, the pain is mostly gone, and I'm able to think about the whole situation with less emotion. After several conversations with my Si-Fu grandmaster Kernspecht, I finally agreed to give Sergio I., under certain conditions, a second chance. Isn't it the right of a 'To-Dai' (son) to make mistakes, and isn't it the duty of the 'Si-Fu' (father) to forgive? However, the situation was too serious to 'just let the past be the past'.
But actually, I don't want to ruin his whole WT-future just because he was simply too young and inexperienced which made him do the stupid things he did. This of course does not make it any better. The relationship is broken and can't be re-established as though nothing had happened; maybe there will be a chance in the future to rebuild a reliable connection.
So, I will herewith cancel the international WT-exclusion on probation. Nevertheless, I will maintain his suspension for Holland, but if he will do something useful for the EWTO outside the Netherlands, I'm willing to give him my good wishes for his future. I will even let him keep my former connections to Israel.
The truth is that I hate (and can't understand) what he tried to do, but he is still my To-Dai and I don't really dislike him, even after all he did to us. However, this decision is not just because I'm such a 'nice and understanding guy', I think that it is better to let him do productive things within the EWTO rather than destructive things within the NWTO. Anyway, may Sergio have the success he deserves.

Amsterdam, April '02
Unfortunately my former student Sergio has not used his second chance to build up anything useful, whether in Israel nor in Scotland nor in Italy. He decided to still continue on the 'easy road', without understanding that there is no 'secret short cut' in the martial arts, even not within the great world of WingTsun.
I wish he would have developed to the better. Maybe on some parts he is, but on others - not less important ones - he isn't. So, the only way of self-defence is, not to deny any longer that there is no progress in his way of thinking. Even if he changed the tenor of his approach, the bottom line of his deeds is still a manipulative indoctrination and simply based on his wildest dreams and imaginations.
It was really not my wish to put this into public, that's why I have waited for so long. But with all his recent public untrue campaigns, I was forced, also through my 'official functions' and positions, to react now clearly; not to attack his 'wrongs' but to defend my 'rights'.

Actually not much to worry about. Regarding the (internet-)activities of my (ex-)student Sergio I just want to mention the following: First of all, I appreciate, that he have chosen another name spelling for his own style and branch; by doing so he at least doesn't violate our (by law protected) trademark.
Second, I guess, that he has stopped with his slander campaign against the NWTO, of course I like that too (but it's hard to feel grateful, when it comes to such 'obvious normal' things).
But three 'no do'/'no go' things are showing to me, that even if he may have done a little external work-out - he again has forgotten to concentrate also on his internal set-up.
1. To promote yourself from 2. TG to 7. "PG" is not a sign of comprehension of 'traditional' values. If you have to associate yourself with self-given grades and titles, it speaks for itself.
2. To place yourself on the family tree on a place you 'simply prefer more' is also a strange thing to do. Again, the ego can let you do very unwise things.
3. To use a former student of ggm Leung Ting (that person was already kicked out in 1984 - mainly because he promoted himself from 5. PG to 6. PG - it looks nearly humble, if you compare that with point 1.) to 'make you more authentic' means, that you want to appear somehow more important than you actually feel you are.
If the people would know the real circumstances on how most of his V.I.P. pictures were taken, the glamour would vanish away quickly; but I simply don't care about that - so, I let ggm Leung Ting decide, how to react on it. However, Sergio's biggest achievement was until now to entice away students of other WT-instructors (by using illegally higher TG programs as 'bait' and telling fabricated stories as manipulative suggestions); nothing I could be particularly proud of - and luckily I don't have to.

That 'Mr. On-Top-Of-The-Martial-Art-World' tells in Italy different stories about the same thing than in Holland makes his position not more believable. One time he claims to have hundreds of private lessons, another time it was at least hundred, now it's something about seventy hours - while ggm Leung Ting said it were surely much less than that... But even if I would stick on his last 70, any serious martial art practitioner can imagine that 70 hours of lecture within a period of five years is not very much, at least for an instructor.
It would surely help a lot for learning and practising his 3. TG program, maybe even a little more; but to claim that these lectures has 'teleported' him from the second instructor level toward the seventh master level is simply ridiculous. (Just to give an idea, the minimum preparation time between 5th and 6th PG is 5 years - and it's needed by all other people; with him as the only 'exception' in history of m.a. mankind...)
Also S.I. used the fact that ggm Leung Ting call his instructor teaching 'private tutorial' (there are up to thirty instructor students in a 'private tutorial' class), because he teaches them personally in a private atmosphere. That way S.I. tried to give the impression of being a 'private student' of ggm Leung Ting which is of course something else. I did both, the 'private tutorials' as well as being taught in private (as being a single student); not to forget the very limited 'Master Tutorials' (PG's only). So what?
The last point of his 'Yes, I promoted much faster than the rest, but there were others as well' construct is also quickly analysed; much more could be said but I just wish to mention three points:
First, that few selected people trained for several years 8 hours a day 6 days a week at the castle, they did in a week what S.I. did in 5 years. Second, not many of them are still with us, that just proved, that you can't drop the regular preparation time without expecting hazardous side effects (one told me once that that long lasting compact-learning gave him frequently aggressive nightmares and bursting headaches) - and that even within the best circumstances and with the best possible support available. Third, the preparation time is nothing passive! It should be used to explore, verify and assimilate the given programmes; that consumes time.

Actually all these things remain senseless, because S.I. was already qualified more than five years ago to teach a functional way of attacking and defending by using the WingTsun concept. So, how important can such an illusionary approach and outlook be for the 'average' martial-art student and what 'internal values' can be learnt by that given example?
Five years ago he wanted to boost himself up by trying to 'lower' my standing with extremely insulting lies; because untrue horror stories can't normally be proven toward smart people, he was without the planned success. Now he tries another approach, not by lowering my position through fabricated stories but by lifting up his own 'standing' by fairy tales.
Of course I 'like' the second way more than the first, but that doesn't make 'wonder boy's' statements true. (I believe, that I'm able to 'judge' his learning abilities after he was a student of mine for more than eight years. He was surely above the average motivation and talent but I wouldn't say that he was 'the most gifted student I have ever seen' (and of course you can't teach talent, just knowledge - a talent to move doesn't mean a talent to teach); so, in the end I must tell you that he's not the 'miracle martial-artist' he wants to project; also he was and is no acknowledged "Sifu".
And if he has chosen the 7th instead of the 8th grade to appear more ‘realistic’ or simply to reserve one more grade for a - self initiated - ‘special ceremony’ for later P.R. doesn’t make any difference regarding the fact of the real value of any self-given ‘promotion’, especially when it comes to that only "own" followers believe and acknowledge the 'status quo' of the 'chosen one'.)
And Like I said before, his assaults just brought me closer toward my Si-Fu (and Si-Gung) than he will ever imagine. That's why my feelings are not offended too much by this normally very annoying story, the only thing I deeply regret in this situation is the lost of the insecure (brainwashed) WT-students.
For the rest, I have no further comments regarding his site or activities. If you want to know more about his 'official qualifications and standing', you can better get in touch with my Si-Fu gm Keith R. Kernspecht or with my Si-Gung ggm Leung Ting.

Actually it's not a surprise for me, that the dream of S.I. couldn't last long, but the interview of my Si-Gung ggm Leung Ting speaks for itself. If some people still WISH to believe S.I.'s fabricated stories, I can't help it.
After he was not just betraying his Si-Fu (me) but his Si-Jo (ggm Leung Ting) as well (not to mention his Si-Gung Kernspecht and his Si-Suk Cuciuffo) the situation is more than clear. I'm sorry to say that there will be no third chance available; he finally puts himself out of the WingTsun-family and -history 4ever; it's a sad ending but after all it is an end.
First, it was my intention not to place this part of the interview on my site, but again S.I. has not used his chance for changing the way of his internet approach, that's why I was forced again to change my mind, just take a look at the 'External Statement Section'.

I have seen the open letter of my former Sipak A.F. addressed toward my Si-Fu; it looks like he still think that it's about a story of one of ggm Kernspechts 'To-Dai' but of course it's about one of his 'To-Suen' - so, after all he wrote to the wrong person... I can't say precisely, what A.F. has learnt, but if he was able to teach the complete system already in 1984 he should have reached that time the ninth degree not the fifth.
Also a lot changed during that period of time within our Leung Ting-system and A.F. also said that he haven't taught several aspects during these decades and nobody within the EWTO or IWTA has ever heard about his m.a. activities during all these years. So, what could be the purpose of that 'you did great and we are pals' letter - if it is not again a try to let someone look more important? Also the recent 'desperate surprise visit' of A.F. in Italy fits perfectly in that picture (hi to the people which had to wait outside in the car). Anyway, for me the situation is clear: we stay doing our things and they should stick with theirs.
We are no enemies but also no pals - we are different branches; even if they would wish to participate they simply don't have (and don't want) the same standard. It must be a money thing, because if these people are so confident with their own abilities, why do they always start in places, where WT has already gained a reputation - if it isn't for the main reason of using our popularity for themselves and to take over other's students? Otherwise they could start in places, where they have to do the pioneer work alone; I guess that's too much work, investment and risk for most of these kind of easy going fortune hunters.

A couple of former Wing Tsun students are trying more or less together to build-up something new for themselves - once again. That's fine with me as long they stay using their own names and logos.
But some of them are so poor in their mind, that they have to copy even our own dresses to look more 'authentic'. It's not really nice to see amateurs in dresses which should only be worn by high ranked professionals. But an out-look is of course no substitude for certain qualities. I have just witnessed a guy in such cloths, caring double knifes around in public telling some 'innocent people' in a small restaurant all the things they never wanted to know.
His awareness level was so low, that he even haven't noticed the three WT-Sifu's sitting less than five metres away, being amused by the things that guy was telling to two - rather annoyed looking - women... Statements like 'hey, we are up to do now some SEMI-contact(?) championships', 'with us you can become a "master" soon' and 'under our "grandmaster" you can learn knife techniques right from the start and already for 50,- Euro per hour' is a strange way of gaining new students. (And that S.I. claimed also to be a private student of another former EWTO-instructor was once again nothing more than a lie to build up more reputation/credits - like Sifu S.A. has recently stated himself.)
However, there may be more than ten WC, VC, VT etc. clubs around (most of these 'newbes' are pupils of former WT-students anyway); but there is still only one branch of the Leung Ting WT-system in Holland and that's NWTO (EWTO.NL). Point. Well, if some of these people wish to compare their 'exclusive m.a. knowledge', they still know how to contact me (but be aware of the fact, that I don't believe in 'SEMI'-contact). That's all I have to say on that. Creating own rules, grading and titles were never a motivation for me, I prefer to stay with "my" pai near as possible to the source and in that case it can only be the Leung Ting-system. There will never be a separate WT-Schäfer-system; as long as I'm living in the world of m.a. I will be a loyal follower of my Si-Fu gm Kernspecht and my Si-Gung ggm Leung Ting.

What could be so interesting about my person? (Of course I mean for my ex-students not for my To-Dai!)
Just 'shit-chat' everywhere:
1. I never received private lessons from my Si-Gung ggm Leung Ting?
No, that's not true. I was accepted for private lessons by ggm Leung Ting in 1992 (and not just for one time); even if some ex-students still wish to state the opposite. Just like it is not true that I was only once in Hong Kong on ggm Leung Tings birthday party. (In September this year I've followed 2 private sessions with my Si-Fu and 4 Private tutorial DAYS with ggm Leung Ting - in that 5 weeks I received at least as much instructions than S.I. during 5 years... but even together with all the lessons I've got the last 5 years that still won't kick me five levels ahead!)
2. Another acknowledged Sifu title in Holland?
No, that's not true. S.I. has never received the 'Sifu-title' within the WingTsun-world - also due to his probation time. Where is the official WMAIC diploma and where is the IWTA/EWTO registration? My To-Dai Roy can come up with both. Also in the written IWTA/EWTO exclusions you can see that he was a 2. TG and no acknowledged 'Sifu' - even that short period in Israel he was a temporary NT but no 'Sifu'. He was not even willing in finishing at least his 3rd level officially, insead of he promoted himself toward the 7th level in whatever (but of course not in WingTsun - like in every serious m.a. organisation a self-promotion is not acceptable within the IWTA/EWTO/NWTO), searching someone who could be (ab)used again for lifting his 'status quo'. I'm wondering how long it will take before he has to promote some of his poor followers toward that 'Sifat'-title... Maybe it will be done right after some for the serious m.a. family meaningless "master degree" nominations and fabricated 'tea ceremonies'.
3. I will give up my position as the 'WT-head of NL'?
No, 'sorry', that's not true either. I'm still the head of the Dutch WT-branch and still the only one acknowledged WT-representative from the IWTA under guidance of ggm Leung Ting and the EWTO under guidance of gm Kernspecht in the Netherlands since 1986. If my former To-Dai still have the strange idea that he can take in my place, he should better try to take it directly away from me (regarding his "7th degree" that should not be a big deal) - otherwise he should stop his stupid egotalk now and - hopefully - forgood.
4. The people are running away from us?
No, that's again not true. The NWTO (EWTO.NL) just went fine, like in every organisation there are also people which will leave unhappy or following a 'new messiahs' but somehow my classes and seminars are well visited, even without any special advertising activities and my private-teaching schedule is more than filled; also my instructors really doing a great job, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Utrecht and other places are in the run, the enhancements are progressing - again these stories must be regarded as 'wishFOOL thinking'.
5. My WT is not so good and I can't teach the 'real thing'?
If my WT-knowledge and teaching ability is so limited, why can my regular students already become instructors of his own m.a.-style directly after joining? The rest is not even worth a further comment. All my points can clearly be verified, what's about his ones?
If people want to know me personally I will give them herewith my friendly invitation for a visit, you may also give a call first. If you come in 'neutral cloths' you will be welcome for a friendly interaction. But if you come wearing that 'master-copy-dress' I would have to see that as a 'none kind approach'. So, there is only one way to find out what a kind of guy I am - and that is not due listening toward others - with their own hidden agenda - but to meet me in person; the chances are there every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 19.30-21.30.
If 'those people' are happy with the m.a. they are doing, they should stay with that; but they should stop to spread this kind of silly rumours, I thought we were through of that childish thing - if not it speaks for itself...

So far thus the summary of the S.I. situation in 2002.

Kind reg(u)ards,
Frank Schäfer Sifu
IWTA- & EWTO-chief instructor NL