CoreMunication a WT way!


In 2000 I started with my CoreMunication concept; mostly inspired through the WT concepts. But I studied also other sources of old Chinese wisdom and I was as well exploring modern Western communication ways. I did a lot of study in the field of psychology; where the Humanistic Holistic ones were most attractive to me. The bottom line question (of Simo) was: what, if both opponents do have the same WT knowledge and skills? That was a somehow puzzling one. Who should initiate what action by when - and also why...?!

Well, to find a fitting solution on the physical (external) area is nearly a mission impossible then. But on the mental (internal) area could be some ways out of this dilemma. But by what 'rules' has this to proceed? Where are the link(ing) points and where are the blind(ing) spots? These and more questions I have tried to answer with CoreMunication. While I have concentrated my focus in my first book on the CM basics I hope to continue with my second book (it will still take some time!) with focus on the practical application 'playground'. It is exactly like my 'Si-Gung' Prof. ggm Leung Ting proclaims all the time: 'WT is not a style, it's a concept!'

And this concept can be split into portions and not only be used as a vehicle for the body, but also for the mind! The force (and under some circumstances also the fighting) principles can be used in more than just one way. How to translate the WT concept right into the field of communication was the main thing I have wished to accomplish with my CoreMunication concept within the SCD trainings I mainly provide for professionals. CoreMunication is - like WT - a flexible concept. The used techniques and models are - like in the Leung Ting system - only useful tools to learn to apply/follow the core principle behind it (with O/R/A as main concept).

The main sources of the East were of course WingTsun and the philosophy of late GM Yip Man, Tsung Yung. The main inspirations of the West came from the late American Carl Rogers and the late German Carl Huter. A CoreMunicator should be skilful on three interaction areas: aggression handling, mediation and counselling. If the aggression handling or conflict mediation will work, a final counselling approach could 'seal the task'. If not, we have 'to shift gears' and rely on our BlitzDefence back-up strategy. But just because of this realistic and available option the own 'safety feeling' is always under self-control. In many cases a violent situation can be turned into a much less threatening momentum (like in WingTsun); if you just have the know-how and skill.

We believe that we learned a lot during our 25+ years of teaching; the SCD is something like our melting pod. The SCD coach prefers to work on eclectic ways; body, mind and soul are always belonging to one individual. Like the WT-professional in martial art he knows also the other main disciplines around his field of activity. Be it Psycho-analysis or Behaviourism, the cognitive or the creative directions; knowing what way to use how by when and why to help/guide the individual client with his (re)quest. There is no time and energy wasted by searching the 'guilty'; all interactions are focused on solving the recent unbearable or confusing life-situation.

To give SCD an even stronger foundation on the field of 'interactive communication' I have chosen in 2003 to follow an officially acknowledged (ISO-9001 certified) counselling study (NTI/SCN). That specific extra wisdom in combination with the knowledge already in our possession - due theory and practice - should give us in future many useful extra impulses and options for sure. Out of this raised belief/development came also my recent decision to add permanently a third basic discipline to CoreMunication: COUNSELLING - also a WT-like way.

Self-Empowerment (ME) and Mediation (WE) were a good fitting CM-duo in the past but with Counselling (YOU) it simply became a perfect fitting CM-trio. Especially because of the still intact core concept (O/R/A) the integration of Counselling in CoreMunication was extremely easy for me - referring to the concept not to the skills. Don't forget, I consider Rogers as the 'Western father' of the CM-structure ('Eastern mother': of course WT) and he is actually also the founder of Counselling, a nice 'detail' I wasn't aware of before my study!

Since 12-03-2005 I'm thus also a 'Register Counsellor'; like in WT I will chose to enhance continuously my abilities due supervising. I'm glad that I have found an excellent source for it; and I want to thank my former Counselling teacher (and now most appreciated Counselling colleague) Martine Clausen for all her great support and lessons during my Counselling study. Next to my WT-family I have found something like a second 'feeling-home' base and I feel grateful for all the experiences I have had and will have due to these fine people.

Right now I'm thinking about the option to continue my study toward the academic Master degree later. The way is open - but I guess that I first want to have a little study break by now and to collect practice experience on the field of Counselling. However, if I ever wish to study again I know already now which academic way to choose - that's for sure. The same can be said for Lady-Sifu, she joined me already on most of my pratice days at the university and she starts to like the taste of it (but it's time consuming indeed, so we will wait and see).

In December 2005 I was able to pass already a test of three modules (brain structures/functions, 'Transactional Analysis' and 'Relative Emotive Therapy') of the 'Bachelor of Arts in Counselling Psychology' study. It was actually not my intention to do this but I was invited together with a couple of 'finished Counsellors' and I simply couldn't resist to take this opportunity of knowledge grow - and of course I'm glad I did. It gave especially for the SCD for sure some useful impulses; but it brought also for the NWTO a couple of maybe interesting options.

Well, once more I was simply not able to resist (like my agenda wasn't already full enough); so, in April 2006 I have followed together with Lady-Sifu four certified ABvC workshops (Projections/Counterprojections, EMDR and PRI). These topics are of course perfectly fitting within our SCD structure, for the NWTO strucure it is probably less needed - but it can't harm in any way to be in posession of such kind of special knowledge I guess. And who knows, it could also lead to 'WT and CM due to your health insurance' on some lovely sunshiny day.