South Africa, 6th of December 1999

Dear Petra Schaefer,


The show in question is called The Poet's Love Connection. It is a talkshow format that covers a wide range of love-related topics.
The show is designed to educate, entertain and heal; we believe that by offering the best entertainment and the most controversial and interesting debate and exposure topics we can educate our viewers about important issues (in this case, self-empowerment through self-defence).
Our target market are 17 and upwards, and we are looking to broadcast mid week, at mid-day and at half an hour time slots.
In an episode entitled PERSONAL POWER we are educating and promoting the phenomena of self-empowerment through self defence.

According to our research the WT system by far fits this category as the best. As the highest ranking female instructor in your field we feel your input would serve as inspirational and essential to those women in our viewership interested in empowering themselves.
We propose therefore, an interview with you on your views on female empowerment, on being a woman in a male-dominated discipline (I'm certain you've been asked about that before), on your views regarding abuse (women and men) and the psychological benefits of WT in terms of increased confidence and self-esteem.

Rape and domestic abuse are prevalent in South Africa. One of the main reasons for this is ignorance; the abuser isn't educated enough to know his/her actions are harmful to another and the victim has not the knowledge nor courage to leave the abuse-situation.
Other reasons are psychological and social, but ignorance is the most common.
Another reason for approaching this issue via education is that even if the abuser is educated and is consciously harming another person, by educating the victim we can increase the likelyhood of them putting an end to the abuse.

The interview is therefore important in that it will show viewers about an extraordinary power at the hands of the so-called "weaker sex". Besides attempting to educate the abusers (which may or may not be successful), we will be inspiring women and men who are being abused to gain control of their lives.
Once we finish drafting the questions (2-4 days) we will send them to you for your approval. We believe this interview will be a cornerstone of educating the South African market about WT.

Yours Sincerely,

Brent Tollman
editor and creative director at CL Productions

Amsterdam, 10th of December 1999

Dear Brent Tollman.

Of course we would like to add something useful to your 'urbane education task'.
So, here is the requested info regarding the "women empowerment" with Petra Schäfer.

Lady-Sifu Petra Schäfer, 3rd TG WT (1,62 m, 52 kg)

In 1967 Petra Pönack was born in Germany. In 1983 she came first in contact with the martial arts.
But she was quite sportive; she started on the age of six with athletics and got many titles and hundreds of diplomas and medals, even the 'German Master' title she won with the age of 12; her special discipline was 600 meter running.
Through friends she heard that there was (approx. 40 km away) in Kassel a new fighting school.
So, finally she started to learn Escrima and a little later WT. In 1984 she was ‘stucking for good’ with her instructor Frank Schäfer.
In 1986 she immigrated to Holland to help to build up the Dutch WT-branch.

In may 1988 the marriage followed. From now on she was a ‘Simo’, because her husband was a ‘Sifu’ already.
In 1996 she have had 26 real street fights 'behind her back', including fights against multiple opponents and against a knife armed raper. Not to mention the countless ‘little escalations’ within the free trial trainings. Because she is not physically impressive on first sight, people easily underestimate her fighting abilities - but not for long.
In 1997 she was invited to give a WT-demonstration on the 50th birthday of her 'Si-Gung' in Hong Kong, where she was honoured and promoted by grandmaster Leung Ting and grandmaster Keith R. Kernspecht. So, she became the first Lady-Sifu and the highest ranked WT-woman of the world.
Actually, Petra will try (again as the first woman) to advance to the 4th TG level in the beginning of January 2000 - in Cape Town already!

Lady-Sifu Petra did quite a lot in the past, from an Action Sports 'Cover girl' to a WT guest docent at the University of Amsterdam, from TV-demonstrations to charity supports, just to mention some activities. She teaches nearly every day in Amsterdam and gives also since many years’ self defence seminars in Holland; stages in other countries are planned within near future as well.

We hope this information can help you a little, at least by now. Looking forward to meet you 'down there'.
For more details regarding our activities, please take a look at our site: www.wingtsun.nl.

Best Regards,

Sifu & Lady-Sifu Schäfer
NWTO head(s) Amsterdam and EWTO chief instructor(s) NL

PS. My English is -at least untill now- a little more useable for communication, that's why I've envolved myself a little, for the rest, Lady-Sifu 'will handle it'. - SFS-

Cape Town, 2nd of January 2000

Dear Lady Sifu Petra Schäfer,

Below are the proposed questions for the interiew. If you have any input regarding them, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Proposed Questions

• What inspired you to learn self-defence in the first place?
• What attracted you to WT?
• Did you consider using a weapon over self-defence?
• If so, what made you change your mind?
• You have quite an impressive background in sports' and martial arts, what motivated you to achieve all this?
• In other words, what gets you out of bed in the mornings?
• Can a woman, being physically weaker and smaller than men, expect to have success with a system such as WT?
• Will this require her to gain muscular power and workout a lot in order to gain advantage in a life-threatening situation?
• Aren't there many forms of self-defence have been created and practiced for the purpose of being able to defend oneself in threatening situations?
• What makes WT unique among these systems?
• Wat is the crucial element which separates WT from other martial arts?
• Have you yourself been in any situation where your knowledge of WT saved you from considerable harm? What happened?
• In your professional opinion, are you confident that in every situation it is possible to defeat your opponent? If not, then when?
• And what do you advice that one should do, if faced by multiple attacks, firearms and other intimidating circumstances?
• At what point do you draw the line between fighting to kill and fighting to injure?
• Does this line exist in the 'realistic self-defence situation'?
• How does it feel to be a high-ranking instructor in a male-"dominated" discipline?
• How do students react to you, expecting to find a big, mucho, muscle-bound instructor, and realising that size and gender cab be deceptive?
• Now that women have become more powerful through things like WT, should men be on guard against their girlfriends and wifes?
• How do you feel about men feeling threatened by the fact that their partners are becoming more physically powerful than they are (in the traditional sense)?
• What adise would you give someone who is in an abusive situation from the WT perspectie?
• In what ways have you observed WT to have curbed the occurrence of domenstic or social abuse?
• Is it psychological or physical? Or both? How does your advice change whether it is a man who is abused?
• Finally, how has WT shaped the way you think and feel? Has it changed the way you live life?
• Has it influenced the way you react to the "little things" in life? (The daily challenges, issues and events).

Naturally, all the above questions are only in rough draft phase and will be shortened and tailored to the interview.
In the interiew they will sound less formal and more casual.

Kind Regards,

Brent Tollman
Editor and Creatie Director

Cape Town, 10th of January 2000

Dear Brent,

It was a nice and interesting experience to work with you and your team. :^)
We hope you can do enough good things with your recordings; we are already looking forward to see the results.
Please keep us -as promised- updated. Thanks in advance!

Best Wishes,

Sifu & Lady-Sifu Schäfer