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The legendary Chi-Kung Master Prof. Chu, Lay-Sifu Perta Schäfer & Sifu Frank Schäfer.
March 1997, Hong Kong, ATV-Studios.




Interviews and statements regarding GM Leung Ting

Readers of our 'Member Site-section' have already read my brief statements and answers regarding the "recent" rumours about Grandmaster Leung Ting.
But instead of publishing them here, I decided to place some statements and interviews of other (uninvolved) people who knew 'Sijo'/'Si-Tai-Kung' Yip Man personally.
Sifu Kwok Keung, Sifu Wang Kiu (both very honorable people and students of the late Grandmaster Yip Man) and also Professor Kwok Siu Tong (a personal friend of the late GM Yip) have given their personal statements about this matter.
(Just in case you want to see the rumours and photo's (it's not really worth it) you can take a look at:
I also have added a letter of the WC instructor Randy Williams regarding the 'K.O.-lie'

"Everything is as true as the light above!"

Dai-Sifu Kernspecht interviewed the original Yip Man student, Sifu Kowk Keung, in HK:

Sifu Kernspecht:
There are people who say that Sifu Leung Ting had never been taught by Grandmaster Yip Man and that the photographs of Leung Ting and Yip Man are fake.
We have seen photographs that show Yip Man teaching Sifu Leung Ting wooden dummy forms.
Do you have anything to say about that?

Sifu Kwok Keung:
Dr. Leung Ting is my younger Kung Fu brother ('Sidai'). Leung Ting was also taught by Yip Man. Originally, he recieved lessons from another Sifu (Leung Sheung) and I, Kowk Keung, am his older Kung Fu Brother ('Sihing').

Sifu Kernspecht:
And you, Sifu Kowk, introduced Leung Ting to Yip Man?

Sifu Kwok Keung:
Yes. I brought Leung Ting to Yip Man's home where the admission ceremony took place and where Grandmaster Yip Man confirmed that he was Leung Ting's Sifu.

Sifu Kernspecht:
So the admission ceremony, which confirmed that Grandmaster Yip Man was Leung Ting's Sifu, took place in Yip Man's home.

Sifu Kwok Keung:
Yes, that is correct.

Sifu Kernspecht:
And the photographs showing Yip Man teaching Leung Ting wooden dummy techniques, are they all genuine?

Sifu Kwok Keung:
Yes, I took those photographs myself.

Sifu Kernspecht:
There are people, one of them is a former German student named Blech, who say that the photographs have been tampered with.

Sifu Kwok Keung:
I took those photographs myself. Some people are jealous of Leung Ting because of his intelligence and his success and spread rumours against him.

Sifu Kernspecht:
But you are the living proof that a Sifu / Todai relationship between Grandmaster Yip Man and Dr. Leung Ting actually did exist.

Sifu Kwok Keung:
Yes, the relationship started after the admission ceremony. On the occasion of his admission, Leung Ting gave Yip Man a purse with 500 HK-Dollars, a very high amount.
At that time, 30 years ago, the normal admission fee was 30 HK-Dollars, but Yip Man requested 500. After that, Yip Man began with the wooden dummy lessons, and I took photographs.

Sifu Kernspecht:
So the truth always comes to light.

Sifu Kwok Keung:
Everything is as true as the light above! (While saying this, Kwok Keung points to the sky, which the Chinese do when they swear that they are telling the truth.)

"Leung Ting's achievements are extraordinary..."

A speech from Professor Kwok Siu Tong, university Professor of history, during Grandmaster Leung Ting's birthday celebration:

"Master Leung Ting and I were born on the same day, in the same month and year.
We do not know who was born first, but we're still trying to find out.
Together we began studying Ving Tsun / Wing Chun, I remember that it was in 1962 - to be exact, under the guidance of Master Yip Man, in my brother's home. It was a very close and personal learning experience with private lessons. I also gave it a try... every now and then I would take part, which is a pleasent memory.
We've had some shared experiences and now we're 50 and all the great masters are no longer with us.

Now I will show you the person who has done more for than anyone else, for Leung Ting has made an international martial art. Leung Ting's achievements are extraordinary because he introduced Chinese martial art to the rest of the world, were they have found acceptance.
And he wrote books about Chinese martial art. I am a Professor of history in a Chinese university. Nevertheless, he has written more books about martial art than I have written about history.
This is a person who deserves our respect and acknowledgement!"

".....then Grandmaster Leung Ting would deserve the gold medal."

During Grandmaster Leung Ting's 50th birthday celebration we had the chance to interview many old Sifus and original students of the late Great Grandmaster Yip Man and were allowed to record the interviews on video.
Sifu Oliver König questioned Sifu Wang Kiu, one of the first and most highly educated students of Grandmaster Yip Man. Dai-Sifu Kernspecht and Sifu Schäfer were eye-witnesses of this interview:

Sifu Wang Kiu:
As much as I love Wing Chun, I despise the people that have to do with it. Most of the people are jealous of each other.
If one of them works hard and is successful, then they start to talk about him in a negative way.
This is what has happend to Master Leung Ting. He works hard, his wife hardly sees him at home because he is always away and working. And these people lean back in their chairs, drink tea and watch his success.
"Oh, Leung Ting is this... Leung Ting is that..." - That's the way they they talk about him. They themselves are lazy.
Someone has his well-deserved success and so they become jealous.
When I left China (in the 60's), he (Leung Ting) was already with Yip Man in Hong Kong. I didn't meet him personally before my departure, but I knew about him because he was in the Baptist College together with Yip Man.
I saw photographs with Yip Man and heard that Yip Man was teaching again and that he was a student of Leung Sheung. And one day I was sitting in a restaurant in the Nathan Road, where Yip Man went every evening after he had given lessons in the Ving Tsun Athletic Association. And Yip Man told me about his young, ambitious and gifted studend, named Leung Ting.

Some people say that Grandmaster Leung Ting was never instructed by Great Grandmaster Yip Man.
Do you have anything to say about that?

Sifu Wang Kiu:
That is a lie!
When Grandmaster Yip Man was teaching Leung Ting, he didn't need to tell everyone by saying: "Attention! I'm teaching him." He only told the few people that he could trust and talk to, since the situation was no so easy to understand. In the world of martial art, there is the rule that you are not allowed to have two teachers (father=Sifu) within the same style (family).
For example, if someone's teacher (Si-Fu) is Master Kernspecht, then he cannot have a second teacher (Si-Fu). You should know that. But Yip Man made an exception with Leung Ting.
Yip Man told me that while we were drinking tea. He was still a very young man, this Leung Ting. He (Yip Man) showed me a magazine with an artical about a (WingTsun) presentation and I recognized Leung Ting, since I had seen him before in the President Hotel located in Chim Sha Tsui (a district of Hong Kong).

That is where he used to take his afternoon tea. Leung Ting always had style. He is not like some common person. No, he drinks tea, and the way he enjoys it has class. He takes his tea in a restaurant, not in some old tavern.
That was the first thing I noticed about him. Someone showed him to me because I didn't know him: "That's Leung Ting". But it didn't really interest me back then.
I was told that he was learning , which had nothing to do with me since I didn't know him personally.
That was, until Yip Man told me himself. Then I took a closer look at Leung Ting. And I saw a man with talent.
But I asked: "Si-Fu, isn't it not allowed to have two teachers for one style?" and continued: "Didn't you tell me that yourself?" And he answered: "No, but I'm making an exception with him."
I asked: "Why?" He explained that he was angry with his first Hong Kong student and Leung Ting's first teacher. The details are nothing that should become known to others.

Either way, Grandmaster Yip Man gave taught young Leung Ting - and he taught him well. And then Leung Ting was able to show Leung Sheung things that he had never seen before. That was Yip Man's way of revenge to Leung Sheung. You must know that Yip Man was a very good man, but not 100% straightfoward.
He could not simply clear the fronts. Instead, he gave lessons to Leung Ting.
And then (after Yip Man's death) there was a press conference, Leung Sheung was chairman, you know what I'm talking about (see 'Geschichte des Yip Man Stiles', Wu Shu-Verlag Kernspecht). At the conference it was announced that Leung Ting was not a student of Yip Man. Leung Sheung was there, even though he wasen't supposed to be there and he was feeling quite uncomfortable about it - that was obvious to everyone.
But he couldn't act as though nothing had happend. That's why he at least had to admit: "Yes, I did teach him things." But he can't completly deny that he gave him lessons. He can't do that. Yip Man went to Leung Ting.
Leung Ting is from an upper-class family. Leung Ting has money. I didn't know him then, but I knew that.
And Yip Man goes to him and shows him the wooden dummy forms, he shows him this and that. No one else was present. Outsiders are not supposed to see it. And those who wern't there, who didn't see it now say that Leung Ting never learned from Grandmaster Yip Man. But that's not correct.

Some people, for example, teach Chi-Gerk, but I never learned Chi-Gerk. So people ask me why I don't do Chi-Gerk. I say: "No, I can't do Chi-Gerk, Yip Man never taught me Chi-Gerk" - "But why can your student do Chi-Gerk? Leung Ting can do Chi-Gerk! I'm shocked!"
And I say: "Calm down. Look, I don't do Chi-Gerk because Yip Man never showed it to me. But that doesen't mean that Chi-Gerk does not belong to . It definitly does not mean that!"
Yip Man showed Leung Ting Chi-Gerk - but he didn't show it to me. O.K. - one more question: "Why my other Sihings don't know Chi-Gerk?" A good question. In you have Chi-Sao. In , everything is based on yin and yang. If has Chi-Sao, then why does it not have Chi-Gerk? Why not?
If Chi-Gerk had never existed or even if Yip Man himself had never heard of Chi-Gerk, and if Leung Ting invented Chi-Gerk by himself and placed it where it belongs. That would mean that Leung Ting would have found the missing link in the system. Then he would deserve the gold medal for "theory"!
Some people would be better off keeping their mouths shut. I don't make a living by teaching Wing Chun. I am able to be impartial and fair. I'm not on Leung Ting's side. I didn't even know him back then.
It was in 1985 when I first met him personally, when I was returning from Japan with my wife. And - I liked him at once. He was very nice to me.

Sources: WTWelt 19
Translation: Jennifer Winkler
Revisor & Publisher: Frank Schäfer Sifu

"I have the utmost respect for Dr. Leung Ting."

I have seen the newsletter produced by Rino Bacino called "La Posta" in which I am told it is written that Sifu Leung Ting has been knocked unconcious by one of my students in a seminar.
This rumor is completely false to my best knowledge. I am not responsible for this untrue story in any way. I myself have been the victim of such untrue rumors which are usually started by those who wish to disrupt the peaceful co-existance that the various Wing Chun / Wing Tsun / Ving Tsun, etc. schools have enjoyed.
I have the utmost respect for Dr. Leung Ting and I myself learned very much from his books in my youth. I would never start such a rumor, especial toward such a great Wing Tsun master.
My friend Danilo De Candia brought this matter to my attention today and we both convinced Mr. Bacino to wrote a retraction to this irresponsible piece of writing. I hope Dr. Leung Ting and his students around the world understand fully that I am totally against this type of rumor-mongering.
Finally, I would like to thank the German students of Wing Tsun for mentioning me favoably in the German magazines which chronicled the recent fight which occurred there. I appreciat the gesture.
Randy Williams, 11-01-98, Taranto, Italy