The expectations were high and the preparations short (less than a month) but for some of the new formed teams very intense. It was the first time for the NWTO/EWTO.NL in such public environment, so we were more than just curious how it would be.

[FrequenChi / Done in one session of 25 min. - Day 1] [FrequenChi / Done in two sessions of 12,5 min. - Day 2]

There were a couple of serious flaws around the planning and the execution of the NGB. That the weather conditions were simply for many people too nice to spend the weekend at the RAI was something which couldn’t be foreseen by anybody.
But that it was planned on a date were also two other big events found place near by, was not the smartest thing to do. Also considering the recently started holiday season another weekend should have been chosen; I guess that this time were less visitors than the last time. Anyway, here are my impressions, both days were so different, that I have to separate them in my judgement.

DAY 1:

[Mixed WT lesson / A typical WT lesson - Day 1] [Mixed WT lesson / An advanced WT-lesson - Day 2]

Well, it simply wasn’t completely our day. From our side the demo went quite well but actually I was unhappy about the result.
- First reason: The unstable podium with its loose parts on it was for our demo programme absolutely unusable. The day before I complained about the loose squares (not recognising the very weak podium structure) and it was promised under six witnesses that they really would take care about that - but somehow they just didn’t.
That resulted in an injury with Lady-Sifu at the end of our first demo day (two torn ankle tendons!)

[Lat-Sao / sparring training - Day 1] [Lat-Sao / Enhanced sparring training - Day 2]

- Second reason: The sound was very poor adjusted and thus hard to hear for the audience as for us as well. Especially for the exactly choreographed demos it was extremely hard to hear the music - not to talk about any rhythm.
Also with that problem they have informed us quite late (during the demo) that the music can’t get harder because of the other participants. That was purely nonsense, because we were the only 'action event' that hour. However, we did what we could to make something out of that.
At the end I have to say it was surely a good demo but (only regarding our own high standard) not that spectacular; just a good average, not less but also not more.

DAY 2:

[Controling / Deescalating through domination - Day 1] [Controling / Deescalating through absorbation - Day 2]

Ka-Boom! What a difference that day made!
- First reason: There were more than twice as much visitors on Sunday, so the atmosphere was much more like we have expected it to be. Also I have to mention, that once more Lady-Sifu perplexed me completely. Right after the hospital on Saturday evening she said: ‘I’m going to do my demo anyway, if not for the RAI visitors I'll do it for our To-Dai which will come also to see me in action.’
And what she showed that Sunday with the torn tendons was really impressive, no one could even see her handicap.
Right after her part she was even spontaneously willing to continue demonstrating her Chi-Sao skills (we just haven’t risked to blindfold her too this time to prevent further injuries to her ankle).
That was for the viewers a special extra as well as the added short Chi-Sao session with Sifu Roy Cordesius and my Biu-Tze and ‘Empty Dummy’ form demonstration in the background during the WT-class-demo.

[EscrimA / Slice him nice - Day 1] [EscrimA / But smash him even nicer - Day 2]

- Second reason: Now we knew the real shortcomings of the podium and the existing sound installation.
So overnight we changed the whole demo approach drastically. Once more it was a proof of the flexibility and ability of adaptation of the WT-clan; my visions of changes were perfectly followed by all demo teams. The problem with the podium was solved by doing our demos in front of it in stead of on it. The problem with the lacking sound quality was a little improved due our different approach and added intros but it was still far not the sound level we wished - but that was now at least known before.
The result was a demonstration which was simply outstanding! I haven’t seen things that could have be done much better under this circumstances (with the only exception of - again - the music and the - unexpected - time frame limitation regarding the FC-final ...); and the audience thought the same. The feedback was just phenomenal!

[SelfDefence / Where the heck do I have to land? - Day 1] [SelfDefence / An Irish styled fighting way? - Day 2]

So, for the people which has been there on both days on that RAI-event were actually two complete different demos, one which I would describe as 'just okay' and one which I would simply call 'the best Dutch WT-demo ever'!
Without the given example of Lady-Sifu tremendous inner and outer strength I wouldn’t have brought up the extra energy to reorganise that toward the right direction. It was a real teamwork success to be proud of.


[Stand # 420 / WT® is CoreMunication® - Day 1] [Stand # 420 / Verbal & non-verbal interaction - Day 2]

Regarding the Stand activities and our cooperate identity there were (on both days) nothing than positive reactions. It was exactly what our stand headline promised:
WT® is CoreMunication® and also like it was announced in the programme: Verbal and non-verbal interaction. We have had it all: A lot of different WT-videos, books, magazines and a large variety of clothes and articles, not to forget the WT-Living/Casa Vita stuff (unfortunately Matthias was suddenly not allowed to sell these great supplements there, because of a missing simple Dutch sticker...) and a large bunch of info material, including some collector’s items, a variety of posters and some nice 'giveaways'. All the time it was extremely busy but at the same time very relaxed around stand # 420.


[Mixed WT lesson / From the demo begin part - Day 1] [Mixed WT lesson / From the demo end part - Day 2]

The presentation was done by Paul Resnick
FrequenChi was under leading of Matthias Lanuschny, TR-1 FC (WT academy Amsterdam)
WT/FC: Carol Sohilait, Yelis Erdem, Marlies Stöber, Kristel Kuit, Karin and Marijke Venema;
Bilal Davran, Reza Rahnomayeazar, Rony Mawla, Jac Jacobs and Leonardo Simon
The sparring-demo: Bas Spaargaren and Danny Menken
Utrecht & Nijmegen WT-demo: Stef Sohilait, 1st TG and Richard Kunstmann, TG-aspirant
Academy Amsterdam Escrima-demo: Marco Dignum, 1st TG and Ramon Groevenstein, 1st TG
Academy Amsterdam WT-demos: Sifu & Lady-Sifu Schäfer and Sifu Roy Cordesius, 2nd TG
Stand team (because of - none WT-related - injuries): Gina Nanarijain and Alexander Muntjeswerf
Photos: Niels Hellemann;
Video: Sifu Roy Cordesius
Soundtrack selection & Demo coordination: Sifu Frank Schäfer


[Blindfolded / Spontaneous Lat-Sao with Sifu Roy - Day 2] [Blindfolded / Improvised Chi-Sao with Lady-Sifu - Day 2]

Right after the first day (and after Simo’s injury) I was asking myself: Was it all worth it?
Maybe; of course it was an interesting experience anyway - but we felt absolutely over prepared.
Right after the second day (even with the temporary lost tendons) I was answering myself: Definitely!
It was a great team event and it proved that we are capable to shine brightly even such an event.
For the To-Dais who missed the glamorous Sunday event: That’s a pity - but don’t worry too much, we have also that session recorded on two DV’s and the next 'Open Academy Day' will surely come.

['Lady Iron Leg' did it again - Day 2] [Always standing guard # 420 - Day 2]

Again I want to thank “my” supporting teams, together we have 'melted' something very special! It was a great thing doing and managing that public event together with you. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

Tired from overdue but very happy!

Best Regards,

Sifu Frank Schäfer, 6th PG