Personal Statement regarding the unauthorized YouTube publishing

I have just discovered a video clip of our first RAI demo day; it was secretly taken by two ex-students of mine.
Well, of course I'm not happy with the illegal publishing. (Fortunately that clip is now removed by YouTube!)
Even when we get for that demo accident '2 1/2 out of 5 stars' I want this clip to be deleted as soon as possible.
First: nobody asked me if I would give my okay for publishing it and second: the event context is not known.
1. We only heard less than two weeks before that we would be invited, so for the in total eight(!) demo's we had only two rehearsals, the trial on the Rai itself was not possible due to organisation problems (on the RAI side).
2. The podium was extremely instable what resulted in a serious leg injury of Lady-Sifu during the first show; that's why she couldn't move smooth and wasn't able to apply some of the applications but had to improvise.
3. The sound was hear able only in the audience but not on the podium; that brought with a lot of synchronistic problems, which is a crucial thing with pre-planned (dead) techniques; that's why I prefer still 'living moves'.
4. Due to the circumstances we all had not the best day form that particular Saturday, which was quite different to the following much better Sunday demo. Nobody is perfect, so it should be allowed to mention also that fact.
5. It was the 'health RAI' and we didn't want to shock the (none m.a.) audience, so it was not the meaning to give an explosive WT fighting demo at that particular event. It was meant to be none-aggressive, nice and easy.
6. It's just a small part of the complete RAI show only with the purpose to present a very limited picture of us.
I would never have chosen that single clip; but of course it seems just the reason why 'they' have put it there...
7. Does this clip give any idea about our actual WT abilities? No, the demo on the second day for instance would be much better for that purpose; but of course our 'illegal publishers' (M.B. & S.B.) can imagine that easily too.
8. And even in the very rare case that the publishing was only done with the best intentions, there should have arrived a question before the up-load if that illegal publication would be appreciated by us - which is clearly not.
9. I have written about the first (and second) RAI day event already more than three years ago just on my site, including the complains. So, why to come up with that clip so much time later if it was not for a kind of revenge?
10. Could it be because some of their ex-students are now learning directly from the NWTO source (after they have closed a group in Heerlen)? Or are they just acting stupid because they simply have nothing better to do?
Maybe I will place authorized clips from us there later; but actually I don't care too much about that ego thing.
The people who know me and Lady-Sifu will also be aware of the real purpose of such unwanted clip publishing.
If that would have happened a couple of years ago I would have been quite angry, but now I feel more amused.
And, if you do want to know about our abilities just visit a seminar and you can form a better picture about us.

Amsterdam, November 2006
Frank Schäfer Sifu, 6th PG WT
EWTO chief instructor NL, Email: Dit e-mailadres is beschermd tegen spambots. U heeft Javascript nodig om het te kunnen zien.

Personal Statement regarding the authorized NWTO clips

Well, it somehow looks like I'm not completely out of that mentioned ego thing... But I have also mentioned that nobody is perfect! ;^) So, I took also that unwanted story once again for the development of a progressive step.
I have hesitated for many years regarding publishing WT clips on the internet. It was not really my intention; but to avoid a wrong picture I have chosen to give at least a glimpse of our own WT teaching way for the public.
And I must say that I like more and more the opportunity to publish NWTO films that way, especially because YouTube also gives the option for 'limited sharing'. That could offer some nice 'member related' goodies later.
In case you do wish to watch the five NWTO up-loads just go to our FILMS WITH SIFU SCHÄFER + section.
We do hope that you will enjoy our authorized NWTO up-load selections. It is possible that we will add later more NWTO film material on the internet but I guess that these fragments should be enough, at least for now.
Just feel free to give us a fair rate and maybe a nice comment - at least if you like the presented NWTO clips. And if you don't like them you can still make your point clear - but pointless insultings will be deleted directly.
I'm quite aware of the fact that 'some people' will automatically give us a poor rate; but it's not for them that I publish these (and future) clips. Please notice, that I will only reply on responses regarding our authorized films.

Amsterdam, November 2006
Frank Schäfer Sifu, 6th PG WT
EWTO chief instructor NL, Email: Dit e-mailadres is beschermd tegen spambots. U heeft Javascript nodig om het te kunnen zien.