WingTsun Definition trial
WingTsun supports on a natural way the own forces en raises the capacities of all senses available. WT does not attack, but is only in the given case of self defence aggressive (thus contra-offensive). If there is existing the possibility for it we always first try to achieve a de-escalation conflict approach and -solution. WingTsun is an enriching concept for internal growth and the optimal way for getting a relaxed, free and above all healthy life.

- WT is effective, natural and concrete!
- WT is self defence, and helps to become more assertive and self conscious.
- WT is self exploring, learn to know and to expand your existing borders.
- WT is fitness enhancing and gives a positive and harmonic feeling of life.
- WT is efficient motion study, coordination training and mastery of the body.
- WT is a recognizable assembling of real self confidence and self assertion.
- WT is physical health, mental balance and highly enjoyable relaxation.
- WT is holistic and brings with deep harmony for the inner- and the outer side.
- WT is sportive activity and for all much fun within a sociable atmosphere.
- WT is WingTsun and thus self defence and self defence is spelled this way: WT.

Come along and let you surprise!